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05 2012
Written by врач невролог А.А.Пономаренко

This site has been designed to provide information about a highly effective non-traditional treatment, which has been developing for almost 13 years, to as many people as possible.

The new treatment approach RANC has proved its effectiveness, safety, simplicity in practice and also low cost. As a rule, the combination of such qualities is typical for a fraudulent or delirious idea. Besides, for the so-called panacea there should be a touch of mystery.

However, the thing I wanted to speak about is not a panacea, though in comparison with traditional methods treatments, the RANC therapy results are close to miracle.

It was once said that if someone starts working on the Internet, he wants to make money or earn some fame. Certainly, in most cases it is true, but in my opinion, there is the other type of people. Just only imagine! For instance, you are walking alone in a forest and suddenly come to a marvelous lake. And there is no one around to tell about your discovery! So you start shouting and calling your friends and when everybody has gathered, your joy and delight are through the roof. You are neither famous, nor rich now, but for some reason happy. There are plenty of such people, maybe even more then it is usually thought. With this exact feeling I am telling on this website about the RANC treatment those, who suffer from some kind of pain.

Everybody knows these common truth: there is always free cheese in a mouse trap and the exception proves the rule. So the new treatment approach is just this exception but without a mousetrap. Read through and you will understand that method like RANC simply cannot be sold. That is why when I just started thinking about patenting my certain ideas and inventions connected with this treatment approach, I already knew that RANC is unsaleable and I was not going to pay for copyright protection and do not pay even now. My personal advantage is that the method will be living it's own life. The more it is spreading and developing, the happier I will be. I will never be out of work but if treatment experience with my new method RANC helps those I have never seen, it will simply be great. It is not necessarily to be treated in my clinic but it is necessary to follow in the right path.
I decided to create this website with another purpose as well. People who have a first appointment have to be explained all the main principles and explode medical myths. So with the help of the site I intend to make communication with my patient easier and more productive.

neurologist A.A.Ponomarenko



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