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02 2017
Written by врач невролог А.А.Пономаренко

It is difficult, scary, all, or operation, or a simple, harmless and without surgery?

"I strongly sore neck and lower back, and for a long time. Sent to the MRI, and there I found a protrusion and multiple herniations in the cervical and lumbar spine. I went for a massage, electrophoresis on manualku, to his grandfather, chiropractor went, a bunch of drunk tablets, droppers and injections do, but the pain is not gone. Oh, I forgot, I have found there is still a hemangioma. They offer operation. What should I do? " This phrase can be printed on small pieces of paper and give them away to anyone who refers to the neurologist about the pain in the neck and back, to save time, please contact. Simply go to the office and put this piece of paper on the table a doctor, to spoil the mood at once and myself, and he, without opening his mouth. And, in fact, that still remains, if there is already "all" Travel and tried out? The conclusion is clear, as if by itself. Well, of course, the operation, because it is the same hernia! And that is a hernia and how it should be treated?

Senior students, doctors, advanced users of the Internet, magazines, newspapers and television programs about medicine can tell fashionable today version of the causes of intervertebral hernia . In short, she is reduced to a few statements that, at first glance, it is absolutely undeniable, because the obvious. But, on the other hand, they are also completely unproven, the true cause of the hernias and pain did not show, so all the methods of treating the disease are either ineffective or dangerous at all.

In this article I want to talk about an alternative theory of the causes of intervertebral hernia, the validity of which is confirmed by the fact that based on her method of treatment always gives a positive result. But first I want to mention yet that is now on everyone's lips, and how and what is now customary to treat intervertebral hernia.

It is believed that a protrusion and hernia, that is, the protrusion of the intervertebral disc is walking upright, which is why the lower spine are over- burdened, and intervertebral discs can not stand it, begins to squeeze and move from their seats, going beyond the vertebrae. This is called a "protrusion" . If the shell is straining drive, then it is called a "hernia mezhpozvon kovogo-disk" . As you can see the difference is small. For violation of the strength and elasticity of the intervertebral disc in addition to the upper half of the body of high pressure leads also a metabolic disorder associated with the traditional set of blame for all our ills factors such as "ecology, poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, poor muscular frame, overweight , hereditary reasons, trauma, hypothermia, "and much more trouble, after the transfer of which would like to say: " all right, illness provided me! " .

Врач из Краснодара Андрей Пономаренко
и врач из Воронежа Инна Князева с пациентами

Discs, bulging out of their seats, compress the nerve roots of the spinal cord and pain allegedly distributed along the spine. That's about as is now customary to explain the occurrence of back pain and the causes of the occurrence of protrusions and hernias. Accordingly, all the techniques and methods of treatment are directed at elimination of the causes and symptoms of these conditions. Formally, all very logical, who seriously deny that the factors mentioned above in our lives are not present? Of course, everyone will agree that we are walking on two legs, move a little, we eat a lot, do not do sports, have bad habits, and our parents and their parents back pain periodically tested. In general, the fate of us sick. In general conclusion suggests itself that the ineffectiveness of current treatments is due to the inability to remove the causes leading to the emergence of intervertebral hernia. After application of all known treatments, which did not lead to the expected success, conclusion suggests itself that once we have created these imperfect (it's tempting to say "unfinished"), then you need to consult a neurosurgeon, who will take an experienced hand your a sharp scalpel and carve our "extra" piece of cartilage from the spine. It would be nice if after the operated man like Rabbit from a fairy tale, "Oh How It Hurts", "again ran down the path." Yes, it would be very nice if it would be eliminated no consequence and cause of intervertebral hernia, from what she hernia is not a direct cause of the pain, because the pain in the back can be without hernias and hernia can be without pain. Therefore, surgical treatment does not eliminate the cause of hernias and protrusions, does not guarantee their recurrence in the same drive or other drives of the lumbar spine, which by the way the whole five. I have not touched on the reasons leading to the occurrence of hernia in the cervical spine. If we agree that the upright posture leads to excessive load on the spine, then applied to the cervical spine, we can conclude that we have too heavy a head, once in the neck hernia is still there. Yes, we felt our evolution is not over yet, felts humanoids that we have designed, made it in the end and New Year holidays without Alkozelttsera.

That is because neither bipedalism, or inflammation, or "shrinking of the cartilage and the deposition of salts," or even a pile of all the factors is only a consequence, not a cause of back pain and hernias, does not give the results of treatment in use today.

If you're reading this, you probably already tired of hearing the facts known to you and you want to learn about an alternative, which I want to tell. You know, when I decided today again to write about this very prevalence of misery, pain in the back, then more hours of thought, and then draw a simple picture showing the shock absorber. Of course, I write this article about the physiology and anatomy, but first decided to paint it a shock absorber, with the easiest, and two of his condition, to looking at these images, could anyone draw your own conclusions (even own discovery) of what needs to be done to get rid of a herniated disc. And since I have decided to permanently in the newspaper (see. The next issue on Thursday) to talk about takes a lot of health issues from the perspective of the theory of "recovery of activity of the nerve centers» (of The Restoration Of the Activity Of Nerve Centers) RANC , I will not be in a separate article cover all possibilities and features of this method of treatment. This article is only about hernias.

