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02 2017
Written by врач невролог А.А.Пономаренко

Статья в газете в Кубань сегодня

Many previously thought incredible things today have become commonplace and have been successfully used by us in various fields. Technological advances, yesterday seemed like a miracle, become commonplace today. But what about the medicine, what's new? It would seem, in medicine, things are not worse than in technical areas: unique operations performed prostheses, new diagnostic methods. And we continue to suffer from pain and a growing list of diseases and incurable diseases. But imagine that you need to answer the question: "What would you like from the medicine" Most average people (being more or less healthy) would say something like: "Medical care should be of high quality, skilled, low-cost, and not time-consuming. " Of course, the question of its safety is not even raised, as is implied by the definition.

Well, so, "without thinking", and thought some more, may have added to that would be nice to find a cure for mental worry and anxiety that do not give a normal life, and more, to find, at last, if not the elixir of youth, the though, would be a means of prolonging the active life, "a cure for old age" that is.

"I think that if not modest in their desires, then you can get what you wish. That's just so we basically did not do "- says about the possibilities of modern medicine Krasnodar doctor Andrey Aleksandrovich Ponomarenko. A graduate of Kuban State Medical Academy, worked for 6 years a doctor ambulances, five years neurologist in an urban clinic. It was he who developed and already more than 17 years successfully applies an amazing architectural treatment method: a universal, secure, inexpensive, effective. This method - the Russian method RANC - is now been adopted by many Russian and foreign clinics. It is used successfully all over the world and gives stunning results. One of the patients, when she was asked to tell us how she feels after treatment, said about this method: "like an angel flying" ... Today, our newspaper had the opportunity to give the floor to the doctor who developed this method.

Neurologist Andrey Aleksandrovich Ponomarenko: I had the opportunity to say in this article all about what I think, that there is universal inexpensive treatments that official medicine is interested enough in them, which is on the way of acupressure on body, that if you read it, so it interests you. Yes, this article is mainly on the medical topic that is somehow related to each if not personally, then our relatives, friends and acquaintances. I'll try it as short as possible to talk about the new features get rid of health problems. And let this article - advertising, but advertising is not a specific person or medical institution, and information about the new method of treatment, which you might have something already heard. I do not want to paint all sorts of mysterious "exclusivity" of the treatment, only briefly tell about its capabilities, and you have yourself decide, it is interesting to you and whether it is necessary.

To make it easier to understand each other, I want to first say about the country, in my opinion, especially our behavior that we have not seen. For example, you notice a lack of logic? Now, you might be thinking: "Well, what a silly question, the lack of logic suffer from blonde jokes, and I do all right." And if this is really the case? If the touch is medicine, then, for example, with back pain caused by a herniated disc, what do we do when there is a strong exacerbation, depriving us of sleep and performance? First, if it is unbearable pain, we call "ambulance", which doctors can make an injection of pain medication and advise anything in terms of further treatment, including go to a clinic. Now there are many public and private clinics, which can be in this regard to apply, plus more, and our ubiquitous Internet, which will help with the necessary information. In the optimistic case scenario pain somehow subside gradually over time, and life will improve. What if this does not happen? Finding information on the endless expanses of the Internet, as always, give a great deal about what you might think, and what better not to think. You will find various offers "caliber" of some "hereditary clairvoyant Venus Transdanubia" and "chiropractor Matthew grandfather from the village of Old Clamps," and to "the best clinics in Germany, Israel and America." Somewhere it is treated cucumber somewhere massage somewhere bees with leeches, where a miracle-bio-additives, and somewhere neurosurgical laser and stem cells. Choice is great, but that somehow becomes joyful, and vice versa, even sad.

Lying themselves as "comfortably double up" in order to feel less pain, and start phoning friends and learn that it is best to take. And it is the same "Internet" only a little. If your friends and family are the same-retired state employees, it can recommend as a minimum, apply to the affected area horseradish leaves and cabbage, and overnight horse rubbed the gel. And if, on the contrary, millionaires, they will say, "do not lose time to fly to Switzerland and underwent surgery, but you know, there is someone like Anna Sergeyevna helped out at once, and Ivan is the third done, but as long as the house and lies."

And what have the logical-illogical, you ask? Now I will return to a normal public hospital and I was cured, without any "arts". Yes, it would be the best option, but will they? Let's say you have done so, but nothing worked: no drip, no pills, no injections with physiotherapy and massage. Now what do the operation? Yes, you can, and the operation, which may even be successful, and if not? And if you have not banal intervertebral hernia, and, for example, epilepsy, migraine, angina, lesions of the trigeminal nerve, scoliosis, dizziness, numbness in the hands, memory impairment, infertility, impotence, Parkinsonism, cerebral palsy, lesions of the sciatic nerve, algomenarreya, hyperactivity , autism, enuresis, psoriasis, hair loss, the effects of a stroke, and god knows what any of countless diseases, then what to do? That operate where to apply leeches, and how to put a dropper? And if we have no time and money, then all is scary.

