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02 2014
Written by врач невролог А.А.Пономаренко

RANC Method - the connection between human brain and trapezius muscle starts in the nape of the neck and covers area between shoulder blades
It is well known that human brain is a kind of computer. Moreover, this machine is so perfect that people still unable to recreate it. We always stay a step behind our own nature. I suppose, because we do not know how to listen to it?

Meanwhile, we know that even the most perfect machine breaks sooner or later. The same happens with our brain: we destroy our nervous system when allow stress to prevail. Every day there are new brain defects, breakdowns and they are waiting for the right moment to hit unexpectedly and ruthlessly.
Are all diseases result from being nervous?
Neurologist from Krasnodar Andrei Ponomarenko made a new step in human brain discovery. For a long time he’s being studied neural connections in brain and their relation to human diseases. According to his theory, many diseases are resulted by neuron harmful connections originally unrequired by nature.
Look at other creatures. For example, a little puppy. Despite the fact that he is just a few days old, he already knows everything: how to eat, run and even swim! All these skills are already "written" in his brain. Inborn reflexes inbuilt there originally, they can be revealed only with time.
The same is with humans. When we learn something, for example, how to drive a car, cook a meal, even to read and write, at this time the nerve centers are arising in our head, very strong neural connections. Due to them, we remember sequence of activities, and more often we do some action, then this «connection bridge» becomes stronger. As a rule, a skill is reinforced within three weeks, and then starts to work like clockwork. Investigating the process, Andrei Ponomarenko suggested: what if a human disease is also a resulted by formation of neural nodes? But they are harmful to humans.
Here's how it works. Facing the external environment, we often experience negative emotions. It happens repeatedly, whereby abnormal neural nodes are being formed in the brain. As a result, when the disease goes away, our brain returns it again and again. Because it has already formed «vicious"connections.
- We are influenced by many external factors. Our nature has not prepared us to some of them, - says Andrey. - As a result our brain forms a plurality of brain harmful neural connections. It becomes entangled in itself - instead of using useful nerve centers, it activates harmful. This confusion can lead to serious disruptions in our body, including fatal ones.
First of all I am referring to diseases connected to nerves pathology: headaches, sciatic nerve, prolapsed disk, lumbar pain, damage of trifacial nerve, etc. People often suffer for years, but the regular medicine is not always able to help. In particular it concerns Parkinson’s disease that brought misery to many families.
Andrei Ponomarenko offered his own solution of many neurological problems. He investigated the connection between the human brain and the so-called trapezius muscle, which begins in nape and covers the area between the shoulder blades, its shape looks like the back of a tied Pioneer tie.
- “The reason is that nerve endings, which contained in trapezius muscle, lead directly to the brain stem. All processes that occur in our body rise from there,”- the doctor explains.
In theory, you can start the reloading by effecting on nerve-ending acting.
- The point of this method is to stimulate the brain to start a process that eventually leads to the restoration of its nerve centers normal activity. In turn they restore optimum performance of organs and body systems, - says Andrey Ponomarenko. – As the brain controls not only all the body functions, but also itself, it actually results to the fact that the body returns to condition it had before the disease. As a result, the good changes occurred in body can be regarded as rejuvenescence.
Restart takes about 21 days. Body needs this time to clear the current "settings" and return to its original, healthy state.
- How long is the duration of this effect? I have a counter-question: "How long does a house stay clean after a spring cleaning?" As in house so in head, it stays clean until new mess will be made in it. Making mess in this area or keep it clean- all that is in our power. In my opinion, being sick is as shameful as living in a messy apartments.
By the way, evidence in favor of this theory is the fact that many diseases have a psychological reason. For example, when we get in trouble, just in a few days we get sick. “All diseases result from being nervous " - says the proverb. This statement is partly true. For example, statistics proves, if one member of a family dies, other members get sick. Maybe it happens because brain gets all worked up.
Observations over thousands of people within more than 15 years led me to the conclusion that the negative emotions, fear, hate, envy, and just anxiety cause formation of new connections between neurons in the brain, - concludes Andrei Ponomarenko. - I believe that diseases are caused by these new reflexes that should act normally but digress from it to the formation of new unexpected connections. The energy in brain is chaotic, and it comes out with a lot of various symptoms.
The best way to avoid disease is to pay less attention to it. As well as believe that being healthy is normal and being sick is a mistake, that should be redeemed.
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