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Written by врач невролог А.А.Пономаренко

New, safe and effective treatment approach of trigeminal neuralgia.
If you are reading this page, you or your relatives suffer pain caused by an inflammation of the trigeminal nerve. On the Internet, as it is the most convenient source of information, you can find many facts about the causes of trigeminal neuralgia and treatments based on incomplete information of true factors that leads to this disease. Many people are coming closer to the solution of this problem, and coming from different sides, with different results. But it seams that my pathogenetic treatment approach(treatment directed on the elimination of the cause) has already finished first. I will tell about everything in this article and in the videos on this page devoted to incurable disease. Modesty - is a good trait which means concealing achievements, not offending others. I suppose, that ancient quotation - "doing good deeds know where to stop" suits this situation. Demonstration of modesty and concealment of an easy and effective treatment of this considered incurable disease and a pain it causes is not actual modesty but at least sabotage.

I think, al the materials that we can find on the internet have several similarities. One of these is in-depth description of trigeminal nerve anatomy, undoubtedly, trigeminal nerve is complex, and suggestions about treatments not taking into consideration the main principle of brain work. It does not matter which way we will choose to find a solution to a problem of recovery of any nerve(including trigeminal) all the attempts will be a failure if we think about a nerve as a separate thing, not connected with others.

I don't want to make you tired of the anatomy, you have already learned a lot about it. Let's get down to business. The brainstem is located at the lower, back part or posterior of the brain. It connects the brain with the spinal column. Nerve roots from spinal column go to all the muscles, bones, vessels and inner organs. Nerve roots end with tiny nerves that penetrate every millimeter of the body with its dense network. All muscles stem from hemispheres each of them has two gyruses reesponsible for muscles movements and sensitivity. Millions of cells(whose outgrowths stretch to body muscles) are concentrated in these gyruses. Strictly speaking, spinal cord consists of such outgrowths. Inner organs, bones, blood vessels are controled from hemispheres and brain stem.

That is how the human nervous system arranged. And trigeminal nerve relates to cranial nerves, starts from the brain stem. It consist of hundreds nerve clusters called "cranial nerves cores" and from them 11 pairs of cranial nerve start. Each of them has its own functions, though I won't talk about them so not to lost track of the topic. Now you will understand the main principleof brain arrangement which not everybody, who tries unsuccessfully to cure, takes into consideration. And everything will fall into place.

Main principle of brain arrangement, which if ignored leads to failure in 100% of cases, is the integration of all its 100 billion cells through brain structure which is in these 100 billion - BRAINSTEM RETICULAR FORMATION. This names translates from Latin as network which is actually a network that is located in all brain divisions. Does not sound familiar? Of course, omnipresent Internet and not only name is familiar. Various brain divisions communica with each other through this network. The server of this network is located in the brainstem and tightly enlace not only the brainstem, but also all 12 pairs of cranial nerves and trigeminal nerve is not an exception. By the way, these vital centers are also in the brain: respiratory, vasomotor, temperature regulating center. That is why even tiny dysfunctions in the brain stem on such an important and small area in a form of cells death usually result in death because of the break in this centers.

Let's get back to trigeminal nerve. This nerve comes out of the cores responsible for motor, sensory and nutrient(vegetative) functions. Disorders in the cells of these cores leads to numerous symptoms, one of them is pain. Pain in any part of the face, tooth, ear, eye, sinuses of the skull and skin is just the reflexion of increased activity of trigeminal nerve cores cells that provide sensivity in this place. Numbness or other senses like goose skin are only the reflection of decreased or periodical changes in those calls activity. That is the main cause of disorders related to trigeminal nerve. On every page in one way or another I talk about the main cause of all problems - disorders in nerve centers work caused by the stress. I will repeat one more time - it is possible to bring back to nerve centers their former regular activity level. We just need to turn on the "reboot" process by such short and powerful stress that will erase tracks of previous problems. It is not difficult as it seems to do. Moreover, trigeminal neuralgia is the most curable because in 99% cases the cause is disorders in cells work. The left 1 % are disorders caused by severe brain damages(intoxication, traumas, tumors and sometimes strokes). Although, trigeminal neuralgia seems insignificant in comparison with other more significant symptoms. That is why we can say that pain caused by trigeminal neuralgia is absolutely curable even if it sounds indecently.

