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08 2013
Written by врач невролог А.А.Пономаренко

After analyzing the quantity of views on our channel on YouTube I understood that the most popular one is the short video about the ear noise treatment through RANC method. This fact in itself is surprising. There will be another topic about this problem and now we are going to talk about a sciatic nerve again. The videos about this problem are on the second stage after an ear noise, though the statistic shows that more then 50% viewers saw this video.

I have already posted an article devoted to this problem and want to talk about it once more. I don’t consider this idea as bad because it is unlikely that I will repeat myself. I decided on purpose not to look at the published article about the sciatic nerve treatment and its causes. I suppose I will find another way how to put the explanation, which is definitely not bad.

In Krasnodar the treatment of inflamed sciatic nerve, or as it is usually called restrained nerve, has the standard scheme. I am not going to talk about it a lot as if you are reading this article, you are already familiar with the scheme and apparently it din not help you.

Sciatic nerve and its entrapment, with is can not be cured effectively with the traditional methods, does not differ from any other incurable disease.

Even when I was receiving a neurologist diploma I have some doubts about the quality of knowledge. At that time and now I can see only one thing: the disease, for example the sciatic nerve inflammation, exists and has the whole list of causes. And the causes described by traditional medicine are close to those, created by people fantasies. I do not even want to neither list nor repeat all this nonsense about the over-chilled nerve.

I was always amazed that we were taught paradoxical things. On the one hand, we learnt that our organism is controlled fully by nervous system. On the other hand, nobody could explain the diseases causes. For me it was always clear that if a nervous system controls all the functions and systems in the organism then all the illnesses occur due to the failures in the nervous system. So the solution in finding the ways how to make it work better. Pharmacology could not find the drug which will work even in the theory. It can be perfectly observe on he sciatic nerve example. If one disease can not be cured effectively then this disease is incurable or we treat it in the wrong way.

The modern approach to treatment(which I consider as illogical and ineffective) persuades that if this approach is not working then you are destined to be ill. Bear the pain and do not ask for a better life with your age, weight, lifestyle and the ecology. Take notice of the fact that you will never hear that the piriformis muscle(which traps the sciatica nerve) is controlled by the brain and does not lead it is own independent life.

I suppose there is no use to discuss how our brain changes the way it works, which leads to the piriformis muscle relaxation and this muscle stops trapping the sciatica nerve. The only important thing is that it happens only when we use the right method and not just a traditional and pointless one. As for me, I am not interested how the mobile phone works. It is enough for me that it just works. Our heads are full with false concepts and there is no need to add any other doubtful hypotheses.

I will try to be brief and tell you how I came to a conclusion without giving a lengthy explanation. As it has been already described in different articles on this website.

Well, the longest back muscles, gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, gluteus minimus muscles and also a piriformis muscle are different from all the muscles in our body and have one feature which leads to pain in the back and limbs, in legs particularly. This special feature is in our inability to control the muscle tone consciously. We can strain the muscles but can not relax it because this function is controlled by the particular brain area responsible for our emotions shaping. At the same time positive emotions result in muscle relaxation and the negative ones result in involuntary strain. Even a short but strong negative emotional reaction can transfer cells, which control those muscles, into a state of heightened activity that leads to these muscles spasm and nerves, located in these areas, entrapment.

Reorganization of brain work to a previous stage is possible only by applying short but strong pain stimulation to the most tensed and algogenic muscle areas. Thus “the sciatic nerve entrapment” never occurs without the spine muscles tension. thus the RANC treatment will be most effective if we apply the injections to those areas of tension. A procedure should be finished with the injection to a trapezius muscle. It is made in order to stimulate a reticular formation through an accessory nerve. And through reticular formation the brain is stimulated. In simple words, we should make injections to all tensed and painful muscles starting from gluteus(the higher area) and ending in supractavicular area. We should do it as fast as possible as the procedure in painful. The most convenient 5% solution of metamizole which is easy to prepare take one 2.0 ml ampule of 50% metamizole and 2 10.0 ml ampules of 0,9% sodium chloride. the needle must be injected to its full length in buttocks but paravertebrally in 2 cm.

As a rule, the pain reduces(after 5-7 minutes), but for 3-7 days may come back and then again reduced. At this stage it is better not to bear the pain but take pain killers. After the first procedure the pain disappears in 30% cases by 10th or 15th day. If a patient does not feel any difference the the procedure can be repeated in 10 days. thereby in some case 3 or 4 procedures can be completed. Although such cases are rare( only 8-10 % of patients) and they are connected to the great quantity of intervertebral disk herniations in a lumbar area. However, intervertebbral disk herniations can also be cured in the same way and in the same period of time. Pain will disappear in 2-3 months.

According to my observations, sciatica(sciatic nerve entrapment) is so closely connected to a patient emotional state that if the situation in a patient life does not change, then the treatment will not be so effective. I remember one perfect example from my private practice. A robust man, a bus driver, fell ill with sciatica due to problems in his work and was ill for 4 months. The most amusing thing is that when he fond out that for sciatica he can I receive a degree of disability, he became so ill that was walking with the help of a pair o crutches. he spent 2 months in a hospital. As soon as he received a degree, he became healthy again and wen to work. He was my patient and I can confirm he was not simulating pain . Moreover, he was not intellectual so his disease was a real one.

I also remember an opposite case, A patient fell ill with sciatica but after 3 days he closed a sick-list. I am pretty sure he was not simulating also. He was working in a state-run company and could afford to become ill. Although when his son crashed a car in an accident, the patient needed to get money fast and “insidious sciatic nerve entrapment” disappeared.

Thereby, from neurology we get to psychology and psychiatry where some diseases are defined as “profitable” for a patient, when consciously he wants to get rid of a disease(all the sme thee is pain), but subconscious due to some internal causes prevent from it. That is why we should not try cure everybody. Inspite of favourable physiological changes after a treatment procedure tat our organism fells even when a patient unconscious, it should be remembered that if any failure happen in our organism we ave to find a cause. In a case when a particular situation, which caused a failure, still exists, the treatment is almost pointless because the dominating excitation focus in a brain will return everything ti its previous stage. This rule can be applyed to all diseases and not only to ones which, like gastric ulcer traditionally assumed as psychosomatic. Although in my opinion, so-called “sciatic nerve inflammation” s a King of such diseases.. That is way a limping man can be both a victim of injustice and villain or a envious person, who is suffering from his own malice. The first type can be cured easier than the second one. the problem is in defining who is who.

There are many other regularities and strange things of this disease. For instance, 80-85% of men have an entrapment on the left left while women have it on the right leg. It is connected with an asymmetry in a brain structure. If you have a woman with a pain in a let leg - you will not have any problems with her. But if your patient is a man with a pain in the right leg - be careful, he will be “a pain in a leg”. Asymmetry is another topic for another article.

In conclusion, I want to say that inspite of different nuances, the methods of sciatica diagnostics and treatment, which I call RANC, re more effective than traditional methods. The difference is the same like between a modern battle plane and a glider.




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