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09 2012
Written by врач невролог А.А.Пономаренко

Nobody denies that laboratory methods of examination are necessary for determining the treatment strategies. However, the situation today, in my opinion, is critical because of several reasons. The main idea is that modern technologies introduce more and more sophisticated and subtle methods of diagnosis but treatment strategies do not advance and remain at the same level as it was 100 years ago.

I work as a neurologist, and observe this sad situation from the inside. There are lots of queries on the Internet like "where to find a good neurologist", "find a good doctor," and something like this. And who is " a good neurologist?". Neuropathologist (as we used to say earlier), or neurologist, as they call the profession now. By definition, neurology is a branch of medicine that deals with the diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system, and studies the mechanisms of diseases development, symptoms and possible diagnosis, treatment and prevention.

The definition of profession neurology implies that a neurologist should deal exclusively with "nerves." We are taught how how to deal these nerves. There are different standards of treatment for various diseases that a neurologist should know and apply. So why do so many people are looking for a good neurologist? How trained professionals become "bad"?

In my opinion, it's not about personal characteristics of doctors, the problem is that a theoretical approach to the disease occurence is wrong. Our body is unfairly divided into separate systems, which separate specialists deal with. But a neurologist has to deal with nervous system, as if it is not a nervous system that controls all the systems of the body and itself as well. I do not feel comfortable when I see madness which lasts in our medicine. Doctors, following the accepted standards, can do nothing and eventually fall into absolute pessimism about their capabilities becoming "bad” ones. Those who do not give up medicine are divided into two main categories. The "pessimists" - indifferent people with low salary, who lost interest in the profession due to the conviction of the impossibility to cure the patient. As a rule, you can find these doctors in public clinics and state hospitals. Another category is "optimists” who are also deeply convinced in the ineffectiveness of their knowledge, but believe that since the world is so imperfect, you should not be sad, you should use it. Such doctors are found predominantly in numerous private clinics.

The difference between these two categories of doctors is not big. If judge by the result of the treatment, it is only in the amount of funds spent on a treatment. While sick people are rushing around hoping to get rid of their disease and are looking for a "good doctor". I think the good doctor is primarily a doctor who can cure his patient from the illness. Positive results can not be achieved with the primitive theoretical approach that exists now. I reckon, nobody would argue with this statement because these is not and were not such results.

Competent and a good doctor, a neurologist in particular, must have the result of his work in a form of cured human. Of course, he must look like someone who people expect to see. That is attentive, kind, and generally pleasant in any way person. But it's all the same is not the main thing. The result is the most important matter.

The conclusion from the previous paragraphs is that in order to become a "good doctor", you need to stop using the proven as failures treatments, and use only those onese that are effective. This does not mean you need to find the "magic pill", it is unreal. We have to change the approach to the theory of diseases. Because illnesses, which consist of a set of symptoms, it is only a reflection of disorders happening in the nervous system. If we correct this fault in the brain, these symptoms and syndromes will disappear. But, of course, everything has to be done on time. Now this possibility exists and in future, I think, there will be plenty of surprises.

The most profitable path is to find efficient ways to influence on the brain that will lead to optimal performance of all its centers. Pharmacological medicines will never act so selectively, subtly and appropriately, as our brain. Of course, the pharmaceutical industry is evolving and will evolve, but it's a dead end, and the increase of diseases in all countries, in spite of the increase in the use of drugs, is confirmed.

