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Written by врач невролог А.А.Пономаренко

Let's have a look at musculoskeletal diseases. Excessive tone of back muscles is the cause of pain in spine and limbs. Brain cells which control spinal muscles have its peculiarity. This peculiarity is in that, in contrast with cells which control limbs muscles, not all cells which control spine obey our consciousness. About 30% of cells are responsible for the organism state in stressful situations. In consequence of the great stress, brain cells start functioning in a new intensive way and that is the reason of all problems. The muscular system is connected with the vegetative system and so disorders occur in internal organs.

Tense spinal muscles compress nerves and dispose vertebra and intervertebral disks. Metabolism is changing and osteochondrosis occurs. By a person complains it is easy to define where the infringement is, i.e. where the muscles with high tone are.

Hernias and protrusions are the growth of intervertebral cartilage disk and its protrusion through the wa;; of the cavity that normally contains it. The cause is the increase of pressure on them from the muscles with abnormal tone. Defense reaction of muscular system(when the organism is under stress) turns into pathology if it exists for time longer than its needed.

How can a patient be helped? Brain cells have to start working in a regular mode. With this purpose we make a painful stimulation of the certain power and length and cells activity lowers to its normal level. Hernias and disks protrusions are only millimeters on which tissue is disposed though it is enough for nerve roots and spinal cord to be compressed. Healthy organism is like a good working machine. Hernia of 8-10 mm is considered to be enormous and disturb the mechanism on the whole. If after the procedure small dislocation(2-3 mm) to the original place happens, then, naturally, pain is significantly lower. Of course it is impossible to turn back completely the initial structure of the spine, but it is possible to restore functions and get rid of pain. Surgery also won't bring back the initial state but risk is always there.

neurologist A.A.Ponomarenko




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