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05 2015
Written by врач невролог А.А.Пономаренко

1 In the beginning our clinic "Nevrologika" was not intended to carry out research of Parkinson's disease, as we realized that the range of our activities would not allow us to perform this task. Serious scientific work requires long-term observations of significant number of patients with recording the responses to treatment by laboratory and instrumental method. We do not have these opportunities and did not set such targets in the beginning.

2 In my opinion, the theory of disease causation contains a major theoretical mistake, caused by placing primary "emphasis" upon the lack of dopamine due to neurodegenerative processes in the responsible for its production brain structures. It can’t be true, because, in my experience, drugs given to every third patient (30) to increase the content of his own dopamine (amantadine) or L-dopa directly have no effect or only negative one in the form of certain side effects. I don’t intentionally mention other antiparkinsonian drugs due to the fact, that their effect is not good as the above. If the hypothesis for Parkinson's disease focused on the lack of dopamine was correct, then having taken L-dopa we would move normally and would not feel the tremor. It does not happen. What conclusion should we make? The conclusion is simple: the reason is not the lack of dopamine. For example, diabetics: diabetes occurs, when the islet cells of the pancreas, which normally produce insulin, are destroyed (Langerhans islets) and, as a result, negative processes causing fatal issues occur in the body. So what? Having received the necessary dose of insulin under the skin of the abdomen people can lead their normal and full life. In case of Parkinson's disease this does not happen, we introduce dopamine, but it has no effect. Why? The answer is simple: the reason is not the dopamine; but what then? That is another story, I will tell you later.

3 Difficulties stop here, of course, many things need explanation, but those people, who need not just raw numbers, but useful results, can understand what we say. We want to share with people suffering from this disease our "experiences " how to overcome it.

4 According to well-known facts, which, unfortunately, can not be statistically confirmed now, I can say, that in 95 cases Parkinson's disease is not a neurodegenerative disease. In my opinion, this functional disorder of CNS is not worse than the "defeat of the trigeminal nerve," which can be treated in almost 100 cases, although it is considered to be incurable. It is incurable only with methods, which we still have been used, and with Russian RANC method this state of health is completely curable. Only in 5 cases we are dealing with real neurodegeneration, when dopamine-producing structures are being destroyed, and just in these cases L-dopa products should act. Such catastrophic results can be prevented by applying of RANC method. The main thing, the main thing is time to act. The main thing is to make "a warning shot." The point is not in the word, but thinking.

5 According to general notions, we are real fools, because we do not have any secrets. One treatment in accordance with RANC method «works» about 6 weeks. Please, do not ask questions of this type: if your disease will be back in 6 weeks. It will not come back, the duration of "reset process" in the brain, when the "damaged" files are being replaced with functional ones, is 6 weeks.

6 I am often wrong. Our politicians are also often wrong, but I do not pay attention to this fact. It is their Work, and sometimes they manage it not in best like ordinary people. We also make mistakes in our everyday life, but what should we say about people bearing much more responsibilities than we do? Let them do their work, they have chosen their destiny, sometimes they do their best, as well as we do.

7 Generally speaking, it is impossible to provide statistics in our case and the reason is not the lack of data, but intrinsic difficulties to register them. I'm not going to substantiate the rightness of my view to those people, who don’t wish to participate in the discussion of this issue. In my opinion, other way is more comfortable and profitable. It is not by chance, that I’ve chosen this way. If you need to get true information from many sources, which are not linked to each other, try a few.

«RANC Аssociation» is a website, connecting a number of doctors and clinics using this method in different cities and countries. To acquaint yourself with their views, you should get to the website and call any of them. By the way, I personally know almost every twentieth person, so that objectivity is complete.

I thought about how to provide objective information, but so far there are only these considerations.

Yours respectfully, Andrei Ponomarenko.




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