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04 2012
Written by врач невролог А.А.Пономаренко

This treatment approach can be considered as new only on condition, I mean that it is not currently used in the form where it works most efficiently. On the same principle acupuncture is based, when the slight, long-lasting and often repetitive pain influence to certain parts of the body achieve the effect of changes in various functions of the nervous system and body in a whole. And acupressure is also based this exact principle.

We must to use a short, but the most intensive (over the limit) pain stimulation in order to achieve the effect of reprogramming the nervous centers,. That is why the treatment approach itself can be called pharmacological hyperstimulation. The medical procedure itself seems somewhat unusual, because of a great number of intramuscular injections.

Firstly, the markup is done which is made with the help of a cotton swab dipped in alcohol solution of iodine that marks all tense and painful areas of muscles along the spine. Then intramuscular injection are given at a depth of 5-10 mm. As the experience shows, for the procedure the most convenient solution medicines are 50% analgene solution and 0.9% sodium chloride solution (the proportion 1:10), or 2.4% solution of magnesium sulfate. These medicines are convenient as they give sufficient intense and short in time (30 - 40 seconds), pain stimulation, they do not give allergic reactions and minimally traumatized muscle tissue. This procedure resembles the so-called paravertebral blockade. When the blockade is being made, a medicine in injected into muscles that prevents transmission of pain impulses from the site of injection to the brain. In this case the brain can change its activity and the pain may go away. The case of hyperstimulation is the opposite, there is no anesthesia, a short pain is applied. Even though these procedures seem the same, the meaning of these procedures is different. It should be mentioned that the effectiveness of hyperstimulation is higher than the efficiency of the blockade.

Due to the fact that there can be a few dozen of injections and they are painful, they should be given as quickly as possible. If the injection sites are thoroughly treated with iodine, then without fear of an abscess we can give of 10-15 injections with one syringe. With a little skill it is quite possible to give one injection in a second and so the whole procedure lasts for a minute, and after 3-4 minutes all the pain subsides and the first results are usually seen when pain is eliminated and movements are increased.

Safety issues are very important. This treatment approach is absolutely safe since the nerves are located on the inner side of ribs, and can not e damaged. The chance to get into the spinal cord is also completely unrealistic, but to get into the chest, you need to try really hard.

neurologist A.A.Ponomarenko




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