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05 2012
Written by врач невролог А.А.Пономаренко

This article is independent and was written long before the website. That is why some questions are repeated and can be found on other pages. I decided not to change it and published it wholly. About different headaches, trigeminal neuralgia and symptoms connected to these disease the following can be said. The problem is that European sources are talking about these states treatment from a medicamentous therapy point of view. Pathogenetic treatments(eliminating the causes) are not even discussed because the cause is not known. Moreover, a symptom like a headache is considered to be universal for many diseases. We can find alternative ways to treat pain in spine and limbs but for a headache it is more complicated.

Headache can be caused by many factors. And when we try to eliminate the causes we come to a dead end. It is much worse when there is no causes and it happens very often. In this cases genetics is blamed but it doesn't bring relief for patients.

If we assume that pain factors affect one brain system that causes pain, then the problem seems less complicated. It means that there has to be an approach which will bring a system to a calm state when it does not produce pain. This approach exists. The description is below.

It is noticed that painful spasm of trapezius muscles occurs when there are disorders in an organism in a form of various diseases. These muscles are located on the spine and a ack of the neck. The upper part extends from the occipital bone to cervical vertebra. The middle and lower part arise from shoulder joint, shoulder blade and thoracic vertebra. Muscles remind a shawl put on shoulders and trapezium, which gave the name for muscles. Its functions are to move the scapulae and support the arm. Controlled by one nerve called accessory. This nerve starts in central divisions of the brain that are called brain stem. That is where the vital centers are, respiratory, temperture, vasomotor(controls pressure). Other cranial nerves also start in a brain stem, like visual, oculomotor, trigeminal, facialis and others including the accessory nerve that control trapizius muscles. The great amount of reticular formation cores are between all cores(the congestion of cells that give rise to nerves) of cranial nerves. This part of the nervous system, which from the brain stem permeate to the brain, penetrates the brain everywhere. The term "reticulum" is translated from Latin as "net". The name is very accurate and with Internet development the meaning becomes clearer. Various brain division interchange the information and coordinate its work through this network.

There is an opinion suggesting that painful spasm of trapezius muscle is a reflection of disorders in certain brain divisions. In other words, this muscle, especially its middle part, is a map of the brain where painful areas match disordered brain divisions. This information is transmitted through the reticular formation to the stem, where information switches to accessory nerve cores, stimulates them and a painful continuous spasm occurs in certain areas of muscles. When the pathological muscle tone occurs, a muscle dislocate vertebrae of cervical and chest divisions. This dislocation leads to herniated disks, nerves and vessels, especially carotid arteries, compressions. As a result disorder in cerebral blood flow occurs.

This characteristic of the trapezius muscle can be used for medical purposes. If we cause short but intense painful stimulation(by pharmacopuncture for example) to muscle spasm, the signal is transmitted through the network to the brain division that is disordered. Under the effect of pain stimulation the brain changes the activity of various centers in a way to normalize its work. It is not a miracle, the massage of cervical region to treat different diseases is used for a long time. The effect is noticed but slight and not continuous and to get even this effect many procedures are needed. It isn't convenient. In comparison with massage, pharmacopuncture is a more intense procedure which is able to do things that the massage can't.

After giving injections to sore areas of trapezius muscles, the stimulation of the brain through the reticular formation is happening. The process of brain centers activity reconstruction lasts for 2-3 weeks. If treating headaches, the effect can come right after a procedure of within several days. Headaches that lasts for years can be cured. After the first procedure a headache at least disturbs less and becomes not so intensive. If we are talking about facial pain, tooth pain, ear pain when the trigeminal nerve is damaged, than this disease can be cured with medicines. The only result from medicines is pain relief when medicines are taken. The suggested approach can eliminate pain completely within 2-3 procedures by calming too active cells of trigeminal nerve responsible for sensitivity.

In conclusion I would like to say that the result of pharmacopuncture procedures is not limited only by eliminating headaches. This effect is many-sided. Under the activating influence made through the reticular formation the activity of brain divisions is normalized and health state is better. In particular, hormones and immunological background is changing. When we carry out pharmacopuncture treatment in trapezius muscle, we stimulate the brain and then it itself clean everything up where it is needed.

neurologist A.A.Ponomarenko




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