The method of influence on the brain, which I call the RANC, allows to stop the accumulation of disorders in the central nervous system. This is a minimum ability. And in most cases, when standard therapy can not help, method RANC eliminates the cause of disease (disruption of normal activity of the nervous centers)and gives good results. I want to go back to the beginning of the article, where I was talking about the senseless studies. If the cause of the disease is unknown, standards for this treatment are written incorrectly, then it is natural that the research will have a little result. Here is an example. Herniated disc has its cause in excessively increased muscle tone in the spine area. There is no miracle in the fact that the muscle cells are controlled by strictly defined areas of the brain. If pain occurs, it is obvious that there may be a herniated disc. Well, if the muscle tone changes, today it will appear and tomorrow it will disappear. But since there is a common opinion like "ultimate truth", than the appearance of a disc herniation is a "punishment for upright walking", so the treatment is only surgical. So you are asked to do an MRI or CT scan, which confirmed that there is a hernia. Apart from this, even in a state clinic you will be offered to do a lot of tests, to pass EKG, which are generally irrelevant. And everything will be done without thinking, indifferently, because doctors know everything beforehand. And if you get into a private clinic, and not to a decent person, but to the optimist-cheater, who also knows everything, then you will have to pass additional examinations.

Everything will be different if we change an approach back pain treatment or leg pain treatment caused by disc herniation to a thoughtful one. Firstly, we have to find the most tense areas in the muscles along the spine and on the buttocks, and make injections with any medicine which can caused a brief but intense pain (I usually use a 5% solution of analgin). A complex mechanism of interactions between nerve centers triggers, which results in a change of muscle tone. If the procedure was technically right, the cause of the pain disappears. Normal tone, no hernia, no pain.

Why should we scare patients with the equipment or taken scans? Sometimes people got offended when I did not pay proper attention to the results of tomographic studies. I do not want to believe that surgical approach to spinal disk herniation was created by frauds and still can not get rid of this feeling. If we assume that it is not about money but about not being able to really understands how to properly treat the disease, then it is even sadder. Then we need to admit that the curriculum and standards are made by idiots.

And it happens everywhere. Patients do not get real help and look for a "good doctor", "soothsayer" who can treat, patient choose examinations that are offered by many different hospitals. The most interesting thing is not even in this situation, but in the fact that when somebody comes to me as a patient, and I offer him a different approach to treatment, it usually scares and a patient does not believe. "How is it possible, my disease is incurable!". Human psychology is a mysterious thing and traditional beliefs or prejudices are so strong that logical arguments do not work.

Thomas Edison said about this issue; "People are going to do everything to not to think". That is why they are going to Israel, Germany, Moscow, not realizing that everything is just the same, in fact, only the scenery is different, different prices, so the results differ slightly. And it happens not because doctors are "bad", but because we are not taught how to treat properly, that's all. Cumbersome, complex and expensive medicine today, in fact, vain. Of course, there are successes in some areas, but in general, results are deplorable, and you know it.

I understand very well people who are skeptical about my ideas, that it is enough to stimulate the central nervous system 2-3 times to cure a person from his illnesses. It looks too simple, even primitive compared to a range of complex and expensive techniques that have been developed up till now. It is difficult to get used to this, and I have spent years on it. But we have to get used to, because results RANC are certainly unusual, but they are real. These are not abstract ideas, there are live people who can tell their stories.

As for the fact that everything is unusually simple, I would like to answer the words of John Ive, a designer and a friend of Steve Jobs.
"Why do we believe that simplicity is good? Because dealing with (any) objects, it is important to feel that we control them. Ordering the chaos, you find a way to subdue the subject. Simplicity is not just a visual style. This is not minimalism or the absence of chaos. To achieve simplicity, it is necessary to dig a tunnel in the depths of complexity. To be truly simple, you need to get to the depth, focus on simplicity, cognize it, to understand what it is. To get rid of a minor, you need to get into the subject. "

In my opinion, it can not be said better. If we continue the analogy with the technological advances in the computer industry, we must admit that today's medicine like computers mid-20th century, which occupied entire rooms or even floors in the buildings, but it was slow and expensive. I think it is time to throw it all to the dump. Medical assistance should turn from continuous process into something similar to a modern service center, where mostly prevention is conducted. Got a software fault in the brain - a disease appears . Went through a diagnostics, eliminated prolems in the nervous system - cured people from the disease. This is not a fantasy, it's already working. This is method RANC. And time will show how to make it even more effective.




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