Newton once said: "If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants". We live in an information explosion decade which professor N.P. Behterov named "brain decade" - it explains the great number of discoveries in all scientific fields. Nowadays, every diligent student can easily find the information on the internet, turn it into a discovery and make a breakthrough in a certain field. How about mentally challenged people who carried out act of terrorism, invent dodgy fraud, on the internet as well, are the perfect example of such conclusion. Not to mention people who have serious intentions to achieve something in their useful field and analyse great amounts of information. Such people are bound to succeed despite their marks at school or colleges. It is known that Newton itself was removed from school because he could not be taught. Such facts tell us not that Newton is in every idler, but about the quality of educational programs. Such digression was made to help you understand that it is not surprising that every day great discoveries are made including the medicine as one of the most conservative sciences. Thorough research of brain reticular formation started only in the last decade and before this its functions were not clear for the researchers. The discovery of the approach that can affect it through numerous cores of trapezius muscle which are connected tightly with this global cerebral network. It makes it possible to solve problems related to different, previously thought incurable diseases, one of them is our case of damaged sensitive cores of a trigemenal nerve.

The thing is that cores of a trigeminal nerve, the fifth cranial nerve, is located in only a few millimeters from the cores of so-called accessory nerve, the eleventh cranial nerve, which controls trapezius muscles. Muscles spans the neck, shoulders and back. They control movements of these spinal cord regions and support the arm. That is it what the accessory nerve is doing according to traditional theory. Although it is not not quite so. One important thing is missed - its connections in the brain. These connections are so broad, that any disorder occurred in the cortex, subcortex, brainstem, and even in the spinal cord inevitably is developed in painful tense of certain fibers in these muscles. Trigeminal nerve, despite its complexity, is also "complaining" about its "rough luck" by producing muscles spasm(neck, suprascapular part and especially in the middle of shoulders).

Everybody who suffered this pain knows that it is trying to be treat with medicines used for epilepsy, for example Valproic acid, Carbamazepine, Convalis and others. It happens because the genesis of pain when sensitive cores of trigeminal nerve is damaged and epilepsy of different types is the concentration of stagnant excitation. Medicines, lowering this abnormal activity, can also remove symptoms and in our case - pain. Unfortunately, these medicines despite their selectivity exert an inhibitory effect on the whole brain. Epileptologists used to say that epilepsy treatment is worse than epilepsy itself because of the complications. Exactly the same can be said about trigeminal neuralgia. Medicines reduce pain and at the same time lead to weakness, sleepiness and some mental inadequacy which make the quality of life worse. Epilepsy, as well as lethargy, is considered to be inexplicable and incurable. However, hyperstimulation of sore trapezius muscles is able to awake a person from lethargy and at least lower the power, frequency and intensity of epileptic seizures. Detailed description of mechanisms, which are in the basis of the occurrence of lethargy, and cases of wonderful treatment with videos you can find in Lethargy. It is not strange that diseases similar in the cause can be successfully treated by the approach that eliminates this cause. That is why trigeminal neurologia is successfully and easily treated through hyperstimulation of accessory nerve cores which are located in a few millimeters from each other. But the situation with epilepsy is more complicated because of the position of centers in various rain divisions and hugeness of damaged area. And tiny sensitive cores of trigeminal nerve are situated on the small territory. If we draw an analogy between our brain and our planet, then this territory will be Vatikan, for instance. So it does not matter how big is the influence of tiny cores cells, 10-20 electrochemical waves in 40-80 seconds are able to deprive energy and the possibility of the overexcited centers second occurrence for long years, even after the first "attack".

Stress happened and left stagnant centers of overecitement as Ivan Petrovich Pavlov called them. New stress only adds damages to the recovering organism. All brain divisions are linked on different principles, including the reciprocity principle when the increase in activity of one leads to the decrease of the others. I though a lot about how severe pain affect the brain generally and in the case when pain is applied to sore areas of trapezius muscles. And I came to the conclusion that pain can't lead to the stimulation of suppressed brain centers. Cases, when at thee moment of injections heart stopped for 10-15 seconds when the wave of impulses transited across the vasomotor center of the brain, confirms that this wave has powerful suppressive effect on the brain centers. Possibly, the excitement centers, being the most vulnerable in power sense, are primarily exposed to suppressant effect of electrochemical reactions triggered from trapezius muscles.

As a result, oppressed structures change their activity to normal in consequence of the brain areas activity, which were overexcited, decrease to normal. Any analogies of brain work and anatomy will be not precise for obvious reasons. But they are convenient to explain principles of brain work. For example, hyperstimulation affect on damage caused by the stress.

