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11 2012
Written by врач невролог А.А.Пономаренко

I always had the idea of opening my own neurological clinic but was not sure whether I will be able to deal with unavoidable difficulties such as financial, organizational and simply professional. With more practical experience for treating different diseases with RANC, the desire to open my own neurological clinic in Krasnodar has grown stronger. Moreover, I think I understood the main drawbacks in the organization of work and ways of overcoming them. The website really helped me. Though it was not created as an advertising platform, it was rather created as an open scientific work or a tutorial for those who are doing something similiar. By the way, today I received an email from a Georgian doctor who is applying my method RANC and very pleased with the results.

However, despite the fact that in different cities of Russia people started applying the method RANC, in general people are afraid and prefer contacting with me directly.

It was possible, of course, not to "bother" with the opening of just a neurological clinic in Krasnodar, but the desire for changes was stronger. And after six months of repair, collecting all the necessary documents, following the formal procedures, this week we finally obtained a license. NEVROLOGICA clinic starts it work in Krasnodar in December at 62 Kozhevennaya Street. It is situated in Ubileinii district, before Turgenevskii bridge.

When I was thinking about the domain name and neurological clinic name, I wanted it ro reflect the meaning of theproject. NEVROLOGIKA - this is logical neurology, which assumes that every disease has a reason and that reason has to be eliminated rather than just trying without success to deal with individual symptoms.

If we use this simple and highly effective procedure, which aims to restore the optimum neural regulation, then it will be possible to get good treatment results all the time. Because the immediate cause of our diseases diversity is in failures in the work of nerve centers.

People often ask me why I do not mind telling my "secrets" and whether I am afraid of competition or not. I do not mind and have no fear. Moreover, I would really like RANC method to spread as far as possible. A doctor job - is a creative process that requires a lot of energy, so the wider this method is spread, the more people will have an access to a new level of medical care.

I believe that such mini-clinics of effective neurology, that practice the method RANC and consist of a doctor, a nurse and an administrator, will become more popular. The main advantage is in high efficiency at almost zero price. After working for a while, I will be glad to share this experience on the web site with those who will decide to do the same thing. We lost many nerves and money while organizing the clinic NEVROLOGICA because of lack of information.

I was using the word "we" when I were talking about obtaining a license. It is extremely expensive to create even a small, private clinic from scratch. And if you plan something more serious, the cost will increase. Without somebody’s help I would never be able to do anything. My investor and partner in this difficult business is my former patient, whom I helped to get rid of the pain of a herniated disc 9 years ago. Sergey is not related to medicine, he has his small enterprise producing all kinds of paving and concrete products. We have different characters. Sergey is solid, stable and reliable as concrete products he produces. While I on the one hand is inclined to skepticism, and on the other hand to a "flight of fansy" that, along with an inclination to analysis, helps in medical work, but it interferes with business a lot.

By the way, Sergei as a sensible and decent person would never get involved in a venture, that is threatening large losses, if he had not seen with his eyes the positive examples of using RANC for treating his mom, and employees of his enterprise. That stability in organizational and "production" issues, which Sergei brought with him, played a crucial role in transforming a clinic NEVROLOGICA from plans to the reality. I promised that there will be any advertisements, because its main goal is to inform people that a real science-based method exists, and moreover, it proved its safety and high effectiveness during 10 years of practice. But I will break this rule one time. When choosing a doctor, a product or service, we try to focus primarily on the reputation of a specialist or a company. Perhaps, lots of people or companies produce paving tiles or involved in landscape design but I know how Sergey solves the problems, I think he knows his job as well as I understand mine. Therefore, out of a sense of gratitude for helping to create the clinic NEVROLOGICA, Iwould like to make a reference to the Sergey’s site. Maybe somebody needs such services in Krasnodar.
• the first website
• the second one
And now I want to answer the most frequently asked questions I receive by email. The last three weeks, unfortunately, I could not answer all the letters addressed to me. Therefore,I want to answer the most frequently asked ones.
1. Are there any branches of this clinic which use the RANC method in other cities?
No, there is no such branches. The procedures are easy to perform and there is full description about the method on this website so it allows almost any nurse or doctor include this method RANC to their arsenal. The correctness of my words is confirmed, judging by the reviews in my email box, and the method is already being used in Dgezkazgan (Kazakhstan), Tbilisi, Murom, Kherson (Ukraine), Stary Oskol, Rostov-on-Don.I only know about these cities, maybe it spreads wider, but I'm not in regular contact with these people, so can not tell for sure.
2. What is the cost of treatment?
Consultation in the clinic: 1000 rubles.
The treatment procedure: 5000 rubles.
If another procedure is needed repeated consultation is free.

At the first glance, the cost of a simple procedure that consist of dozens intramuscular injections is high. But everything in this world is relative and since 2-4 such procedures can relieve the pain and the surgery for a herniated disc will not be needed, while in a Moscow clinics it costs several hundred thousand, the benefit is obvious.

The same I can tell about other diseases. Let’s have a look at the trigeminal nerve leison or migraines that are considered as almost incurable. After 2-3 procedures long-term headaches will disappear and the treatment cost a fortune.

Well, the fact that many years were spent on the research and acquisition of a unique experience is worth something too. Apart from that, I reveal full information about the RANC method, so anyone could get it for free from the person who will perform the procedure for him.

3. How many procedures are required for a treatment course?
The treatment courset is required for serious diseases such as epilepsy, Parkinson's disease. And only because of the connection with brain features, for example, the “reset” happens in 3-4 weeks after a procedure and then the concept of course treatment disappears. As a rule, patients receive from one to three procedures in a month. Typically, a short course of three treatments which lasts over 2 months is enough for diseases such as headache, neck pain, back pain, pain in the shoulder and the elbow, pain in the knee and hip joints, a herniated disc pain, the periods pain, entrapment of the sciatic nerve, the trigeminal nerve damage, dizziness, dystonia.

4. Is it difficult to make an appointment in your clinic?
This question implies that if I possess this method, I must be working busily. It's all about the information. While I have not published the site, very few people were coming. Now the flow of patients is increasing, but there is still no queues. In connection with the the clinic NEVROLOGICA openong in Krasnodar, we certainly plan to have an advertising company. The fate of NEVROLOGICA will depend on the success of this company.

In order to organize the effective work of NEVROLOGIKA clinic, the appointment system was introduced, which minimizes time in queues. Make an appointment in advance, arrive in time and have necessary procedures and consultation without delays.

To make an appointment, please call:
8 (918) 438 22 69
8 (918) 264 48 03
+7 (928) 841 66 36

Working hours:
14.00 - 19. 00 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
10.00 - 18.00 Saturday
Sunday - day off.
That will be a schedule of clinic NEVROLOGIKA for some time then opening hours will probably be changed and the information will be published on the website in advance.

Once again I remind you the address.
Krasnodar, postcode 350004, Street Kozhevennaya 62

Reference points:
Moving from the "Ubileinii" distric in the direction of the Kuban waterfront, at the end of the street at the traffic lights need to turn to the restaurant "MAO" right into the courtyard.




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