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07 2013
Written by врач невролог А.А.Пономаренко

The genome of any organism and human beings' in particular, as we all know, carries information about the optimal variation of the brain cells connection into a single unit. And after the program is implemented as a result of the birth and development of the body untill reproductive state, all cells of the body are almost perfectly functioning unit (except for genetic abnormalities). Existent today and being the basis of the practice, medical theory does not give a clear answer yet about the cause of diseases, instead it proposes a lot of presumptions. Which, apparently, are incorrect, otherwise the ways to correct the situation for the better would have been already found. Unsuccessful search of the main causes only led to the fact that, not even being found, it was concluded that there are many of them, the most important are "ecology, poor diet, stress (not the first cause, mind you) and etc. etc., and the genetic, hereditary predisposition."

And since we are all get sick and die early and badly and glancing in the direction of scholars suffering and dying like we do, we inevitably come to the conclusion that they are right. Although, we still hope deeply in our heart that something will be discovered if not today then tomorrow though it doe not happen. The conclusion suggests itself that they are right, because our life itself says so. Everything is ordinary and there is no hope. And briefly described our prevailing theory will say that we are born with different genetic defects, some people with large, some with minor ones, and living this hard life for some reason, we suffere from her damage in the form of health problems. And if we protect ourselves trying to eat better, take care of the body as much as possible, then we will get more or less long life. The biggest and the best part of it we pass in some or great weakness, from which we are trying to get rid of but, unfortunately, the attempts are unsuccessful. Many smart people lived before us, but finished in the same way as us. Let my thoughts remain just thoughts.

By the way, our medical theory, that was invented by people who lived before us, says that we are born and die and get sick during the life because life resources end. It seems that everything is logical when we think about such a complex creation like a human being in the same way we think about the car. Miraculous results of healing incurable diseases do not fit into any framework, such results not only I get, but also those who use the method RANC in different cities and countries say that something is wrong. Now we ca't ignore it, a reasonable explanation should be given. How did it happen that incurable diseases have begun to retreat? I called this method of treatment (RANC) Recovery of Activity of the Nervous Centers, because otherwise I could not explain the upcoming favorable changes than return the nervous system to normal state when there was no disease. However, until recently, I could not understand how it works, what mechanisms lie under such a metamorphosis. And I suggest the hypothesis that I call Theory Of Pathological Conditioned Reflexes, to explain what is happening in the body when a disease appear and disappear during stimulation of the reticular formation through the trapezius muscle.

Billions of neurons, that were genetically programmed to perform optimally all vital functions, are in optimal communication and ongoing activity. When an external stimulus happen, they get excited and mobilize their reserves and then have to go back to the original level of activity. External exposure is a stressor turns on the reaction of the body which is called stress. However, this external influence may exceed the compensatory potential of neural systems. In order to save a constant internal environment, many neurons at this point begin to form additional, non-programmed external relations with other neighboring neurons of the brain. Thus new reflex arcs and new reflexes are formed, though they are not formed out of the blue, they are formed at the expense of existing normal, genetically inherited ones. New distress contributes to the formation of new additional connections in this newly formed, uncharacteristic of the brain, locus of activity which is growing. Now, even in response to a weak negative external stimulus, brain begins to produce not former adequate reaction, but brand new which leads to certain displays in the body in the form of disorders of a lack or excess of certain functions. This in my opinion is the cause of the appearance of symptoms and syndromes. A certain similarity between them can be explained by the proximity of brain regions, between which these perverse connections are formed. There is nothing surprising in the fact that the destruction of normal nerve centers due to the formation of these pathological activity centers in the vital areas of the brain, for example, responsible for the functioning of the heart leads to fatal consequences and the death of the body. The existence of such reflecxes-parasites in the brain regions responsible for the trophic joints (for example) leads to their considerable strain and pain, however because of their relative "unimportance" for the life of the organism can continue for a very long time. We shouldn't stop at all sorts of nuances and flaws of this theory, which I will be talking about in other articles, here I want to express the essence of a theory of conditioned pathological reflexes and and its following findings. These conclusions are very optimistic and my optimism is not based on speculative conclusions, but it is based on the recorded and documated in the video footage facts, which actually led me to this theory. Now I'll try not to cover all aspects of this tricky question of proposing the theory of "saving the world", I will touch on only a few and I'll start with questions. If we have a genetically programmed ability to live some(sufficiently large) time without any problems, but stress prevents us to implement it, will we live longer if we apply some measures to protect from them? It's a rhetorical question and everybody agree with the positive response to it. On the other hand, if the abnormal reflexes are actually formed and everything happens the way I have described above, won't we live a long and full life, if we can find a way to destroy these reflex arcs? Apparently this question has a positive response as well. Now the main question is: what is going on in our brain after the stimulation of the reticular formation, if the result of this is the disappearance of both individual symptoms and the whole syndromes? Something is happening there, and no matter what some people say including me and my theory, the patients who t have passed through the procedure repeatedly RANC even start to look differently, they become younger, and it can be tracked and recorded, as in the video, the laboratory tests show the same changes. I was so tired of opening wonderful horizons, the things I have told about I didn't want to mention for a long. Let's not agree with my overvalued ideas about the long youth, let's just get rid of migraine, Parkinson's disease, herniated discs and defeat of the trigeminal nerve using the RANC method, and then, after getting used to a new reality, let's think whether the "theory of pathological conditioned reflexes"is right or wrong and whether it is necessary to us all. Maybe we should "let sleeping dogs lie" and continue to believe that the earth is flat, and the people will never go up onto the sky, burn and throw off the bell those who think otherwise?




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