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05 2012
Written by врач невролог А.А.Пономаренко

When patients go to the doctor, they complain about headache, pain in neck and arms, in heart and lumbus area, joints and legs muscles. The diagnosis can be different, from osteochondrosis to spinal disk herniation.

Diseases occur because of the stress, mental and physical exhaustion. Pills, injections, embrocations, physiotherapy, massage and therapeutic gymnastics are used for treatment. However, patients are usually describe these treatments as low effective. Acupuncture and manual therapy are also used but less frequently. To find a solution people go to non-professionals though their treatments may harm a patient.

Doctors explain not very good effect from medicamentary therapy by disease complexity and inability to cure it entirely. Causes are called: we move a little, and as a result burden on a spine is high. That is why suggested and not changing during many years treatment approaches turn out to be almost useless. It happens not only in our country, but also in European clinics. At the same time practitioners in eastern countries use non-traditional treatment approaches. Official medicine in these countries not only accepts such therapy, but also uses effectively in practice. The main principle is: treat not a disease, but its cause. This happens in cases with spinal diseases that we are talking about. When we get rid of the cause(pressure on brain areas), brain stops sending pain impulses to muscles and pain disappears.

Reflexology is in the basis of traditional eastern medicine. Any dysfunctions in organism work, called diseases, are just reflection of disorders in one or another nervous system division. Medicamentous therapy, in most cases, can't affect effectively nervous system to make it work in a positive way. It only able to ease the state. It must be admitted that medicamentous therapy for these group of diseases is unpromising.

neurologist A.A.Ponomarenko




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