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09 2013
Written by врач невролог А.А.Пономаренко

Sharp back pain that is also felt in a leg. Or two wonderful circles. That is the most common complain when patients come to a doctor. If pain is dull and lowers after walking for a while or relieved by analgesic, people usually endure pain. Every day routines and affairs disturb and don't give tome to visit a doctor. If you have already visited a specialist, you must know what you will hear. I don't want to mention state clinics with their queues. But even expensive private hospitals have a standard set of recommendations which I call "the great circle".

What does "the great circle" mean? It is a complete sequence of examinations, treatment procedures, prescriptions and recommendations which should solve you problem. Usually it looks like that:
CT scans of the lumbar spine - 1500-2000 RUB.
Medicines and procedures:
" Neuromuscular blocking agent(to relax muscles). Mydocalm - 1 injection twice a day for 3-4 days, then 1 pill 2-3 times a day for 10 days. 550 RUB.
" Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug. Ketonal, Diclofenac or Movalis 1-3 injections a day, after sharp pain relief, if necessary, 1 tablet 1-3 times a day after meal. 200 RUB.
" B vitamins. Milgamma - 2ml injection a day for 5-10 days. 400 RUB.
" Chondroprotectors(should save and promote cartilage growth). Alflutop - 1 ampule a day for 20 days. 1600 RUB.
" Various oinments with apitoxin, snake venom, callisia fragrans, pepper, hohey, lesser celandine and others. Rub in area that hurts 2-3 times a day when hurts. 200-600 RUB.
" Orthopedic corset with fur. When pain is acute wear constantly then while doing physical exercises. 1500-4500 RUB.
" Anticonvulsants and antidepressants(to stabilize nervous system work). Usually prescribed by attentive and diligent doctors. Depacin, Karbanazepin, Amitriptilin 1-2 capsules a day for a month. 40-500 RUB.
" Physiotherapy. Diadinamic currents, electrophoresis with lidocaine and dimexide. 1 procedure for 10 days. 2000-5000 RUB.
" Massage, acupuncture. When an acute pain is gone, not during exacerbation. 10-15 everyday procedures. 5000-8000 RUB.
" Dropping bottle with glucose, magnesium, cerebrolysin. 5-10 procedures. 3000-10000 RUB.
" Don't lift weights
" Protect back from cold in order not to get it cold
" Therapeutic exercises, strengthen the muscular system.
" Massages 3-4 times a year
After finishing this treatment, which will cost you 12-16 thousand rubles or more, pain may stay. Of course, it is not that acute or sharp as it was but still there. Pain will be defined as ostoechondrosis and once a year you have to complete the treatment. Why I call it "the great circle"? Because there is "the small circle".

I call them circles because when a person completes this circles he gets to a place where everything started, pain stays with him. In other words, there is almost no effect for a patient. In regard to time and money, these circles are very different. The "great circle" we can understand. It will take from several days to one month and cost from 5 to 28 thousand rubles, depending on the price of medicines and procedures.

What does the "small circle" contain? This is more cheaper in regard to money and time. You come to district hospital, visit a neurologist. He will make you do an X-ray, prescribe diclophenac 1 pill 2-3 times a day after meal, some ointment and may be 5 injections of Mydocalm. According to results of an X-ray, you will be diagnosed with "osteochondrosis" and when finds out that you feel better for several hours after injections send you home. Probably, you will ler=arn how to do exercise to stay healthy.
Thus, when the "great circle" is finished you have less money and still sent home. The "small circle" is less expensive, doesn't require a lot of time and money but doctors are trying to get rid of you very quickly! It is said that you learn about circles from your own experience and not from somebody else. The "small circle" can't be narrowed while the "great circle" can be broaden to almost infinity. It may include stem cells treatment, taking sunbathes at Dead sea or implantation of cartilage of a newborn panda to the spine. But the point is the same, you will sty with "osteochondrosis" anyway.

If medicines was limited only by these "wonderful circles", it would be sad. However, there is an alternative. The existence of these "circles", which are almost indistinguishable from real medical help, can be explained by not easy logic of medical industry business that require to increase funds. It is fair for the "great circle", but the existence of the "small circle" show the real cause of the problem. The real cause of that we can't get effective medical help is in wrong medical theory of diseases occurrence. That is why all the treatment attempts, based on wrong hypothesis, come to a dead end. The majority of doctors and scientists are truly convinced that cause of the diseases lay in our genetic code and poor ecology. This is the main driving force of the"great circle". In other words, medicine doesn't know the cause that lead to diseases, including causes of back pain. Any medical student will name several factors that can lead to a disease but not causes. That is a factor if we change can get a result - a healthy person. The whole absurdity is in that common theory needs only two steps to achieve success.