Yes, at what is there illogical, you would say. And I also want to ask in return. These diseases are considered virtually untreatable? Yes, of course, they will not be treated by modern medicine, and had not been treated, everyone knows that, you will answer. And if I say that this is no longer the case, and found the opportunity to treat these diseases the elimination of the causes that you think about me? Certainly a lot of different things. Believe and agree that technical progress is capable, must, and is constantly moving forward, it is quite logical. Believe and expect that medical scientists have found, finally, a new treatment that can save us from various diseases, too logical and natural.

Knowing that a single cause of human disease has not been found for thousands of years, is also normal. And if, say, someone you will say, "You know, we have here in Krasnodar find a treatment method that is fast, easy, the same for all diseases, with help at once and for a long time." It does not happen, you say. But why??? And from that moment can start a long discussion about what can be and what can not be, because it can never be.

I have no purpose to describe this endless dispute, because the logic in our lives and behavior is not the first place. See and know that we are born, we grow old and die, the logic. And I want to believe that this is not so nice, but if it is not yet proven, that logic does not match. Similarly strange to believe that hundreds of millions of people by performing various useful procedures, not cured, and you, personally, are you passing the same thing, you will become healthier. Conversely, if other people got rid of their disease thanks to a new method of treatment, it is to think that you this will not happen, there is no logic.

In science, there is always parallel to the various conflicting theories, especially in those areas where the subject matter is impossible to "touch hands". Here are a few examples: in geography believed that the earth was flat, and those who argued that the earth is a sphere, were persecuted; Astronomy in the Middle Ages was the notion of the Earth as the center of the universe, which also turned out to be untrue; before the discovery of the microscope as the cause of infectious diseases have taken anything, not microbes; and many other examples in chemistry, mathematics, economics (which still does not really sorted out), and many other sciences. Strange to think that medicine is from this trend in the side. Evidence and justification for any scientific discovery always appear after its opening, in the formulation of numerous experiments and statistical data processing. I say this to the fact that the use of the positive results of an activity can be without the knowledge of the principles on which it is based. For example: I do not know how the TV, cell phone, computer, air conditioner; how the lock the front door and the kitchen faucet, I do not know how to make my shoes and what it consists of Chupa Chups. But I successfully use it all. I know about, or rather, I suspect I know why the match goes out, if it blow. No, I know for sure, not because they have tried and I happened upon this knowledge will not increase, I just taught this in school. And, by the way, why go off the match if it blow? It's simple, but not an idle question that every once and answer. All this I said to illustrate that in this global ignorance, I feel quite comfortable among incomprehensible to me things that I use freely. No one ever think to terrorize me with questions about the structure and function of all these and many other units. Then why are some people who come to my appointment as a licensed doctor, surprised that I know and know how to treat different diseases?

Here I do not see any logic, and the arguments that other people can not do what I can, I just seem to be serious. Well, the truth is that strange that a farmer found some patterns and learn how to grow such crops of wheat, which in the history of mankind, no one could grow up? No reason not surprised. But if I suggest a man who came to me at the reception for the first time, to deliver him from the torment of his many years of pain, without analysis, which he had with a whole package, he is surprised and may even leave. This is the lack of common sense, which is surprising. I, for instance, coming to a showroom on routine maintenance of the car is only happy if I am offered something new that will allow me to better ride in his car. And I had not come to tell the master: "There is something suspicious! And you know why this is, and I, for one, do not know? And you, Professor maintenance? No? And why, once you have a good master, he lives and works not in Moscow, or Israel, and in Krasnodar? And that's up to you no one anything like it did not know how to do? Yeah ??? No, my dear man, go-ka I'm in another salon, too suspicious then you. There I will do everything, as it should, as a still, they're not engaged in nonsense and did not come up, unlike you. " Such absurdity with an auto mechanic will not work, but a doctor - it is easy.

I'm not in this publication too deeply into the intricacies of Neurophysiology, because for most people who want to get real help, all these details are not important. Those interested can still be found in the literature and materials site Actually, the medical profession requires continuous self-improvement, and no other factors other than your own desire to the doctor, and even more so to their place of residence, can not affect its qualification, if the person It has a desire to be a professional. The method of treatment of diseases which I have listed above, is to restore the normal functioning of the central nervous system.

