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04 2012
Written by врач невролог А.А.Пономаренко

The direct link between drugs, dope and a risk of a sudden death is a well known fact,

since these medicines affect vegetative nervous system and are able to alter it by stimulating or suppressing, depending on medicine type and dose. The same disorders may happen and usually happen due to over-exercising. There are many signs of over-training, although they do not usually emerge at the same time. A person who suffer from a vegetative-vascular dystonia, which is better to call vegetative dysfunction, put up with almost 20 different symptoms, which has a negative impact on the quality of life. What is more, this disease can last for a long time and not lead to fatal consequences. At the same time just one sudden and momentary, but considerable dysfunction in vasomotor or respiratory center can result in death. We anyhow have learned how to assess the state of vegetative system, but we still do not know how to restore it and reorganize the connection between its divisions. Numerous attempts to change the situation using different medicines reached a dead end, maybe it is even impossible because of the complicated and sophisticated system organization. The RANC treatment approach, which I am suggesting, supposes to have the reflex influence on all vegetative divisions through reticular brain formation.

Sometimes it is difficult to explain the sudden person death by his or her age. Our organisms, despite the difference between age and gender, are arranged and functioning according to the same principles. The difference, not considering the variety of symptoms, exactly in a extent of such disorders in central regulatory mechanisms. The evident and understandable fact for us is that we accumulate, as a rule, many disorders through our long life. The key phrase is "as a rule", because common state of things not always means that there is no other outcome. A child can die due to a heart attack, although young organisms work better, but again, as a rule. Our main goal is to explain why, how diseases occur and, which is more important, how to prevent new and combat emerged diseases effectively.

There are too many exception from the rule stating: that the older you are, the more illnesses you have. This means the rule is incorrect. It is necessary to answer many accumulated questions, the most important is - why medical help is not effective enough for many diseases.

The answer is as short as the question. We treat not the genuine cause of a disease, but its symptoms. That is the reason why I decided to publish on the internet my ideas and considerations about this matter with the results has been got while applying new treatment approach RANC during 13 years practice. I do not suppose that nobody has never tried to use the same method, furthermore the idea itself is simple and logical. If a large-scale research with many parameters in consideration was carried out, undoubtedly the results would be interesting. In my opinion, the most informative examination would be the brain functional magnetic resonance tomography during the moment of applying treatment. It would make it possible to visualize the processes happening in a brain and as the result will make the effect of treatment more purposeful. The applying of such treatment in diagnosis and therapy will allow to reduce the death from a heart attack and a stroke, in particular, and will change a course of incurable and not so dangerous diseases, seeing the method versatility.

neurologist A.A.Ponomarenko




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