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07 2013
Written by врач невролог А.А.Пономаренко

I would like to be kind, gentle and understandable, but somehow it does not work and I even can tell you why. It happens only because in spite of a detailed explanation of my views and attitudes about the causes and development of diseases people ask me the same questions.

I've asked hundreds of people "what are you doing this ? " And they were people who came from far regions, and they honestly told me "We just read on the website that you are treating our illness, so we packed up and came." It's flattering of course, but I wonder why they don't read thouroughly, what if I am a swindler and a cheat? And then these people who are quick off the mark and who don't like reading will say that they were cheated. Though it happens not because somebody wanted to cheat, such people just don't other to read? They simply come without any notice to a place where nobody waited for them. Such people are collecting money and not just mindlessly, but insanely take money to China, Israel, Germany relying only on the name of the country, despite of the fact that the best expert of the fiels lives in their own region.

In this respect, I really understood the bitter words of Edison, who said that people are going to do everything to not think about at all. However, I think it is necessary. For example, my site clearly describes the concept to which I stick to and which describes the essence of my teaching and treatment. It main idea is that in the body there is no single function that would not be controlled by the brain. It was not my idea, this is the essence of the Setchenov's nervism theory, who is one of the most important figures in medicine. My addition to the nervism theory is only thatI have learned to produce a strong stimulation of the brain through the reticular formation, which no one has previously used.

So I didn't came up with not a lot of ideas, but only relying on the knowledge given to me, I offered a way to solve many problems. Why nobody has done before it and that I was the "smartest" this tryly surprises me. Therefore, any problems that arise in our body, is only a reflection of "problems" in the brain. It is not so difficult to understad, "nervism theory has not been canceled." And there is also nothing strange or unnatural, that I am a supporter of the theory of Sechenov and his follower Academician Pavlov, who is, by the way, the Nobel laureate?

I suppose that there is nothing strange, because their theories and theories based on their findings are very efficient and effective, in contrast to the nonsense that penetrated into the textbooks and doctors and students' heads. Just look at it yourself, if today's medical theory was right, it would produce some results rather than miserable excuses, for instance, "What you want at your age? '. Think about it one more ime, if doctors can not cure yourself what we, patients, can expect from them? Do you see it? That's right, we can expect nothing at all, except for illegal ways to withdraw your money.

However, we should go back to the "Belting hemorrhoids" since I started with this topic I need to somehow continue and actually it is worth to return to it very.

Medicine has taken the way of very narrow specialization, and now we have a great amount of experts in the right and left nostril. I'm sorry, I have made a slip in speaking, we don't have many narrow specialist yet, but for example in America they face exactly this situation, and if a specialist in the right nostril, suddenly dare to look to the left one, he simply will lose his licenses. Now, this is truly nonsense. In our country an ordinary rural paramedic does everything that he can and has enough courage to do, but there they would never do it because they are afraid of financial penalties.

You, the people who are reading these lines, are despairing to find support at doctors ''official'' medicine, so you go to forums to find the cure of "incurable Parkinson's disease" with some magical decoction of oats. To cure pain in the spine you use ointments for horses. And eventually are we people or horses that we use ointments and drink oats? We are not horses, just the medical theory went to another side, somewhere in favor of pet stores, and not in favour of people.

Again I got distracted from "Belting Hemorrhoids". This is of course a imaginary diagnosis and this, of course, can not exist, but even worse diagnosis happen. If you rely on today's reality, when a human being is divided into body parts and organs which are dealt by various "experts" on "different nostrils", we should not be surprised with diagnoses. For example, about ten years ago my patient was diagnosed with "Pickwick syndrome" which includes a list of symptoms, in particular: 1. " Obesity" ( he had it), 2. " Apnea " ( respiratory standstill – he had it), and the third "General debility". The first two the patient actually had but the third one is draged by the head and ears. You can judge by his job title and he was a judge of the Regional Court of Krasnodar. Who makes such a diagnose?

If a patient came to me and brought his liver in the package along with his joints and heart, then I would believe that organs certainly should be looked at separately. Unfortunately, the people come as a whole organism, so I am frankly unsympathetic to those who say that they should be treated partly, especially since they would never succeed. If they succeeded then I would believe them though for now I DO NOT BELIEVE IT! But I succeed and not because of the fact that I'm a genius, but because Sechenov and Pavlov were right as opposed to today's theorists in the separation the people into the right and left nostrils, kidneys and heart.

Patient are so tormented and stressed that they do not know where to go. And I say it again not only patients, but also the doctors themselves were misled by someone, and actually is being misled now, I just do not understand who he so powerful, the "devil" itself maybe. Of course, this is not a mythical creature, but simply our laziness and stupidity, though looking at what is going on I find it easier to believe in Satan than to think that we are, to put it mildly, strange.

Somehow I should complete article positively, I just want to and I think I can. My friends, those of us who think differently and make a lot of things are a great amount, but we are working silently in our seats and we keep silent and I said it again. Maybe I sayd too much but it is what it is. I love you and I respect those who believe in better and do their job by helping their friends and family. That's why we came into this profession.




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