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03 2013
Written by врач невролог А.А.Пономаренко

I didn’t have enough time to write a new article for the site. By the way, there are many new observations and plans and finally … I receive quite a lot of phone calls and emails about the method I called RANC, about its good results. Now there is no point to list places where it is used. It happens because of 3 reasons. Firstly, it is absolutely legal since it is just a modification of paravertebral block. Secondly, it is so cheap and simple that can be used by any nurse or medical assistant. And thirdly, its unprecendented and miraculous effectiveness.

In the beginning I thought if I publicise my observations on the website, everybody will start treating with one session such deseases as headache, chronic maxillary sinusitis and disc herniation not mentioning the development of Parkinson’s desease. However, there wasn’t any kind of scandal, on the contrary, people started coming from former the USSR countries. At firsr, i rarely learned that somebody dared to apply RANC in practice but time passes by and the number of people who uses this simple but effective treating method has rised. Moscow ecame interested which is not surprising. After publishing the article about China, I did not expect that the chinese will start using it immediately though I am pretty sure it will happen soon. And the particular interes appeared after findiong out that people from Moscow who use my method started to unite. And I thought what I like the author can do for those who is interested in the advancement of medical help quality. And suddenly I realised Jewish and Israel. How could I forget about counry where one out of six people speak Russian and the level of Israeli medecine is considered as one of the leading.

Of course, RANC is made to be used without help of the equipment and different expensive medical accessorises but since they have it all, why not use such a potential? For instance, the main postulate of the RANC method is that trapezius muscles are the map of brain, where spasms and painful parts correspond to overexcited brain areas. This statement is indibutable for me but on the other hand, nobody has ever conducted a research to make such map. Nobody has ever calculated which part of trapezius muscle corresponds to which part of the brain(being connected by accessory nerve through reticular formation). I suppose, using the theory of RANC - the Restoration of Activity of Nerve Centers which relies on the theory of Academic P.K. Anohin “the theory of nervous activity” and pharmacological hyperstimulation of trapezius muscles under control of positron emission tomography we can achieve such success in directed and subtle adjustment of brain that the most of diseases will be forgotten like a bad dream. Although, I have some doubts that somebody will use this idea right away. Let’s have a look at the story of GOOGLE founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page, their idea nobody wanted to buy for just a million of dollars. Passivity and inertness always exists, but if here in Russia people started to do something in this direction then people from other countries will except this idea very soon.

For now i will continue answering the letters, see my patients and upload the videos on my website , which confirms that “RUSSIAN method RANC” is not fiction, it is real and exists in reality with diseases which are treatable.




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