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04 2017
Written by врач невролог А.А.Пономаренко

Epilepsy , "caught, caught, caught"; Lat. epilepsia or caduca ) - one of the most common chronic neurological diseases in humans manifests itself in the body's susceptibility to sudden onset seizures. Russian historical name of the disease "epilepsy" .

Another common and vernacular these sudden attacks - epileptic seizure . Epilepsy suffer from not only people but also animals such as dogs, cats, mice.

Epilepsy - a disease as common as diabetes. It affects about one percent of the people that inhabit our planet.

Many great people were epileptics - enough to call Fedora Mihaylovicha Dostoevskogo, Gustave Flaubert, Napoleon Bonaparte, Aleksandra Makedonskogo or Yuliya Tsezarya.
William Shakespeare in one of his plays point to epilepsy Yuliya Tsezarya:
" Casca: He fell on the market with the foam from his mouth, and he could not speak.
Brutus: Yes, it seems to be true - he suffers from epilepsy
. "

The fact that the seizures were observed in many prominent people, such as the apostle Paul and the Buddha, Bellerophon, Socrates, Plato, Empedocles, Mahomet, Pliny, Caligula, Petrarch, the Emperor Charles the V, Handel and Dante, Van Gogh and Nobel served a prerequisite for the theory that epileptics - people of great intelligence.
Epilepsy hurt Petr Veliky, Lord Byron, Charles Dickens, Lyuis Kerol, Edgar Allan Poe, Nietzsche.
There is nothing remarkable in the fact that suffer from this disease, even if it sometimes is the indirect cause in individuals of outstanding ability. Suffering that accompany the disease, completely crossed out the alleged benefits that are in excess of capacity.
For different forms of epilepsy is characterized by one common pathological mechanism that is the essence of this and other diseases, such as loss of the trigeminal nerve and angina.

Its essence lies in the fact that in certain areas of the brain lesions are formed, in which brain cells (neurons) in the stable operation mode, abnormally increased activity. Compare this can (for clarity) from the operation of the automobile engine idling. If the engine is adjusted properly, the idle it operates at minimum speed sufficient to avoid stalling. Similarly, neurons in the brain normally exist in the "background" activity mode, increasing it when the need arises, then reducing to normal (idle) if the need for more active work is eliminated.

If the area of ​​the brain becomes due to various causes (trauma, stress, intoxication, et al.) Sustained activity mode, which is much higher than normal, such a portion is called hearth epileptiform activity. Returning to the former compared with the car engine, we can say that this site is running at high speed, in the "snapping" mode. It still can not compare with zatushennym, a smoldering fire in the forest. Only fire can smolder for a relatively short time, and the focus of epileptiform activity can exist for years or even decades.

From time to time, due to stress (lack of sleep, excitement, intoxication) center becomes even more excited state and transmits it, like spreads from the smoldering fire fire to adjacent parts of the brain that are passing in this perevozbuzhdonnoe state spread the "fire" to neighboring parts of the brain. This happens very quickly, and the brain covered by this "fire" sends pulses to the body wave. Excitement comes from all the departments, and reaching the convolutions are responsible for muscle movement manifests itself in convulsive muscle contractions, which looks like a grand mal seizure. If the excitation covers a limited area of ​​the brain, then there are "small attacks", expressed a variety of symptoms, depending on the size and functions involved in this process area.

This rapid fire broke out in the brain decays rapidly, because the neurons have a very limited energy reserves, it is, so people after the attack fall into a sleepy state and while sleeping, while the brain accumulates energy in their cells.

The existence of pockets of abnormally increased activity and explains the strange, uncharacteristic for most people over the ability of many men of genius. Imagine if this part of the brain with epileptiform activity is in the area, is responsible not for a reduction in the cardiac arteries (causing myocardial ischemia and angina) and cents, are responsible for the sphere of consciousness. Excessive increase in the activity of brain regions, naturally leads to the emergence of extraordinary abilities in music, mathematics, literature, politics, which is normal for most people are not typical. That is because, many outstanding people and affected by the disease, and if you say a little bit different, it is a side effect of the disease in these people had unusual abilities in various fields of activity.

Until today, there are two main approaches to combat epilepsy is medical and surgical. Both of them have their advantages and disadvantages. Drug therapy of this disease implies reception drugs reduce neuronal activity to normal levels. The advantage of this, the most common method of "treatment" Epilepsy is a non-invasive, that is, the absence of interference with the anatomical structure of the brain in violation of their integrity. A man takes a tailor-made products in the required dosage, which for a time reduce the abnormal activity of the centers of epileptiform activity and does not have seizures.

Seemed to be that all is well, however, such an approach to the treatment of this disease does not eliminate its cause, that is, these lesions are not removed, just preparations for a certain time, lead them back to normal. The disadvantage of such "treatment" is a reduction in the activity of brain structures. Those who worked in the ultra-high activity mode begin to function normally, but all the other parts of the brain, its activity is reduced below the normal level, which leads to numerous violations in the cascades of all body systems. "One cure, and another cripple" - everyone knows that proverb, and Epileptology there is another: "The results of the treatment of epilepsy is not better than the epilepsy itself."

