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Written by врач невролог А.А.Пономаренко

Medical help that we consider traditional is not unfortunately ultimate truth. If it was so, there would be no researcher trying to find more effective treatments. Medical help that we are given in our hospitals is just an approved and affirmed list of certain standard steps.

These standards of medical help created to, firstly, to give help to every particular diseases, which is the most effective for this pathology. Secondly, the amount of help should be no less than list of steps considered sufficient. Everything is made to give a patient all necessary care. In the whole world these standards are just about the same but different countries, depending on their abilities, accept their own standards on the basis of worldwide standards. That is why the views on the problem can be the same while the quality and amount of help may vary significantly. It is known that quality of medical help in some countries like Israel and Germany is different from ours. One of the factors is the list of standard measures and procedures. In comparison with our list, theirs is larger.

We should remember that standards is only the minimum and the whole possible list of measures. Nobody prohibits a doctor who carried out this minimum(a doctor bears responsibility if the minimum was not done) to use additional treatment approaches which in his opinion can be effective for this disease. So the rule is: "we can more, but not less". While in the USA, for instance, the habit to sue for any reason leads to the situation when doctors try to stick strictly to the standard minimum, for which you can't be sued. For example, doctor would rather carry out cesarean than ordinary delivery. Here is a nonsense, unfortunately.

In other words, a doctor after carrying out a standard treatment can tell a patient that nothing else can help him. Here is one of the standards advantages - make such shallow-minded doctors carry out at least the minimum. Standards disadvantage, and perhaps the biggest one, is that not only patients but also doctors have an illusion that this minimum is the crown of medical creation. Actually it is the just the majority of most competent doctors present view on a certain medical problem, which passed bureaucracy and stated by the law. In 60th student of our country were taught that genetics is a pseudoscience created by American imperialism. I don't think that situation has drastically changed since then. Just now all the problems connected with health issues are usually explained by genetics.
Many theories and even sciences, like cybernetics, were not recognized. That is why even though you are right but the treatment is not included in the list by the Ministry of Health, then you are in the same line with fortune-tellers and voodoos. This happened with cupping glasses which still can be found in our houses. Because of some unexplainable reasons it was declared as harmful and is not recommendable to use. The same happened with paraverterbal block. It is not prohibited to use but excluded from standards and educational programs so now nobody uses it.
It is not that sad, of course. The thing is that intensified defense of mistakes(in medicine it is completely justified) unfortunately result in stagnation. But we have to admit that medicine in our country has been always on the high level - during Tsar's or Soviet regime and even now. That is why we should not be afraid that our authority in this field will disappear, like German or Japanese will never lose accuracy or American - audacity.
For many years I was putting of my site development. I was thinking about it over and over again and the decided to speak out. I want other people to know about my approach. I can tell about many things so the new information will be updating.
I look forward to see you on this website and would be glad to answer you questions.

neurologist A.A.Ponomarenko



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