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05 2017
Written by врач невролог А.А.Пономаренко

I have developed, theoretically justified, for 16 years (1998g.-2014.), Tested and put into practice a method of influence on the human brain , allowing it to restore optimum activity for the treatment of diseases that are considered incurable. The theoretical basis of this method of treatment is the theory nervism I. M. Sechenova developed I. P. Pavlovym.

"The brain controls all functions of the body and yourself in particular, and any disturbances in the body, there is only a reflection of disorders in the central nervous system." Here is a brief content of the theory. It follows that to restore normal brain activity we are able to eliminate the causes of various diseases, including those that are considered incurable. The method is based on the stimulation of the reticular formation (structure, controlling the activity of brain neurons milliardov 100) powerful stream of pain impulses, sent to it via the trapezius muscles. And since any symptom in any disease reflects a failure in certain brain structures involved in the regulation of this function, the restoration of the normal activity of this structure leads to the disappearance of a symptom.

This pattern holds for all without exception cases. Efficacy of this method is limited only to cases of large, irreversible organic brain lesions and organs. The physiological basis of the method is the close anatomical and functional relationship of the nuclei of the accessory nerve and the brainstem reticular formation nuclei. Due to this connection, any violations in the activity of the nerve centers of the brain manifested appearance of painful areas on the trapezius muscles, which are controlled by the accessory nerve. And because the reflex arc closed, sending a stream of pulses with reverse trapezoid muscles we direct it precisely in those structures, which "claimed" about themselves.
This innovative method of brain stimulation, which is essentially a type of paravertebral blockade is an alternative to the two ineffective treatment methods used today, such as pharmacotherapy and classical acupuncture. Pharmacotherapy theoretically unable to be successful (that we see in practice), as means to influence the metabolic process by introducing external agents affecting the individual links in the complex regulation systems and not on all the central regulation system as a whole, that it is possible, if we apply I developed method of exposure. Reflexology and physiotherapy , which it kind of is also unable to solve the problem of a fundamental change in the situation in the event of the body of any violations. Despite the fact that the influence of reflex methods used exactly those structures which control the body, significant effect in the form of a more or less complete cure is not observed. This is due to the fact that the methods used today do not involve the use of acupuncture to influence is extremely powerful pulse flows to the brain through the reticular formation in a short period of time. This entrance way into the brain is naturally safe penetration into all its departments with a view to directional changes in their activity towards the restoration of the normal activity of its centers. Other methods such as the stimulation of the brain from the outside through the implantable electrodes it is extremely inefficient, expensive and dangerous, what authority claimed in one time Academic Natalya Petrovna Behtereva , which were conducted in laboratories in this direction. Failure to use (until recently) the reserves of the brain structure responsible for coordination of all of his work, leads to the inability to effectively intervene in the processes of irreversible growth of disturbances in the brain and the body, leading to premature aging and death. Irregularities in the various centers of the brain caused by distress. The application of the method of influence on the human brain in order to restore its optimal activity makes it possible today to solve the major problems not been solved so far therapy, cardiology and neurology, without any extra investments, but only due to changes in the treatment algorithm. Unlike today adopted standards of care, implying a long treatment course, which ends up mostly unsuccessful, to the use of the proposed method involves a single intervention in the nervous system performed a total of 1-2 minutes, which starts in the head brain recovery processes of the functional activity of its various departments. This process is to restore the activity of nerve centers in the brain continues for about 6 weeks, and results in a corresponding optimal reconstitution of organs and organ systems.

To date, this method has been tested and is ready for widespread use, showing its safety and efficacy, as applied in the past 16 years to about 7 thousand patients. In 2003, it was patented as a " method of treating patients with impaired cerebral circulation ," but a range of diseases in which its use is possible and necessary to a much wider, which makes it impossible to list them in this short note. Suffice it to say that diseases such as angina (total - heart attack), Parkinson's disease , multiple sclerosis , loss of the trigeminal nerve or migraine , which are considered untreatable and are supposedly hereditary character, and successfully respond to treatment by the proposed method. Moreover, the effectiveness of the treatment results achieved can not go to any comparison with the approaches applied to date for the treatment of these diseases.

Introduction of RANC ( of The Restoration of the the Activity the Nerve Centers ) Restoring the activity of nerve centers will dramatically reduce the overall incidence and the number of disability cases by major disease groups, as well as making real today an increase in the length and quality of life of about 15-20 years. A further research in this direction will help in the short term to make periodic adjustment of basic systems regulating brain under control already existing laboratory and functional diagnostics systems, which will give an additional opportunity to prevent the emerging and the treatment of existing disease.

To evaluate the economic benefits from the use of this method it is possible to experts in these matters, what I, unfortunately, am not. However, even the evaluation of the possibility of applying the method RANC in the Russian Air Force, allow me to suggest a significant reduction in the budget allocated for the training of flight crews in return loss over a variety of diseases. For example the preparation of a military pilot more than one million dollars costs in Russia. Extend the life of military pilots for 5 years due to the slowing growth of the body's various violations will free up a lot of money and redirect them to where they have a great need. Another example I can think of Parkinson's disease, which, being an incurable with drugs makes nonetheless spend an average of one patient from 5 to 10 thousand rubles per month for the purchase of these drugs. Given that these patients in our country several million, and many are subsidized drug coverage, we can assess the extent of cost savings in a wide introduction of effective treatment for the disease. Not to be unfounded, I will illustrate their theoretical conclusions videos with reviews of patients and illustrative examples of their condition before and after the conducted treatment because you can say different things, but to change a person's appearance is almost impossible. On the my channel onYouTube about 400 videos and there might be more, if I aimed to have more of them, and patients would not hesitate to take part in the filming.

In addition, for 2 years the existence of the site "Nevrologika" this treatment is widespread among doctors, both countries were part of the Soviet Union and abroad. Unfortunately, using it mostly prefer not to declare this openly and widely. I know that it is used in Canada (Toronto), Saudi Arabia (Mecca), Bulgaria (Sofia). About Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan as I know, not even necessary to list the city of Russia. In order to streamline the process decided to create a new online portal that will bring together practicing this method of treatment, to facilitate patient search experts in their respective regions. On my site has more than a dozen feature articles on various aspects of the method and various diseases.
For more information about the various issues regarding the method and the prospects for its further development, I can prepare in the event of representation I related issues.
Neurologist Andrey Aleksandrovich Ponomarenko.
Krasnodar. 11.07 in 2014.




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