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05 2012
Written by врач невролог А.А.Пономаренко

Why and how do disorders in nervous system occur?
It's still difficult to give an accurate and simple answer to this question. We can only talk about our hypothesis and suggestions based on the analysis of observed effects. My point of view is so.
Our organism is in a state of the constant interaction with an environment adjusting the activity of regulatory systems to nature and intensity of external stimulus. External stimulus is anything in an organism's external environment that causes the organism to react. Conscious in humans plays an important role being between environmental factors and reactions on it.

If the nervous system is accustomed to one external stimulus, this external stimulus does not cause any significant changes in the nervous system work. Brain is functioning in a normal way increasing or decreasing an activity of its divisions. When the stimulation is over, brain returns to its original state. At that point no dysfunctions in different brain systems occur and consequently there is no ground for a disease.

Opposite situation happens when a stimulus exceeds regular compensatory abilities of the nervous system. Brain has to rearrange its work and make some systems work on a higher level of activity while other subordinate systems lower their activity. Stress situation of array of stress episodes directed in one way are able to make regulatory system work at a new activity level. Moreover, the brain continue to work in a new mode even when external stimulus stops the impact. That is how new conditions for more adequate interaction with environment are established. Although this process has its negative side since the balance between many systems is breached and dysfunctions or diseases are developed. It should be mentioned that today progress minimized negative stimuli and the main cause of post-stress structural and functional brain alteration is in our conscious now or attitude towards certain events. Thus, exactly our desires, conscious or unconscious lead to brain alteration(in form of real interneuronal connections) and, as a result, to diseases.

This idea is as old as the hills. The good news is that influencing on the brain through the reticular formation we are able to "erase" marks in the brain left from stress and return the brain centers to their regular activity mode. I can make such conclusion on the grounds of my patient observations who got rid of different symptoms right after the procedure.

I can't give a precise answer to the question how the process of brain rearrangements work. Undoubtedly, dysfunctions in different brain divisions lead to spasm in certain trapezius areas and intense painful irritation in these areas helps to get rid of symptoms in organs or systems. In practice it means facial pain(caused by trigeminal neuralgia), angina attack, pain and bleeding after miscarriage will be localized, the lessening of constraint and tremor for parkinsonism, headaches, dizziness, low or high blood pressure. Such effects are possible only if on brain stem reticular formation is involved.

On the whole, to have non-specified stimulation on brain(in order to localize dysfunctions in brain divisions) short but sharp pain must be given to all sore parts of trapezius muscles of the both sides.
This simple procedure shakes up the brain and it come to a calm state but of another level of activity after 3 weeks.

neurologist A.A.Ponomarenko




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