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11 2014
Written by врач невролог А.А.Пономаренко

These topics are intimate and very vulnerable. What a sorrow to feel yourself weak and be the last link in a chain of generations. I started this topic for a reason, if it was “infertile” as well, there would be no reason to start it. Fortunately Russian method RANC has effect on these disease states. Again and again not only I, but other doctors practicing the RANC method noted increased libido and erectile function by men and pregnancy by women. I know, people without these problems may find this topic funny, but they don’t visit our web site. There is nothing funny about the fact that a young beautiful woman is unable give birth to a child, that her soul needs so much, this GRIEF is clear only to people experienced such a tragedy. The same can be said about men. What does man feels having failed in intimacy? Within the meaning of the word a man must be strong in all things, in all situations, in our country, but suddenly this. Fortunately Russian RANC method is effective in this case. This treatment is helpful in cure of impotency and infertility. There is no miracle, just a pure physiology. Providing a powerful effect on the central nervous system and restoring its normal function, we immediately restore normal hormonal balance. This explains the achieved results, which can be confirmed by laboratory tests.

By the way, prostatitis is successfully treated by RANC method and painful menstruation, “algomenarreya’ in Latin. How many girls and young women drink pills from cupped hands to release themselves from periodical pain, but these problems could be solved simply, enough to apply the RANC method.

People often criticize me or scold, saying, why do you tell people about it? Meanwhile I say to myself, whom should I tell these things then, if they need help and don’t get it; why should I not inform a young, beautiful, but infertile woman? It is a sin.

A sweet, beloved women loving her successful husband, but unable to give birth to their wanted child. This grief is beyond the words? Should I not inform her? As if I hear the words, "Why can’t you calm down? " Yes, this topic is just close to me, just did not want to speak about it. I do not mean impotency, thank God, I never had problems with it, I mean the said above infertility, about this GRIEF. Fortunately, now WE have a strong hope to pass this bad luck and the results are obvious: I have got two beautiful children and there are other successful examples. No need to be treated by me specifically, a lot of doctors have already joined the discussion on this topic and apply this method, modify it, correct treatment schedule successfully. That's good to know, that makes more of us, and we share our experiences. This makes happy and warms the heart, as it should be, isn’t it?

The following is regarding the infertility. What a nasty word. You will not give any fruit, will be worth just throwing into the fire, if to "to quote the gospel." Fortunately, things are not so bad, there are different ways out of this difficult situation and the Russian RANC method is one of them.

If I hold myself out as the only magician in the world who can solve these problems, then it would be right to burn me alive in fire. First of all I don’t want to do it, secondly I find it shameful. Well, just imagine, if the essence of the treatment method is based on the search for TRUTH, is it possible to hide the found from the poor and afflicted? This is a direct damage to yourself and the relatives. However, the most people do not understand and accept it. Do not blame them, we are all in our search and the time will show the end up, we’ll see.

Regarding the infertility. I think this problem is not physiological, but purely psychological. I’d like to clarify my point of view, which I bring up for discussion. Dear doctors and others, don’t you know the facts, when the couple had been treated for years from infertility, then took a baby from the maternity clinic and after a while they got their own little girl or boy? Do not pretend you do not know. The child relieves their minds and brings inner peace into the family, it helps to change metabolism process in the body of adults, and they manage to become pregnant.

Perhaps, there would be more girls (at my age I have the right to call young women in age of 30-35 “girls”), whom I treated for headaches and back pain, for painful menstruation, and then they after being childless for 6 -8 years became pregnant in 2-4 months. This is not a joke, of course I can’t be a reason of this event, their husbands managed it. Just imagine what happiness got two loving each other people. It’s impossible to measure this happiness; it can be given not to everybody.

By the way, Swetlana Georgievna practicing RANC method within three years in Moscow also notes this result after treatment procedures according to RANC method, that had not been aimed to infertility treatment, but to release from pain in back and head. However, despite the small stream of patients there were two cases, when women being childless for several years (6-9) suddenly got pregnant and delivered a child successfully. Please note, these are known cases, but how many cases stay " in shadow", when they do not inform us about positive changes in health status? There are a lot of such cases, they should not be kept quiet, especially when the problem took a large scale.

