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07 2013
Written by врач невролог А.А.Пономаренко

Nowadays, it is considered that pathological symptoms and syndromes occure on the background of unchanged brain. We take into account only the change in the activity of brain centers, but not change in their structure. However, I believe that some pathological symptom is a reflection of new neural circuits which occurred in the brain. And the more neurons diverted to the formation of this new reflex, the more symptom is frank. This fact, in my opinion, is obvious. Nevertheless, the question is how to make neurons reunited in a proper order. Exactly this happens when we stimulate the brain through the reticular formation. Abnormal reflex arc get open, which leads to the disappearance of the symptom. Today, attempts are being made to eliminate some symptoms of disease with the help of medicine, which can only change the activity of the existing nerve centers without changing their structure fundamentally. And these unsuccessful attempts are visible for everybody.

The example of an abnormal reflex. Severe stress situation that has a unique characteristics may lead to the fact that between the frontal lobes of the brain other centers responsible for emotions and centers responsible for heartbeat and blood pressure new connection has been created and later a man would be bothered by an increased pressure and heartbeat rate in each situation. So-called centers of arousal in the brain, remained after the stress, are newly emerged reflexes. New connections between different parts of the brain are created and with the new stress new neurons are linked in this process. This leads to the fact that even after a slight disturbance will cause a violent reaction.

Everything I told about is a " dull" science, but on practice it means that if we conduct periodic brain cleaning from these new reflexes "parasites", we have a real opportunity to live genetically determined time without pain and diseases. It's definately not eternal youth, but an active life without the disease until a great age. Geneticists believe, if I'm not mistaken, that this period is about 150 years. It does seem like a fantasy, but my patients who received these procedures periodically don't age. Without doubt such treatment should begin as soon as possible, as soon as the first symptoms of the disease occure, and we become ill from an early age.

As for the mysterious, different and "incurable" Parkinson's disease, I want to say that, in my opinion, it is the most common disease with such symptoms as tremor and stiffness in various combinations with other symptoms. If we do not take into account a "classic" form which was described by Parkinson where there is the death of dopamine-producing brain areas, all the other forms of the disease and is a reflection of the occurred pathological relationships between the parts of the brain itself. Depending on how neurons got connected in each individual case, then these symptoms we are going to have. Moreover, the classic form of the disease is not an exception, it is just an advanced case.

Thus, " breaking " the arcs of emerging pathological reflex action through the reticular formation as soon as possible, we can forget about it forever.




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