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06 2017
Written by врач невролог А.А.Пономаренко

Weekly publication, in which I talk about RANC method have become to the readers of the newspaper " Kuban TODAY " a traditional heading of this edition. It would seem, well, what else can you write a new on topic dedicated to this method of treatment, all as has already been said. I myself thought so, when in the first few issues of the newspaper described the principles on which is based the method of treatment, its capabilities and features. However, some time later, when he began to communicate with people, to contact me for using it after reading the material I gathered from newspaper articles, that everything is not as easy as I thought. The questions I started to ask often impressed by its unexpected and even illogical to the point that I began to wonder and to doubt the adequacy of their own. Surely there must be a reason that people read the detailed article in the newspaper that takes a U-turn (that is, two pages on which the words printed in 2732), call us on the phone, which is printed at the end of the article and starts asking. For clarity, I show you what is printed at the end of each publication, and where does the phone. Here is the block:

A question often are; "Where are you?", "When do you work?", "How do you treat?", "What is this method?", "How much should you lie?". These questions seem to me strange, because in the text are all very detailed. But the most in my opinion a kind of call, for which you can give 5 points for originality, was the person who called and started asking me all about what is written in the article, as if he had not read it. I asked him where he got my phone, because it thought that it just gave my phone man, who once treated me and explained that I'm flying. But the caller I am a man said that he took the phone from a newspaper article. I replied - "Well, it is all written, you that have not read it?" To which he said in his turn; "Why, I just read it, I just forgot that I have read. You better do everything you tell me. " And here I was "stuck". I just stopped to think, and did not know that you can then say, moreover, that the call was in working hours, when I consult with patients in the clinic. I suggested that he read the article again, and he thought to himself that the need to write any other way, taking into account peculiarities of the perception of the people who are my readers.

Today I decided to dedicate an article to several popular questions that people often ask me. To this end, I took three letters came to my email, and my answers to the questions raised in these letters. Letters have come recently, however, I decided to remove from them the exact dates and the names of the authors, not to make personal information shared. Due to the fact that the same questions are repeated constantly, then I think that many people who have the same problems the answers to these questions will be useful. Perhaps many people can recognize themselves in these letters, but that does not mean it's your letter.

the first letter.

Hello! I would like to ask for advice. The fact that the patient has a diagnosis of the medical center, which states that he - "spondylogenic lumbar ischialgia right on the background of osteochondrosis of the lumbosacral spine, intervertebral disc protrusion L4-5, prolonged exacerbation; antelistez L5 vertebra 2 tbsp. ; hemangioma Th11, L1 vertebrae. " So, I would like to know whether you will be able to cure this disease, and how much it will cost the treatment itself. Thank you!


Hello, Sergey. This diagnosis is simple and frequent. The opinion even of the intervertebral disc hernia is not written, but only-only of the protrusion.

Protrusion of the intervertebral disc - pathological process in the spinal column in which bulging intervertebral disc in the spinal canal without breaking the annulus fibrosus. It is not an independent disease, but it is one of the stages of osteoarthritis, which is followed by a hernia. Often localized in the lumbar and least - the cervical spine.

Protrusions occur at specific stages of development and are the result of osteoarthritis degenerative disorders of intervertebral disc structure, resulting in the disc dehydrated, its elasticity decreases, decreasing height in anulus fibrosus cracks. Fixing deteriorating vertebrae together, develop instability in the affected motor segment of the spine.

Symptomatology level depends on the protrusion.

Lumbar level - back pain, numbness in the groin and legs.

Cervical level - neck pain, low blood pressure, headaches. Help from Wikipedia. Since the protrusion of the disc hernia and have a common cause, and by RANC it persists, it is fundamentally not matter when they were formed and what size they are. Elimination of the causes leading to the fact that the intervertebral discs are returned to their seats, where they were driven out by spastic muscles. Therefore disappears pain and MRI they become invisible.

Approximately 70-80% of people turning to us about the back pain that can give up such conclusions have MRI. Such common condition is usually treated under the scheme: three days in a row made two-stage treatment sessions. Pain or pass immediately, or significantly reduced, and passes completely through a few days, because the cause of this condition is removed, as well as a hernia, a protrusion, entrapment and inflammation. Eight out of ten people do not need repeated courses. Therapy session runs for one and a half months. If after this time some little things still remain, it can be repeated, but if you described this condition is usually not required. This short course of 3 sessions, costs 18 thousand rubles. The site still detailed. To record on the treatment you need to call our administrator Svetlana on the phone listed on the site (+ 7900246 83 26 ).
Sincerely Andrey Aleksandrovich Ponomarenko.

the second letter.

Good afternoon!
I would like to know what not to do after the course? That could hurt recovery procedures after RANC method? Is there some kind of diet, it is possible to smoke, drink alcoholic beverages after the course, whether it affects the recovery?


Hello, Ludmila. Treatment by the RANC and convenient, allowing the patient not to change their way of life. There is no need of something to give or do something unusual. After start the recovery process, the changes in the body begin to occur anyway, the only difference in the rate and extent of the results, which in turn are caused by quality and quantity available at the time of treating disorders, as well as the amount and the multiplicity of treatment sessions. Of course, there is no denying the negative impact of bad habits, but there's nothing you can do, or the person has them or not. Agree, because if I say drinker does not drink vodka and eat lover tight stop eating, then this in 98% of cases, nothing will change. That's why I do not give a blank board and empty promises. The extent and speed of the body's recovery bad habits naturally affect negatively, but should take into account the factor that if for example a person, not a drunken alcoholic (and such way to me, and do not fall), then continue to live as he lived before rather than occurrence of stress from changing their traditional way of life. Because it causes stress disorders of the nervous regulation of body functions, then you need to shy away from it, and how to do it each must decide for itself, because it is better to know their habits and situations that lead to a good mood.

Lyudmila, I hope that I have answered your question.

Sincerely Andrey Aleksandrovich Ponomarenko

third letter.

Help please, my child will soon be 5 years old, he is not talking. Doctors found encephalopathy, it is difficult to walk, all shaking. What to do please help.


Good evening, Julie. I worked with children with similar problems. I think that on my channel you've seen a few (unfortunately) video on this topic. "Unfortunately, a few", it's because usually people for various reasons, do not give permission to shoot herself and her children, but even those commercials, that is, I think speak volumes. In contrast to the adult brain of the child is immature, and with the growth of the functions of damaged areas are able to take on the adjacent parts of the brain that are out of work violations. I do not pretend for all cases of diseases, especially for the hopeless.

Of course, in medicine, no responsible doctor had no guarantee with respect to achieving the desired result. However, I believe that if a patient with such a diagnosis as a result of treatment of a positive result has been achieved, there is no objective reason that the same result would not be obtained, and the other patient. To record on the treatment please contact our administrator Svetlana the telephone number listed on the site. It will help you on all necessary issues. If you must first talk with me by phone, please call the working hours 9: 00-14: 00 except Sunday and Monday.

Sincerely Andrey Aleksandrovich Ponomarenko.

At the end of this particular article, I will not, as usual publish the list of diseases treated by RANC, as well as a detailed description of the methodology itself, what I did for the previous six months. Please go to the website "NEVROLOGIKA" and take on it all the information you need.

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