How to explain all the "miracles"? As usual I’d like to remind, that the purpose of RANC method applying is not a treatment of a single symptom, because it is inefficient and even can be called impossible. This new treatment method has a different theoretical basis than that one generally considered being true today. Despite of its simplicity and primitivity the treatment procedure has its deep physiological sense. It "switches on " the mysterious process in the brain, which results to the restore of the normal activity of nerve centers and thus restoring in body the functions, which are controlled by these centers. The process is mysterious, because it is difficult to say why this happens, but the general patterns of its process are already clarified. It is quite true that this transformation of brain activity occurs through the Reticular formation, which has the second name "Ascending activating system." The reticular formation, in Russian language called "Setchatoe obrazovanie", is such a peculiar structure of the brain, which permeates all its parts and ensures their coordinated work - integrates them. Reticular formation originates from cell nests in the center of the brain, so-called "brainstem," and in the cervical spinal cord; and between the nuclei of the reticular formation, as if "mixed up" with them, there are the nucleus giving rise the so-called "accessory nerve", that controls trapezius muscle. This muscle is attached to the back of the skull, cervical vertebrae and thoracic vertebrae to about the middle of the chest. Any failures in brain activity are fixed by the Reticular formation and due to its close anatomical and functional connection with Accessory nerve, they "appear" on the trapezius muscles in the form of tension of individual sections of these muscles. These areas become indurated and painful and, by the way, can be easily felt by palpation (feeling by fingers). They teach us, that these are signs and symptoms of spine osteoarthritis, I disagree with it. In my opinion, the area between the shoulder blades is a "brain map", where tensed and painful areas correspond to the brain areas that work in the mode of not optimal activity, or increased, or reduced functional activity. It is known, that so-called "reflex arcs" are actually not "arcs", but are "ring" systems, in which the information flow circles. This gave me an idea to start the flow of impulses from the trapezius muscle, through the Accessory nerve to the reticular formation. What is a stream of pulses? It's just a short, but intense pain, that starts a process of "reset" in the brain, more exactly this process is similar to the PC "System Restore". Its task is to scan the existing files and delete the harmful and damaged ones to return your computer to the previous operating state. This is perhaps the most appropriate comparison of what is happening in the central nervous system and the computer after applying the RANC method. It will be possible to investigate more subtle process mechanisms of the brain only in the future, today I can say the following: the applied method of treatment of nervous system starts in nervous system a process that lasts about 6 weeks; in most diseases, such as migraines, dizziness, pain in back and joints, defeat of the trigeminal it’s enough to make 1-3 procedures. Treatment process of more complex disorders "stretches", for example, Parkinson's disease has a long period of treatment, which can take from six months to one and a half year, during this period they make about 4-10 treatment procedures. This is good, at least because this disease is officially known as incurable and pills do not help to every third patient.

Well, that's all for the moment. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to explain everything in one article, and there’s no need to do it, because that information overload leads to the opposite effect, person just stops to get it. I better tell more of useful facts in the other feature articles. Now back to the main topic. I gave some information about infertility, in particular, that a global restructuring of the metabolism including the hormonal system leads to the fact that a childless within many years woman becomes pregnant and has a baby. This is also confirmed by laboratory tests, which show the changed level of hormones, as there is a direct effect on the pituitary gland.

Now about impotency. Well, there’s nothing special to say, in the larger sense nothing, but there’s no difference between the diseases; the reason is always the same – failure of the brain caused by stress or just a range of minor negative emotions. Erectile dysfunction is a purely functional disorder, i. e. the reason is not the destruction of some structures of the body, but just their malfunction caused by stress; in this case the RANC method can be very effective. That's why I repeatedly heard "complaints" from women, whose men were treated by us, treated not for impotence, but, for example, for the effects of a stroke, or back pain associated with a herniated disc.

To tell the truth, I always considered, that woman’s complaint like "after your treatment, I’m exhausted of his sexual advance" is not sincere. It's just a statement of fact of positive changes occurring in the state of her husband. Men do not complain; why to complain if their health has become stronger? I never deal with this matter on purpose, as well as with Parkinson's disease, but if these facts exist, why not to announce them; if there is a problem and there is a way to resolve it, you should tell about it. Some people have no problems at all, someone has ones, but not so important to talk about them, but a lot of people have a reason to spend their precious days of their life just for making it more bearable. But I know that it is possible to make life beautiful, free and happy, so I do not spare my time to write these articles for people in difficult situation that seems hopeless. This is not true. Do not worry, everything will be fine.

"Everything will be fine. Viskas Bus Gerai."


Even if there is rain, and I want to die.
Of course everything will be fine.
We are together, we still love, but still pay for it.
Wait, all this will be good.
Love, Love, you are my world, please do not go!

Love, Love, you are my world
Of course everything will be fine
Even if there is rain, and I want to die
Of course everything will be fine
We are together, we still love, but still pay for it.
Wait, all this will be good.
Love, Love, you are my world, please do not go! Viskas Bus Gerai."




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