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04 2013
Written by врач невролог А.А.Пономаренко

Almost every day I receive phone calls or emails asking if there are any followers in other cities who use The RANC. I have alreeady appealed to those who uses my method but I have not received any feedback. I think it happened not because there are no such people but because everybody is busy and they see no point to share with others. Today I understood that my mistake is in the fact that I could not inform about all advantages for those who start using this method. So I have decided to explai everything.

We, doctors, medical assistants, nurses know like nobody else how limited our abilities are to help our patients. It concerns those approaches to solutions which we were thought about. At the same time because of the lack of effective treatment methods patients had to find different alternative and folk medicines as traditional are useless. Because of utterly low effectiveness of medical help, when almost all diseases are considered incurable in general and medicine can only help with symptoms, the demand for highly effective services that can actually deal with patients’ problems was created.

Russian method RANC has following advantages:

  1. There is nothing not traditional since it’s just a modification of paravertebral block.
  2. More effective than physiotherapy, massage, acupuncture, not even mentioning pharmacotherapy.
  3. It saves money and time of a patient as well as a doctor bacause the procedure itself lasts not more than 20 minutes(including marking and giving injections) while the effect lasts for 3-4 weeks. For example, the session of acupuncture lasts the same, but you need 10-15 of them and of course you have to learn it. Apart from this, the seance of RANC therapy has much bigger influence than acupuncture, so some diseases which can not be vured by acupuncture, can be treated with RANC.
  4. This method is so simple that every doctor who is not affraid of injections can handle it. The main point is that the procedure is standard but different patients need different quantity of injections and procedures.
  5. The method is absolutely safe inspite of some temporary exacerbation of existing symptoms,which has the hardest disorders.
  6. The method is simple and safe and at the same time has zero cost price because it does not require any expencive medicines and equipment so it can be used in any small hospital, not mentioning private clinics or state hospitals.

I can continue talking about its advantages but for those who is not interested it is pointless and who is using it it is enough. My suggestion for this time is more specific and has direct benefit for people who uses RANC. I suggest for everybody send comments to this article with contact numbers and addresses for patients from other cities so they can go directly to you for help. It is convenient if we talk about people who have read the articles on this site, looked the videos with reviews and they go to a doctor who believes in this method, which is very important. That is exactly how Svetlana from Moscow has been using this website for a half of a year. That is exactly why I created this website and now I offer it you.

I want to offer everybody use this website like free infomatioal portal, where everybody who already has the experience of applying the method leave contacts and addresses. Patents who want to be treated with this method can address directly to you. Except from this practical question how to destroy informational vacuum the question about “The Accociation of Doctors Practicing method RANC” will be resolved. With this contact information we can share experience and help each other.

For everybody’s convenience I suggest send information about yourself this way:

  • Country, city, first and last name,
  • Email, phone, website

Colleagues, I wish you good luck in your difficult job.

Yours faithfully, Andrey Ponomarenko.




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