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09 2012
Written by врач невролог А.А.Пономаренко

The sense of unreality does not leave me for a long time, since I first reilized that knowledge I got unfortunately has nothing in common with the realit.

What am I tlking about? I will try to explain. I want to confess I naivety. When I was working on this project I was thinking about many different things but could not even imagine that the main obstacle will be in people unreadiness o accept it.

I assumed that it will be enough to be a qualified doctor to help patients with headaches to get ri of this pain with an easy, safe, cheap and phisiologically proven method.

I should confess, I was mistaken. The funniest thing is that trying to undersatnd a heart of the problem how different diseases occured, I got the results but it has its own value. The matter is I changed a path, inconvenient and dusty one, that other people were using. People on this path are all different but they believe the road is the right one inspite of apparent discomfort. While I in the search of a breath of fresh air mmade a step to a side, then another one and one more. And then I was free, walking on the grass, breathing freely, the sky is unbelievable!The endless column of tired people is passing by. It is a sentmental talk but I feel myself exactly in this way. The most annooying thing is that nobody can hear me. I am not looking for sympathy, I just want to find an excuse for my next words.

The parasox is in people willingness to find a miracle but when they encounter it, they get frighten. Thus any unusual thinds especially the ones aimed at common good, are often seen negatively.

The specialist I am working with upbraid me forwriting in a wrong way. “You have to write for ROBOTS, use more wordsthat can be met in retrieval requests, then ROBOTS will like you and thy will lift a website to the top. It is like a good supermarke in a forest where nobody will find it”.

I will right 3 lines of this abracadabra for you.




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