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04 2013
Written by врач невролог А.А.Пономаренко

Now I'm going to say what you already know and I will try to explain things which for me were difficult to accept and understand. Probably, it is better to start with questions, because you are not interested in an opinion of a stranger from the Internet. Nobody can understand who writes here and about what, because the Internet, in addition to a great sourse of information, is a "big trash bin", where everybody does whatever he wants. Although, there is no point to talk about it, if we are communicating here then, for some reason, we trust each other. Let’s stop at this point. Let' it be a postulate for you that I am sincere, and it is up to you what to do.

And here the questions go. Do you think that medicine must be very expensive and complicated, herniated discs have to be cut out, and the syndrome of Parkinson's and Parkinson’s disease is incurable, migraine is incurable heritable disease, and the trigeminal nerve disease is incurable like others above-listed? My counter question is WHY? I ask not because I exceptionally stupid, but because these statements are false and the evidence for this is not in my words but in the words of my patients who leave reviews on my channel on YouTube NEVROLOGIKA. When I receive calls and I am asked for the hundredth time the same question: "Do you treat herniated disc, because I have a MRI and how do you know what I really have if you have not seen me?" Believe me, there is nothing sadder than this.. Of course, all people are unique, but unfortunately we have the same diseases. Trust me, there is one advantage here because if we have the same diseases, then why one method that brought relief for one person will not be effective for another one? There is no such law.

So what should the medicine be like? Spending time in Rostov-on-Don, I heard from a colleague, a neurologist, that I am an "artisan" who takes complex ancient medical science to nothing. I've been thinking about it, but it was more than 10 years ago.

MEDICINE! It's science, you have to think hard, know many things, go into the "essence", and I simly took simplified everything. Many tricky and expensive drugs are invented, devices and methods that do not give results were created, and I'm an ordinary doctor, even without a category and scientific degree (in principle), suggest to throw it all to the dump and forget. Of course, this is unusual, and of course from my side it is rather cheeky, but it is what it is. You can do everything right and beautifully but not have the results. I suppose, that the doctor it is first of all is the responsibility, so people of our profession should not take part in so-called theatre and build beautiful scenery in the form of "cutting edge" clinics and take money for it. We have to bring RESULTS not just promises in these beautiful and pompous buildings! We must do something real.

Many people with Parkinson's disease come to Krasnodar since Parkinson’s is treated almost anywhere. Parkinson's patients, by the way, are great "food" for the fraudster. I did not even want to deal with this disease. Opening the clinic in a good part of Krasnodar where every day about 10,000 vehicles passes by (in the morning and in the evening), I foolishly thought that we will have at least 10 patients a day. I was wrong, we have few patients from this district, but, which is strange, we have almost every day visits of patients from the CIS countries and different parts of Russia. I realized that my strange website with which help that I just wanted to share what I knew, started bringing me patients. It was not my primary goal, I just thought that after reading the information on the website, people will use this simple and effective method of treatment. Many people actually do it, but surprisingly there were a lot of people willing to come and fly long distances to get treatment, as they say, "from the original source". Of course this attitude is flattering and good, but I want to repeat that I have never had such a goal when I planed this project.

There is another fact that surprised me. By posting information on the website, I was expecting a lot of criticism from my colleagues, because during the years while I was working on this topic, I had heard enough of it. Perhaps everything is in front of me because no new startups can escape criticism. But as long as my colleagues from other cities support me I will be very thankful. And another thing, I am not just often but very often asked: "Why are you sharing this, this is your idea you should keep it as a secret and take money for it”. And I get used to answer these questions with a question “What for?” I would like to explain. You certainly are not surprised for example by a large number of dental surgeries, right? This is because the dentist work is "handmade", which requires special attention to each patient and a dentist can treat very limited number of people in a day, it is just physically not possible to do more.

Perfoming procedures with the RANC method is the same "hand-made" job requiring mental and physical abilities, so in order to keep my physical and mental health I try not to have more than 8 people per day. And how many sick people are there? Here is the answer to this frequently asked question. Not almost everybody is ill, but simply everybody is all sickwith something. I can not do it alone and why should I keep the method as a secret that can help almost anyone, it is not only illogical, but also immoral. I will have enough patients.

I reckon that should be plenty of offices and clinics like mine. These services are in huge demand. In my opinion, physicians must long lime ago have been given such effective "tool" of diagnosis and treatment as a method of RANC, so they would not helpless in front of most diseases. Patients, in their turn, should be able to get high quality and low cost treatment and not to "work for a pharmacy." I am absolutely not against the pharmacies, but I think it is obvious not only for me that there was a sharp and unjustified bias in favor of pharmacotherapy at the expense of reflex therapies.

How to treat? The tretment process in my deep and sincere conviction should be directed to the results, and should not be into a process for its own sake, as we have it now. And today we have a situation that very clearly and accurately describes the anecdote where a patient asks the doctor, "Doctor,does this medicine help?" The doctor answered him, "It certainly helps! It helped me to buy my Mercedes.




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