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Written by врач невролог А.А.Пономаренко

Russian treatment approach based on RANC is quite effective for treating Parkinson's syndrome and Parkinson's disease. Besides, in clinical deadend, when usual medicines are not effective, new approach shows surprising positive result. The effect depends on how badly brain centers that produce dopamine were damaged.

According to my theory, that was proved by many years of experience, any brain centers may change its activity because of the stress, and this activity can be restored(RANC) by reticular formation stimulation through accessory nerves.
If we take specifically parkinsonian syndrome, I suppose this disease is not different from any others talking about its mechanism. Because of external stimuli(stress or intoxication) various brain centers, including centers responsible for dopamine producing, change its activity(in our case lower it) and that appears in dopamine insufficiency.

Reticular formation stimulation through accessory nerves often leads to rapid symptoms disappearance. That is why I think that brain structures, which produce dopamine, often do not have irreversible organic changes and are just in a state of parabiosis. This state happens when cells lower their activity so much that they able only to sustain vital functions and excretory functions are stopped. In other words, stress does not usually kill brain cells but stops their activity.
That is a universal brain reaction on any extreme stimuli. The danger in that if when centers responsible for vital functions like breathing, heart beating or immune system fall into parabiosis, even for a short period of time, than a person can die suddenly, get autoimmune or oncological disease. Russian treatment approach RANC opens new horizons for treating numerous diseases that, in my opinion, have a single cause: dysfunctions in background activity of brain nerve centers.

The complexity of the brain is not an obstacle for its regular work recovery. I don't want to talk about other diseases in this article because there are many other articles on this site dedicated on them. I will tell only about parkinsonian syndrome. It is enough to inject any painful medicine(i usually use 5% analgene) in all sore trapezius muscles. These sore areas, in my opinion, match brain areas which have disorders. Short pain from the injection start a process in the brain that can be compared with scanning and deleting files on the computer. Painful impulses came to brainstem through accessory nerves switch to reticular formation cores that start integrating and organize various systems works including systems responsible for dopamine producing. Thus. Parkinson's disease and parkinsonian syndrome is not longer a significant problem for medicine. The absence of the result, that happens rarely, I explain by significant organic changes in certain centers which are not able to start working(because of cells death, not parabiosis).

To sum up, I would like to say that according to my experience to get therapeutic effect, as a rule, 2-3 RANC procedures in 6 weeks are enough.
If you are interested in other aspects of my theory and reached results, you can read other articles and watch videos where patients comments.

neurologist A.A.Ponomarenko




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