The first step.
To accept once more the theory of nervism which the main point is in the fact that the brain controls all the process in the organism. Consequently, any diseases are caused by disorders in brain work.
The second step.
To learn how to influence on the brain in order to make it work in way when symptoms of the diseases don't occur.

I won't be talking now about other diseases because it is already described in details in other articles. The problem concerning back pain caused by muscles tension, which dislocate vertebrae and intervertebral discs from its places causing hernia is already solved. It is just not being used in everyday practice in hospitals. The body muscles are controlled by small areas of the brain located closer to the forehead. There are millions or neurons and with their help we control muscles. In the brain cortex there is a man laid out, as if of tiles, with hands, legs, body and head. This mosaic man has even a name - "homunculus". All "homunculus" cells are linked to other brain divisions which are responsible for inner organs work. They are united of brain formation, which are responsible for emotions, for the effective work of all systems. If we are calm, everything in our body works steadily. If we are under threat, e.g. when a bee stings suddenly, all systems instantly become ready. Muscle tension occurs when we think about something unpleasant.

Problems with the spine happens because the brain cells that control back muscle are so tightly connected with "emotional" divisions, which react automatically, that we can't make them work harder or lower with only our conscious will. Almost all limbs muscles we can control, while 30% of back muscle we can't. It is good because we don't have to think about optimal position of vertebrae to each other and in danger we curl up in a ball like hedgehog. Too strong negative emotion or a sequence of small troubles may lead to a condition when cells, which control back muscles, constantly remain in a state if increased excitation. As a result, muscles stay tensed which lead to nerves compression, discs dislocation and pain caused by it. Not only movements are damaged, but also regular salt metabolism. Salt is no more in a place where it has to be, and where it has to be - bone spikes grow that traumatize muscles and nerves. This process is called osteochondrosis when instead of soft cartilage, bones are formed. Depending on which muscles are tensed, the spine curve in one or another way. The inward curvature of the spine is called lordosis. The condition describes the rounding of the upper back is called kyphosis. Wjen a person's spine is curved from side to side this is called scoliosis. That means you can become crookbacked by not only falling down, buy also having bad thoughts and experience grief. Perhaps, this was noticed by storytellers and they image evil wizards humpbacked.

If we can't make muscles relaxed by only our will, how should we get rid of the problem? It was noticed long ago that if we lash our sore pain with nettle, hot twig, sting it with bees, prick with needles or simply press fingers, muscles will become more relaxed and pain will not so severe. It is so because pain is powerful electrical impulses which when come to the brain lower the activity of overexcited cells. In other words, to eliminate the cause of pain we have to cause sharp and short pain in the most tensed part of the muscle which will switch brain cells from increased state to decreased. Since all compressions happen on the back, shoulders and upper part of buttocks, we cause pain to compressed areas no matter what hurts - knee, elbow or fingers.

I don't use exotic folk remedies, just take a hypodermic, inject algogenic medicine, i.e. vitamins, magnesium or diluted analgin to most sore areas which I marked with iodine. Pain from analgin lasts for less than a minute and I learned how to give one injection in one second. That is why the unpleasant part of a procedure take no more than a minute, even when I give several dozens of injections.

That is it. After such momentary shake-up brain starts working on "errors" for 3-4 weeks. Everything that stress made starts developing in the reverse. Of course, even when a procedure was carried out properly, the result may not be achieved right away. Although in comparison with not effective treatment approaches, which are included in the "great circle", the effect of curing the sharp back pain will be about 70%. In other words, 7 out of 10 people, who were treated with this procedure, will recover after about 10-15 days. For only one procedure it is not that bad. It happens that people will great for years until they get new problems in a head.

Before you watch videos with my patient and their results, I'd like to remind one more time that inner organs are tightly bound with muscles and if we make muscles work correctly, inner organs will be inevitably influenced beneficially. Make conclusions on your own. Traces on the back of the first patient are from cupping glass massage which I made to increase the effect. I could not to do, but he asked.

neurologist A.A.Ponomarenko




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