I deliberately decided not to seek the Internet finished images that would clearly illustrate the mechanism of occurrence of disc herniation, and painted it himself to make an emphasis on extreme simplicity. After all, the most difficult concepts are simplified by means of simple and visual models. And now just look at these two pictures.

In the first picture letter P. I said two vertebrae, which are located one above the other, as they are located in the spine. Between color and letter D. I said intervertebral disc (elastic part of the shock absorber). Are located on the sides of the spring (muscle) - marked with the letters M, and "lambs", garter spring, this is a schematic representation of the nerves (marked with the letter N) from which the brain receives a certain number of pulses, supporting muscles (spring) in a certain, normal tone. Everything works well, and nothing bad happens mezhpozvonko-vym drive until from the brain receives an adequate amount of pulses.

In the second picture we see a picture of the "flattening" drive under the influence of increased muscle tension caused by excessive impulsation to them from the brain. Muscles pull together the vertebrae, choked disc breaks its shell and presses on the muscles. He, of course, puts pressure on the spinal roots and spinal cord, but for readability I have not painted.

And now I want to ask: what needs to be done to rectify the situation and restore the entire system to its original, normal position? Do I need to cut out pieces of the disc at the edges of the vertebra and removing their oppressive effect on the nerve roots, to maintain the system in a state to stressed, or simply reduce the intake of excessive amounts of impulses from the brain that relaxes muscles and allows the disc to return to its rightful place? Through this primitive but illustrative diagram, the conclusion suggests itself: it is necessary to restore normal nervous regulation of muscle tone, and the problem will be solved, because its cause is removed. Of course, in our body everything it is made much more complex and varied, but this simple scheme allows us to consider separately the arisen problem in detail.

RUSSIAN RANC method of treatment , which has a direct impact on the cause of the protrusions and hernias of intervertebral discs, as well as all kinds of metabolic processes, successfully removes the pain and stiffness in the muscles of the neck, thoracic and lumbar. Also RANC method is effective and is used in many diseases, not amenable to other treatments. He refers to acupuncture, therefore a non-drug therapies. The therapeutic effect is achieved by the action of the central nervous system through certain areas of the back muscles. This it is very similar in principle to the impact of other types of acupuncture, in particular, with acupuncture (acupuncture), but is fundamentally different from this method of treatment is much more powerful influence exerted and therefore greater efficiency. It is distinguished by a small amount of time spent by the patient in the medical treatments and the resistance of impact.

Summary of technology used to restore nerve activity centers is that, exerting a massive, short-term (1.5 -. 2 min), painful irritation of the trapezius muscle by intramuscular injection water for injection, to cause excitation of nerve centers in the brain. For stimulation of nerve centers in the brain is water for injection that is injected into the muscles trapezius a depth of 15 millimeters in volume 1.0 milliliters. Injection in the trapezius muscle on both sides of 10-15 injections on each side. The results of executing a painful stimulus transmitted via the accessory nerve in the brain stem, which is switched to the reticular formation of the nucleus. Occurred as a result of the excitation of the nuclei of the reticular formation leads to stimulation of the brain nerve centers. According to the obtained within 14 s observations, nerve centers activity recovery process after a single exposure to the inventive method is continued for 6 weeks. Optimally treat short course of two or three therapeutic session consecutive daily to "launch" the recovery process. And to secure the result obtained two more treatment sessions with an interval of between 3-4 weeks. As a result of the ensuing stabilization of the activity of the nerve centers of the brain at a normal physiological level removed the cause of the majority of known pathologies, which are based on functional impairment. The result is the restoration of changes occurring central regulation of various functions and systems. The proposed method of treatment has no absolute contraindications, as well as restrictions on the age and sex of patients.

RANC method can treat diseases that are difficult or not at all amenable to pharmacotherapy TRADITIONAL

1. Pain in the spine:
¦ pain in the neck.
¦ pain between the shoulder blades.
¦ pain.
¦ chest pain (intercostal neuralgia).
2. Pain in the shoulders, arms and hands (including numbness of the hands).
3. Pain in the knee and hip joints.
4. Pain in lesions of the sciatic nerve.
5. Pain in a herniated disc.
6. Pain in lesions of the trigeminal nerve.
7. Headache, including migraine, pain in the effects of trauma and intracranial pressure.
8. Pain in the heart and angina.
9. Epilepsy.
10. Tiki.
11. The consequences of stroke.
12. Violations rechi- Logo neurosis (stuttering).
13. Violations of the cerebral circulation.
14. Parkinson's syndrome.
15. vasoneurosis (suprasegmentar autonomic dysfunction).
16. Cerebral Palsy.
17. Hyperactivity in children.
18. Autism.

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