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09 2013
Written by врач невролог А.А.Пономаренко

I created this website in order to show a new approach to treatment of diseases, which pharmacology can not help\which can not be help pharmacologically. In this article I want to talk about Parkinson’s disease. I received a lot of letters from such patients and I understand why.

The method I called RANC (the Restoration of Activity of Nerve Centers) is universal and can help in hopeless cases. Parkinson’s disease happens, as you already know, due to the decrease in dopamine production. It is produced in 3 areas on our brain. The dopamine structure and work is rather complicated but the method of influence on the brain which I suggest to use is also effective for Parkinson’s disease.

I have many examples when only after 3-4 procedures a patient started moving more freely then he used to before procedures. I can be surprising but all these procedures have nothing special in itself. It is just injections with 5% solution of анальгин or магнезии made in all sore spots in trapezius muscles at the depth of 5-10 mm. Even a nurse can do it. However, we were taught that medical help is effective only when it is expensive and requires long time.

All brain cells(in our case the ones that produce dopamine) can go to a state of parabiosis before they die. Parabiosis - is a state when a cell is still alive and spend all the resourses to keep it alive but has no resources to complete its functions. Some of these few cells die and state of health dropping. In our brain the process of fighting this сhaos, provoked by internal causes, never ends and we are able to slow down the process of destruction.
The influence on the reticular formation through making painful injections to trapezius muscles stops the avalanche-like increase of failures in nerve centers due to stimulation of structures, that lost its normal activity.

Why exactly this muscle? The thing is that in comparison with other muscles(except oculomotor, masticatory and mimic ones) trapezius muscles are controlled by nerve cells located in a brain stem. Brain stem - is its central part with hemispheres, which we usually imagine when hear a word “brain”. There are many vital centers in a brain stem that control the pressure, heart beat, temperature and breathing. There are also cells which produce dopamine. Exactly the lack of dopamine leads to movement and psyche disorder typical for Parkinson’s disease. Usually different stresses result in the increase of disorders in dopamine production system.

Coming back to the trapezius muscle, I would like to add that apart from cerebral nerve cells there is reticular formation which is not well studied system. Rising from a brain stem, it penetrates all brain parts and braid it like a network. (“reticulum” means “netlike structure”). It is something like the Internet. Through this network different brain divisions coordinate its work. I noticed one regularity which I could not find any information about but after testing it for 10 years I became sure that my assumptions were right. I think that RETICULAR FORMATION, because of its close functional and anatomic connection with trapezius muscle, send information about different brain disorders to the trapezius muscle (between blades) in a form of spasms on this muscle. If we make injections with painful medicine to these areas, then a powerful electric impulse through the accessory nerve and reticular formation will get directly to the brain areas, which caused emergene of painful spots on the trapezius muscle. This unspecific brain stimulation leads to the activation of different brain divisions. As a result the process in the brain emerges and lasts for 3 weeks. The brain changes the relationship between ts different systems and it looks like reprogramming or scanning and cleanup of damaged files on a computer.

Any brain has a number of hidden and evident damages in a work of its programmes, which we accumulate during our life. According to my practical experience, I reckon that with this method we will be able to stop the advance of many diseases which are thought as cannot be treated with medicines. Examples are the cases of disseminated sclerosis, epilepsy, stenocardia and Parkinson’s disease when patents health state was significantly improved.

In every article I am trying to tell that we were not enough educated so we have to make up for lost time. When people hear about RANC, the natural feeling of distrust appear. We just can not understand that everything we were taught about if is not a lie then not the whole truth. It seems being ill is terrible but natural and we can be cured with the help of complex, long and expensive treatment. That is the reason why people do not believe even in what they see. We can help our brain at any stage of destruction and there is no connection between a duration of a disease and a speed of recovery. We should understand that a brain is a very sophisticated thing and sometimes, even if an illness is not linked with death of brain cells, the healing happens not right after 1-2 procedure like it happens in a case with trigeminal neuralgia. Parkinson’s disease is even more difficult to cure since many brain cells die. However, nobody can tell for sure which cells are already dead and which are at the early stage of dgeneration. Anyway RANC procedure will benefit a patient and at least will stop the process of brain destruction. So I do not guarantee my patients a full recovery because as I said before we do not know the real state of things in our brain. But what I am doing is not an effort to change our dopamine with an artificial one, it is an effort to stimulate it in order to prevent the death of cells that are still alive but not working or going to die soon. On the other hand, there are some extraordinary examples which you can not believe in. Perhaps, it can be explain by the fact that patient brain cells were in a state of parabiosis and not in a state of necrosis(death). That is why after stimulation they simply switched on. Though I want to repeat again that because of a complicated structure of a brain, we do not know what is going on in every patient brain. That is why the procedures applyed in Parkinson’s case have medical and diagnostic aim.They are absolutely harmless but because the whole brain affected, other divisions, e.g. which control hormonal and immune systems, benefit from this procedure as well.

I want to add that you do not have to leave all affairs and book an appointment with “ a magician”, that is not my goal. It will be enough to ask a friend-nurse to give 20 injections between shoulder blade during 1 or 2 months and the process of brain destruction will be stopped.
That treatment, that we were taught about, is simply not the most effective one though considered as the only one. It is natural when everything is changing and medicine also is advancing that is why we should not be surprised when new opportunities, apart from substitutive therapy, occur. You should not go somewhere special to do this procedure, it can be done in a city where you live. It is absolutely safe and you will get better in 1-2 weeks after the RANC procedure.

When you will feel better do not give up medicines you are taking, it is better to consult a doctor and change the dose. As a rule, a positive effect can be observed in 5-10 days but sometimes in a couple of hours. Don’t forget that brain comes back to a stale state after one RANC session, in 20 days. However, the second procedure can be done in 10 days. After 2-3 procedures you can make a break for 2-3 months. If symptoms are not coming back, the break can be longer. When you will fill deterioration, you can do a procedure again because it is absolutely harmless. do not forget to lie for 15 minutes after the injections(pressure drop can occur).

I was writing all those things as if they are common and simple. Though I can perfectly understand that even for an experienced doctor it is difficult to try a new and unknown procedure. On the other hand, there is no difference where you would make injections to: gluteus or trapezius muscles. You simply should not expect a powerful reflex effect. Apart from this there is nothing special though the injections are painful and they have to be done fast.

For 4 month of website existence I understood the very few people have enough courage to do this simple procedure. However, I know that people in Murom, Dgezkazgan, Herson, tary Oskol and Ekaterinburg have tried this method and apparently not without a result though I don’t know the exact details.




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