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09 2013
Written by врач невролог А.А.Пономаренко

Chernomyrdin was giving a speech in the parliament and uttered this phrase about one nasty affair: "We wanted the best but it turned out as always". When I decided to write an article about the treatment of spinal disc herniation and protrusion, I recalled these words of Victor Petrovich.

Now everybody who hear this name imagine at once something unnecessary which is sticking out of it and has to be operated like inguinal hernia. I won't even mention people who have this diagnosis which sounds for them as a sentence. By the way, the article won't be long, everything will be brief, in a manner of speaking, according "neurologic" rules. Those who don't agree can disprove it but with the evidence of people who got rid of the disease with the RANC approach. Let them say how disgusting it is to be healthy after 1-5 procedures of 3 minute each that were carried out on the couch in an ordinary district polyclinic. Let them say that it is better to be tested, have an operation on the spinal cord(with a risk of spinal cord damage). Let them add that it is better to spend from 3 to 20 thousand dollars then 6-8 thousand rubles.

If they say yes then I give up and you can tar and feather me, make me put on a clown cap with bells and parade me. Although it will ever happen as it is irrational.

So what is rational then? I will tell after another digression. Those who say that hernias occur when the weight of the body press on the lumbar discs so discs are squeezed are also not right. Brain controls everything. If it works fine, there is no disease. I can suggest only one thing why people insist on that external stimuli like force of gravity, bend of the body but not on that disorders in small areas of cortex lead to spinal cord disorders. The denial of the "nervism theory" by anyone speaks to itself. It means that a person is truly believe that he thinks not with the brain and the brain controls nothing. Perhaps, those people think with the place that close to the lumbus.

A person can weight 150 kilos, eat whatever wants, do no exercises, work as a railroad worker be 60 years old and have no spinal disk herniation whatsoever. On the other hand, a slender nervous young woman of 22 years who works as a clerk and go to the fitness club can suffer from pain caused by hernias.

It is easy. Stress reprogramming leads to the centers of stagnant excitation occurrence in a small brain division that controls spine muscles. Being in the constant high tone, muscles squeeze spinal discs. These bulges are called hernias. It is enough to stimulate intensively these muscles and other tensed areas of all divisions(excluding the cervical one) and at the end "shake up" the reticular formation through trapezius muscle and the cause of the herniation will e eliminated. Perhaps, this 3 minute procedure will have to be repeated 2-5 times(depending on the complexity of the case) though the result will be inevitable. That is the brief description. Lots of things can be said while disputing the arguments of people who think with a place different from the brain. Although that is useless.

The disorders in the muscular system including hernias and protrusion of spinal discs can be eliminated with RANC approach.

neurologist A.A.Ponomarenko




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