The brain controls all functions of organs and systems of our body. Any interference in excess of compensatory possibilities of the central nervous system, leading to sustained violations in its work, which manifested as symptoms of various diseases. The brain controls everything and yourself. Stress leaves in it "tracks" in the form of a sustainable change in the activity of the nerve centers that control various organs and systems. For example, if parts of the brain that control the heart, lungs, or kidneys do not work properly, then the problems will start in these organs, which will be the more serious the more flagrant violations of the central regulation we have. And if the brain return to its former, normal, healthy state, the corresponding symptoms disappear. In other words, the cause of various diseases is a "software glitch" in the brain, eliminating that we eliminate the causes of the disease and associated symptoms of it. Here briefly the essence of my method.

I want to emphasize that this method of treatment is not a medication, but refers to reflexology. That is the principle behind it is based, is the impact on the nervous system by means of short-term pain impulses. Our body has a so-called trapezius muscle, which is attached to the back of back of the head, neck, shoulder joint, shoulder blades and thoracic spine. The nerve that controls this muscle, anatomically and functionally a part of the nervous system (reticular formation), which oversees the work of all parts of the brain. If any of the departments begins as a result of external influences to work in a mode other than normal, then the trapezius muscle is manifested local stresses its individual sections. These stressful and painful to palpation areas correspond to areas of the brain having functional disorders. Causing short (1-2 minutes) pain stimulation in these portions muscles by administering them in one milliliter of water for injection or other painful intramuscular administration solution, we call the local electrochemical reactions. Impulses entering the brain, "include" in it a process similar to the "reset" in the computer. This process continues for 6 weeks and leads to the restoration of the normal activity of the nerve centers. Within the meaning of "activity recovery of the nerve centers" in the nervous system processes I decided to call this method of treatment of various diseases. In The Restoration Of Activity Of Nerve Centers (RANC) English transcription. Outwardly, this procedure is similar to paravertebral blockade. Actually, with paravertebral blockades all started. When I understood with the physiological mechanisms underlying the principle of their action in 1998, it suggested that the observed effects are not provided with the composition of the injection, namely short-term ill effects of its introduction. Therefore, the most appropriate formulations were chosen for the task. Thus, this method of treatment is, as it were modified paravertebral blockade. Separate name he had to give, to indicate its mechanism of action and application.

Since 2013, I published the results of this work on the Internet, I talked and I communicate with colleagues from different cities of Russia, CIS and foreign countries, who were looking for new opportunities to improve the effectiveness of treatment and to work in this direction. I never wanted to designate his work accepted in the ranks of our profession. Especially nice to know that my colleagues have the rank of candidates and doctors of medical sciences, accept my theory and apply in their work. When I find out where people are already assisting Russian methods RANC , the sense of personal involvement in such an interesting and useful fact gives a sense of meaningfulness of life, which is especially important in our profession.

RANC method for the fifth year lives its own life, and I mostly just happen to know where it even begin to apply. That's good, because, having a high efficiency with first incurable diseases, it is very accessible and cost savings, which is especially important in our Russian conditions. These properties allow over time to introduce it everywhere, up to any rural dispensaries. I know that many people for various reasons, including because of alleged "violation of authorship" does not approve of his very widespread fear of discrediting his actions nonprofessionals. I believe that this method of treatment, which was conceived as a folk, and will remain so, and can not be compromised in principle, because to them successfully engage in, you need to have certain traits that are totally incompatible with irresponsibility, cowardice, greed, meanness and folly. It's like in surgery will never agree to such persons character traits, and in RANC method. I know that this method is not yet sufficiently proved their potential, and yet not very well known. But still it is used individual physicians in Canada, USA, Ireland, Israel, Bulgaria, Saudi Arabia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Germany, Czech Republic, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Georgia. Most likely, this list could go on, but I am not yet have the information. Russian town I did not everything can list, for the same reason, because RANC method covers himself. Here are just some: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Vladivostok, Rostov-on-Don, Tyumen, Khabarovsk, Ekaterinburg, Krasnoyarsk, Temryuk, Novosibirsk, Kazan, Akhtubinsk, Georgievsk, Grozny, Vladikavkaz, Kropotkin, Armavir, Chelyabinsk, Angarsk, Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Voronezh, Simferopol. I unfortunately do not have so many contacts of colleagues practicing this method, so I will not go on the transfer of cities, for the same reason it is not necessary to contact me for telephone numbers. Site «NEVROLOGICA» was created by me as illustrated textbook which could be used by doctors who are interested in this method of treatment.

