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12 2012
Written by врач невролог А.А.Пономаренко

Sometimes simple and obvious things are not available for many people due to its own simplicity. That is why such ideas should be put in more understandable and approachable words.

Here are the simple suggestions.
1. In Russia the method, called RANC, of brain stimulation was invented and trialed. Which will help to reduce morbidity. The use of this method will exclude the cases of valetudinarianism connected with musculoskeletal system lesions, which forge among all cases of temporary disabilities all over the world.
2. Apart from that, the Russian method RANC will prevent an occurrence of different human diseases that are linked with failures in central systems of regulation.
3. China has its indisputable advantages in comparison with the European and American countries economies when speaking about discipline and high working efficiency. Nowadays, the RANC implementation to Europe and the USA markets has no prospects since state budges get great amount of money from pharmaceutical industries. If the RANC is implemented, then the income will be shortened. Apart from that, exaggerated medical industry will not be interested in reforms.

4. The implementation of the RANC method has several benefits.
1. besides from making changes in standards of medical help, no additional money will be involved.
2. centralized control will make it possible to implement the RANC everywhere and at the same time.
3. the transfer of income from the state budget to economical branches will start an advance of these branches.
4. Decrease of sickness rate will lead to increase in working efficiency and quality of life.

Now we can compare possible losses of Chinese pharmacological industry and benefits got because of the decrease in cases of temporary disability and general sickness rate.

Advantages from such innovation are obvious especially for China where reflexotheraphy is a traditional treatment. They realise the ideas very fast. Perhaps, we will follow their example and one day will implement the method invented in Russia. Our inventions should not glad only foreign countries.

Let’s give it a proper thought.




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