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05 2012
Written by врач невролог А.А.Пономаренко

Before we start talking about the treatment of particular diseases, I would like to share suggestions that help me to understand positive results of RANC treatment approach.
I always was puzzled by complexity, inconsistency, irrationality of reasoning about causes and mechanisms, that lay in the basis of the disease. When I was studying at the college I could not get rid of the thought about the nervism theory, creators and supporters were Sechenov, Pavlov, Botkin, Behterov, Anuhin. This theory says that the brain has the priority to regulate relations between the organism and environment. In other words, the brain can control everything including itself. I suppose, the following conclusion should be made: any disorder in any place in the organism is just the reflexion of a disorder in brain centers work, responsible for this area or function.

The disease according to WHO is activity of the organism expressed in changes in functioning, pathological condition of organs and tissues resulting from the influence of extreme for this organism external and internal stimuli. If several organisms are in the same condition and some of them become ill, then the conclusion can be the only one. The central nervous system of diseased could not respond adequately to external stimuli. This conclusion is so obvious that it is now even worth mentioning. Although the main question is still there - why one brain can manage it while others can't? That is where wonders start. The brain inability to respond adequately is explained by many things. The standard fatal list consist usually of poor environment, genetics, food and age. I won't go deeply into it, but the harm of all these factors(except the age) is exaggerated and improvement of living conditions does not lead to healing.
We should talk about the age more. We got used to the thought that diseases come with the age, and everything we can see everyday confirms this conclusion completely. Though we can argue with that. Sequential change of one system activity to another(it comes with the age and it is normal) has nothing in common with disorders in their work, that we have when ill. Not always old age followed by diseases but often. Death, as a result of deep disorders caused by diseases, can easily come when young. It has nothing in common with naturally occurred changes of age cycle. Disease is a disorder in regulatory systems work. Consequently, to get rid of diseases(as a disorder in work of certain brain systems) we have to restore optimal activity of regulatory centers. Exactly this I am suggestion to do.
It remain to tell about the features of central nervous system structure and function which we can use and it to start working in optimal way. I should start saying that nothing sensational can be discovered in anatomy though it can't be said about physiology.
Nowadays, such monumental practical material is collected about mechanisms and principles of nervous system, that without a clear concept we will have to wander around these data infinitely and without a result. Modern therapy, according to results, is doing it.
I won't be telling now what put idea into my head for the first time. The idea of using the reticular formation for undifferentiated influence on central nervous system in order to optimize its functioning. About it I wrote on the page "About myself". I'll just tell one more time that my main idea of treatment for numerous acute or chronic diseases with which medicamentous therapy can't cure at all is exactly in this.

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