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04 2012
Written by врач невролог А.А.Пономаренко
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Physiology stands firmly on its own two feet?
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Physiology stands firmly on its own two feet? Physiology became an independent discipline?
We all are materials as we were before: if something is not available or not understandable than it does not exists.

I have read next words in a "Brain magic and labyrinths of life" book written by Natalia Behterova and published in 2007: "by 1994 physiology will have been declared as an independent science not only in foreign countries, but also in Russia". That has happened. However, the question how to cure people from all diseases is still open.

When I decided to become a doctor I did understood that not all diseases are thoroughly studied, not all medicines are discovered, but I could never thought I would conduct researches by myself. When we become ill, of course we are trying to find a well-trained doctor, at least a professor who specializes in our disease. Thus we can be sure that in most cases we will get qualified help, based on latest medical achievements. However, whether these achievements are the best and whether they will help us is the moot point.

Every year thousands of medical students graduate from colleges, billions dollars are spend on researches, we learn about new discoveries and achievements. Nevertheless, when an ordinary citizen comes to an ordinary clinic, he does not get necessary and effective treatment for common illness.

A famous doctor Mysnikov once said about modern medicine:" We can treat a running nose or furuncle, the rest we can diagnose, tried to treat but never cure". I agree with him. Stereotypes formed in our heads after long-term training do not let doctors broaden horizons and look at problems from the other point of view. It concerns not only medicine, but also aviation, for example. In the early 20th century aircraft engineers claimed that the aircraft weighing more than 1,5 tons would never be able to fly. But Russian designer proved it wrong and demonstrated that it was possible even for aircraft weighing much more than 1,5 tons. The same can be said about medicine. "denial" habit does not give us an opportunity to see obvious facts - there is always another solution for the problem.




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