According to my observations, such hyperstimulation, even though it lasts for less than a minute, cause processes of positive changes in the brain which are going on actively for about 3-4 weeks and in the future, judging by patients comments, probably last for years.

It is a mistake to think that dislocations of vessels from normal anatomical positions, facial muscles tense, dental caries(by the way, caused by not ignoring the chewing gum after meal, but by disorders in vegetative cores of trigeminal nerve) or tumors near the ranches which can cause pain don't fall from the sky. All these disorders are caused by dysfunctions in the certain brain centers, for example in facial nerve cores that control mimic muscles, or in other brain areas. Such effectivity of treatment(when treating facial pain and numbness, eye and mouth dryness or lacrimation, salivation when functions of these trophic trigeminal nerve cores are increased ) from trapezius muscles stimulation can be explained by the fact that influence was made an all divisions and centers at the same time. The hormones, immune and other types of regulation are changed. The term "reboot" describes it perfectly.

By the way, the mysterious bruxism(gnashing of teeth) is an oral parafunctional activity which also can't be cured can't be be cause by anything apart from rhythmic alteration of excitation and deceleration in cores of the trigeminal nerve which controls masticatory muscles. I have to remind that the brain is working actively during the sleep but without a control of consciousness and that promotes the disinhibition of excitement which is suppressed when we conscious. And epileptic seizures happen more often during the night. I hardly ever hear complaints about gnashing of teeth from people. Perhaps, the reason that it happens during the night and in comparison with the snoring and don't bother sleeping relatives. Apart from that, the cores don't tend to become disordered. Though it can be treated by the standard procedure of trapezius muscles stimulation.

That is how ordinary various disorders of this important nerve are cured. It has to be also mentioned that introduction of such treatment will make the dentists work easier as every millimeter of the gingiva an teeth control exactly his trophic cores and don't let the bacteria to damage it. It concerns also ophthalmologists and otolaryngologists. The whole thing is that bad work of vegetative cores leads to our teeth, eyes, ears problems. Conjunctivitis, frontal sinusitis, otitis, pulpitis, stomatitis and other "itis" occur because of the bad work of the main brain nerve. I can definitely say that any troubles on the face or in the mouth are connected with the trigeminal nerve. Any symptoms of the face are connected with the trigeminal nerve, apart from twitching - it is connected to the facial nerve and it is another issue.

Yes, I have missed one thing. Which in your opinion nerve is responsible for the order on the face? Right, the same great and terrible TRIGEMINAL NERVE.

I don't think that dentists, ophthalmologists, otolaryngologists and cosmetologists will be offended. They have enough work - traumas, infections and complications after sophisticated piercing. Apart from that, I also don't think that doctors of these similar professions will lose an opportunity to give another effective procedure to their clients only because of their own believes. It is much better than send unfortunate patients to each other with the words: "NOT MY CASE".

I suppose, this is it about the trigeminal nerve. Of course it is brief description but at the same time even light scientific articles may drive readers away from reading. Now you can watch videos which show how the procedure of pharmacological stimulation of trapezius muscles is carried out, which is actually a type of forgotten paravertebral blocks

I have written in the article about the safety of the approach that it use is not limited by the age(as you can see it in the article about the chronic brain ishemia), intellect, gender or the serious condition of the patient. Probably, the only limit is disbelief and unwillingness of the patient. That is expressed mostly by children, people with anxious and suspicious attitude of mind and elderly with DE 2-3. DE is dyscirculatory encephalopathy, disease refers to disorders in cervical circulation and 2-3 are the stages. This disease, apart from symptoms that usually refer to the old age, affect the intellectual abilities of a man leading to the decline of it. Although the brain can suffer in this way also because of traumas and intoxication, the biggest part is alcohol intoxication and leads to traumas. But alcoholics and drug addict I encounter not very often as they deal with their problems themselves.

In the end I'd like to say that no matter how extraordinary and evil or maybe foolish the procedure may look, it is safe, easy in use and so effective for trigeminal nerve disorders that pharmaceutical or complicated surgery seem useless and barbarian. It is also clear that neurosurgery is expensive which is also important. Surely, we can't deal without surgeons but it would to leave for them serious cases, they actually have plenty of them even without trigeminal nerve diseases.

neurologist A.A.Ponomarenko




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