Another, less common method of treatment is surgical epilepsy. The goal of surgery is destruction (destruction) of the centers of epileptiform activity. I think that even a layman clear disadvantages of this method of "treatment". In, First, even the local destruction of some parts of the brain is completely irreversible. What is their function is lost forever. In, secondly, to pinpoint the location of these "problem" foci set very difficult, I'm not talking about that, when the erroneous destruction of the neighboring, not involved in the pathological process of brain centers can occur fatal consequences. Surgical treatment of epilepsy because of the complexity of brain structure and imperfection of modern diagnostic equipment used extremely rarely.

What is the way out? Now it is, this method of restoring the activity of nerve centers RANC ( of The Restoration Of the Activity Of Nerve Centers ). The essence of this treatment is to have a stimulating effect on the whole structure of the brain, through the reticular formation of the brain stem include the processes leading to the normalization of the activity of all the 100 billion neurons in the brain.

This newspaper article can not be a full scientific publication due to limited space, and, as well, because that is the purpose of a simple report of the information to the people interested in it, not the layman entanglement in a pile of medical terms.

Now, epilepsy can be cured by "cleansing" the brain of the centers of epileptiform activity. For, in my opinion, easier and shorter to say do not even work.

In previous publications in the newspaper "Kuban today" I wrote about the Russian RANC method with respect to the treatment of headaches , herniated discs , lesions of the trigeminal nerve , Parkinson's disease , pain in the joints . The following publications are devoted to the treatment method RANC skin disorders and excess weight.

RUSSIAN RANC method relates to the treatment of acupuncture, is so non-drug treatment. The therapeutic effect is achieved by the action of the central nervous system through certain areas of the back muscles. This it is very similar in principle to the impact of other types of acupuncture in particular with acupuncture (acupuncture), but is fundamentally different from this method of treatment is much more powerful influence exerted and therefore greater efficiency. It is distinguished by a small amount of time spent by the patient in the medical treatments and the resistance of impact.

Summary of technology used to restore nerve activity centers is that, exerting a massive, short-term (1.5 -. 2 min), painful irritation of the trapezius muscle by intramuscular injection of water cause the restructuring of brain nerve centers.

For stimulation of nerve centers in the brain is water for injection that is injected into the muscles trapezius a depth of 15 millimeters in volume 1.0 milliliters. I repeat that it is pain that occurs at the time of injection "includes" the process. Injection in the trapezius muscle on both sides of 10-15 injections on each side. The results of executing a painful stimulus transmitted via the accessory nerve in the brain stem, which is switched to the reticular formation of the nucleus. Occurred as a result of the excitation of the reticular formation of the nuclei leads to stimulation of the nerve centers of the brain, including the sensory nuclei of the trigeminal nerve. Stagnant excitation foci in these nuclei disappear and the resulting pain disappears.

According to the observations of the process of restoring the activity of nerve centers, after a single exposure to the proposed method takes about 6 weeks. Optimally treat short course of two or three therapeutic session consecutive daily to "launch" the recovery process. And to secure the result obtained two more treatment sessions with an interval of between 3-4 weeks. As a result of the ensuing stabilization of the activity of the nerve centers of the brain at a normal physiological level removed the cause of the majority of known pathologies that are based on functional impairment. The result is the restoration of changes occurring central regulation of various functions and systems. The proposed method of treatment has no absolute contraindications, as well as restrictions on the age and sex of patients.

In the previous issue, I wrote to the principles of the course of treatment of diseases by Russian RANC. Let my readers will understand me correctly, and do not judge strictly for the fact that from room to room, I carefully repeat his words about the essence of this method. In my experience, even on the Internet, on my site, many people do not read everything, and study the published material selectively, focusing on their illness. A newspaper article in the situation is even more complicated. After all, if a person is not a subscriber to the newspaper "Kuban today", and into the hands of him accidentally hit any particular number, you agree that it would be unfair to deprive him of the information published in previous issues. Therefore, I believe it is reasonable to allow some repetition.

Furthermore epilepsy method RANC can treat diseases that are difficult or not at all amenable to traditional drug therapy and other treatments.

1. Pain in the spine:
· pain in the neck.
· Pain between the shoulder blades.
· Back pain.
· Chest pain (intercostal neuralgia).
2. Pain in the shoulders, arms and hands (including numbness of the hands).
3. Pain in the knee and hip joints.
4. Pain in lesions of the sciatic nerve.
5. Pain in a herniated disc.
6. Pain in lesions of the trigeminal nerve.
7. Headache, including migraine, pain in the effects of trauma and intracranial pressure.
8. Pain in the heart and angina.
9. Epilepsy.
10. Tiki.
11. The consequences of stroke.
12. Violations rechi- Logo neurosis (stuttering).
13. Violations of the cerebral circulation.
14. Parkinson's syndrome.
15. vasoneurosis (suprasegmentar autonomic dysfunction).
16. Cerebral Palsy.
17. Hyperactivity in children.
18. Autism.

This new method of treatment, which I called "RUSSIAN treatment RANC», used in his practice, many doctors not only in the cities of Russia, but also in the near and far abroad. Unfortunately, it is still not as widely available as I would like. For more information and video patient testimonials can be found on the website.

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