Inna Valentinovna Knyazeva, with whom we met after she was two years successfully applied the method RANC in Voronezh, has achieved very interesting results in the treatment of psoriasis, Parkinson's disease and epilepsy. Gennadiy Vasilevich Berdyugin from Angarsk offered an interesting alternative solution for injection, Ella Aleksandrovna Karol from Nahariya (Israel) is interesting for the treatment of autonomic disorders, combining his experience with RANC method. Successfully working under the guidance Oksany Valerievny Kulikovoy "Clinic at Mate Zalka" in Krasnoyarsk.

Unfortunately, even larger volume of articles could hardly accommodate all the information about Russian methods RANC , but this goal is not to put, because those who are interested can find it on the website The main thing, in my opinion, this is to inform that the existing therapies today added the new. And there too, everyone is free to decide how to deal with it.

At the end of this article, I want to say that what today is seeking medicine, was laid down by previous generations of doctors, without whose work we would not have the opportunities that we have. Therefore, I just want to remind you that theory nervism came to the world of medicine from Russia, and was launched by national scientists in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

1. Namely, Ivanom Mihaylovichem Sechenovym (Reflexes of the Brain 1863.), Who said: "And the spinal cord and brain are working on the principle of reflex and control the activity of the whole organism."

2. Vladimir Mihaylovich Behterev studied the brain function in an experiment in healthy and sick person, said: "The brain plays a key role in the regulation of body functions."

3. Sergey Petrovich Botkin discovered that different diseases have a neurogenic origin. When central nervous system effects and stress may develop disease. SP Botkin believed that neurogenic cause underlies diseases such as Graves disease, ulcers, hypertension, and diabetes.

4. Ivan Petrovich Pavlov studied the influence of the central nervous system on the heart, vascular tone, the magnitude of the blood pressure, the activity of the gastro-intestinal tract, metabolic processes. I studied the integrative function of the central nervous system, which combines the work of the organs and systems in a single unit. The interaction with the environment, studied the work of the cortex of the cerebral hemispheres as senior manager and distributor functions in the body.

Nervism - is the idea of the precedence of the nervous system in the regulation of physiological functions and processes occurring in humans and animals. He seeks to extend the influence of the nervous system to the largest possible number of body functions. The concept of "nervism" introduced in physiology IP Pavlov in 1883. Nervism became a scientific, comprehensive theory encompassing biology, physiology, clinic, not by or random connections, but organically, on the basis of the most important characteristic of vertebrates - groups all around the nervous system.

SUMMARY technology method RANC used to restore nerve activity centers is that, exerting a massive, short-term (1.5 -. 2 min), painful irritation of the trapezius muscle by intramuscular injection water for injections cause excitation of nerve centers in the brain. For stimulation of nerve centers in the brain is water for injection that is injected into the muscles trapezius a depth of 15 millimeters in volume 1.0 milliliters. Injection in the trapezius muscle on both sides of 10-15 injections on each side. The results of executing a painful stimulus transmitted via the accessory nerve in the brain stem, which is switched to the reticular formation of the nucleus. Occurred as a result of the excitation of the nuclei of the reticular formation leads to stimulation of the brain nerve centers. According to information received by me during 14 years of follow up, the nerve centers of the process of rebuilding activity following a single exposure to the inventive method continues for 6 weeks. As a result of the ensuing stabilization of the activity of the nerve centers of the brain at a normal physiological level removed the cause of the majority of known pathologies, which are based on functional impairment. The result is the restoration of changes occurring central regulation of various functions and systems. The proposed method of treatment has no absolute contraindications, as well as restrictions on the age and sex of patients.

RANC method possible to treat diseases that are difficult or not at all amenable to conventional pharmacotherapy.

1. Pain in the spine:
a) a pain in the neck.
B) pain between the shoulder blades.
B) Back pain.
D) Chest pain (intercostal neuralgia).

2. Pain in the shoulders, arms and hands (including numbness of the hands).
3. Pain in the knee and hip joints.
4. Lesions of the sciatic nerve.
5. herniated disc.
6. Pain in lesions of the trigeminal nerve.
7. Headache, including migraine, the effects of trauma and intracranial pressure.
8. Pain in the heart and angina.
9. Epilepsy.
10. Tiki.
11. The consequences of stroke.
12. Violations rechi- logoneurosis (stuttering).
13. Violations of the cerebral circulation.
14. Parkinson's syndrome.
15. dystonia (suprasegmentar autonomic dysfunction).
16. Cerebral Palsy.
17. Hyperactivity in children.
18. Autism.

Doctor-neurologist: Ponomarenko Andrey Aleksandrovich.

Krasnodar. Str. 62. Tanning Clinic "NEVROLOGICA"

The article was published in the regional newspaper "Kuban today" 02/09/2017 "



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