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05 2012
Written by врач невролог А.А.Пономаренко

What medicines are used? How is this treatment approach work?
These questions are asked most frequently. We are used to the fact that the treatment consist of a set of medicines that must be taken in a certain order. Prescribed medicines have to fill the lack of some substances(substitution therapy), stimulate or suppress organs and systems work. One of the biggest disadvantages of medicamentous therapy is its low selectivity, when injected medicine along with desired effects on one system cause unwanted changes in many other systems.

Reflexology(suggested approach is related to it) differ from medicamentous therapy as treatment is implemented without any medicines. This treatment approach stimulate certain areas on the body in order to transmit nerve impulse to central nervous system. As nerves penetrate the whole body and all brain centers that control organs and systems, including muscles, are connected), we are able to influence on one structures through others. Muscles, that we consist of, are perfect for influencing on various nerve centers and through them on organs.

This reflex influence approach relates to pharmacopuncture, i.e. injections of medicines in active spots. In our case the type of medicines does not matter, it is just important to bring short and sharp irritation in muscles in a place of injection or in other words to bring pain. Pain occurs when a flow of electric impulses from a body region, undergoing external stimuli, exceeds certain limit. Nervous system constantly and continuously react to inside and outside stimuli. Under significant stimulation, what the pain actually is, it forced to change rapidly previous algorithms to the new ones taking into account new information. That is the difference between suggested approach and others without painful effect and acupuncture. Traditional acupuncture reaches its goals through multiple soft painful stimulation(constant dropping wears away the stone). Whereas suggested approach differ with sharp and short affect which gives a push to start changes in nervous system that last for about 3 weeks.

neurologist A.A.Ponomarenko




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