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05 2015
Written by врач невролог А.А.Пономаренко

A lot of information online about different diseases, and on the internet, on forums a lot of debate between supporters and opponents of the method RANC . Of course, the soul hurts when people do not even penetrating the essence of the theme, try to express their opinion, often negative. A negative, it is in those who did not apply and the judge about it theoretically, based on the knowledge given to us in the institutions, which, in my opinion, outdated. I think that this is not due to a natural tendency to damage to the neighbor, but accumulated over a lifetime of resentment and anger at the deception that surrounds us every day, and no end in sight. Too much can be more sincere when you give people the knowledge, how to heal itself securely, quickly and free of charge, and then read what I was trying to cheat them?

Judge for yourself and see if I'm lying? In the Smolensk region in Vyazma is "Ioannopredtechensky convent." The nuns of the monastery us several calls about the consultation regarding the appropriate use of this method of treatment, which they successfully help each other. I have them in my eyes have not seen, however, use the site, they save their sisters from pain and other problems accompanying us and their lives. If you want, you can call them and ask how much money I took from them and how deceived. I hope that the women engaged in heavy labor in the monastery, there are not a good life are gone, we believe it is possible. Well, if they really do not believe that I have exhausted their arguments. Now I go back to the main topic of the article, but this "digression" was needed.

I try not to be offended by criticism, which I consider unjust, because human nature is inherent in the search of truth property, which often has negative side effects. To this must be philosophically and to take a position, the essence of which is that people are not to blame, who do not understand me, and I, who could not bring them the basis for my ideas. And this, too, by the way, you can not get hung up strongly, because very easy to kill yourself digging and even quite quickly. Now I look at my cat, which lies close by and think, well, not her fault that he can not talk that often Skoda, because she's only a year or two that the tray will be a bad smell, if I do not take away. She is a good and affectionate, I'm stupid, lazy and incompetent, if I emerge from her troubles. That's how people think. Sure, there are people bad and incorrigible, but fortunately they are few, and their people will not name, but basically good people.

I'll tell you about cerebral palsy ( cerebral palsy ), but once again I want to say about the money, but three years ago I already wrote about it. I do not like money, and those who know me, see it and even advised to start their "love and respect". It's just advice, because in our world can not live without them. Unable to pay the rent, buy food, gasoline, clothing and books to children in school, pay the rent, where I am welcome, therefore, the word "love" here inapplicable concept. All the matter in the amount and everything is relative. For example, in Israel, offering to pay for the treatment for Parkinson's disease 55 thousand dollars. I find it difficult to judge the effectiveness of such treatment, may help, but Dzhordzh Bush Senior has not yet recovered, it may simply not addressed?

I suggest doctors use RANC method alone. Well, if badly scared or lazy, it is possible to us, however, it will be fair if I'm wasting my physical, but mostly mental strength to ask for it some compensation. One treatment session, which "works" and a half months, during which positive changes are coming, I suggest several times cheaper. For most diseases, such as eg migraine , epilepsy , herniated discs , joint pain , loss of the trigeminal nerve and others, requires one to four treatments (on average). Parkinson's disease (which is considered incurable) they require from 5 to 15. Take a calculator and a given dollar amount compare costs and all will become clear. Therefore, let this topic, we finally close. Moreover, at the end of the article will be links to forums where people share opinions on this "strange" Russian method RANC treatment .

Enough about the "empty". Let's talk about the real problem, which is named in the title. So, Cerebral Palsy; what is it? Mom reading this, girls and boys, which was put such a diagnosis, will understand me. Do you think the mountain is what I want happiness, but my child, whom I would like to see happy is disabled? It is not necessary to shed tears, especially because of all the women who have these children, I have a lot of respect. You are frantic, and the desire for happiness is breaking all barriers. We should also note that hothouse conditions lead to degeneration. I do not want to say "the worse, the better", but still think about it, just over one example. There was a boy who was abandoned by their parents immediately after birth, he was healthy, but they gave it to strangers, whom he later considered his true parents, rather than "biological". The boy was clever and nimble, and now I have the opportunity to communicate with you by means of the device, created by him. His name was Stiv Dzhobs. Income of the company he created exceeds US budget. Thinking about it, I want to say that once again comes to mind is a saying "there would be a blessing in disguise." Not everyone of course I can help so that man became completely healthy. I myself am far from ideal, but it is necessary to think not about that, but about what we have been given this test. Those to whom they are not given, but strangely difficult to live, because they "unhardened". Looked at this person is not the way he wanted and all the hysteria and depression, and boy, has experienced from childhood all the "hardships" will not even notice that the imaginary troubles. I mentioned to Steve Paul Jobs, but the list of geniuses you can continue to do, and suggest a few names to start: Yuliy Tsezar, Aleksandr Makedonsky, Henry Ford; This is the famous people of the world who do great things. And the list can continue on, but remember that "starting opportunities" they were not great. By the way, and Roosevelt remembered that the people elected for a third term despite a US law. And Roosevelt after a stroke in wheelchairs and in my joy from this, he did not feel, but that's life, and he led his people for themselves in spite of the physical disability, and people paid him sincere love. About Cerebral Palsy I will tell you that the disease is curable, in some cases completely, others partially, but curable, it all depends on the amount and degree of disorders in the nervous system to judge that in terms of our diagnostic devices is not yet possible. The thing is that he does not create a device that can show the state of the brain at the level of interneuron interactions. On the one hand such a state of sad, but at the same time give up hope for a cure, because if we do not know "what lies in the black box," our brain, it is very likely that applying the new method of treatment we get the results for which previously could not hope. The only pity is that few of you are willing to put their grief in public. It is clear that no one wants their child to show everyone how a disabled person, it's like a knife to the heart, and to others as you thought? That's your baby gets better, and you do not talk to others, it's not fair, do not do it! We currently do not illness "we order", they are given to us for some reason, from our mistakes, either by accident once, but this is necessary and possible to cope.

body weakness remedied and we thank God, we live in a time that does not need to catch a mammoth, but enough to carry out simple duties to have a livelihood, such that our parents, this is not a dream. Infirmity of mind, on the contrary, much worse amenable to treatment. You know the saying: "In the great men children nature relaxes"? So, here it is not about us. Do not believe the statement is not reached "the pinnacle of success" of medicine. I persuaded moms kids will recover from the disease, so they do not hesitate to tell the truth and show their children. I have such examples that will inspire you and make you believe otherwise than that what you believe right now.

I think that your thoughts are now that once a scammer wants you to cheat, as is sometimes thought about me and hate me feel it. However, do anything I can do about it as just a way to show and tell what I know.

I dare not build yourself a wizard, and in what it does, but there is one big BUT! Our medical theory and practice based on it went into such a deep impasse that if we move in this direction, we inevitably upremsya an insurmountable wall. Actually, we already have rested in her hands and breed.

Reading this will think: "What he says and where useful information for us in his words? ". One method of treatment which I propose to use, and can help you and your children, as it has helped many. I will not be the hundredth time to tell us how it works, it's all there on the site and if you are interested, then people will read and understand.

The only drawback to it that the procedure is painful, but the pain does not last longer than 30 seconds. And today I was a boy from Rostov-on-Don on behalf of Amir, a month ago, there was a boy Ramil, who did not speak before the treatment, and almost did not go. Visited in the week Lisa 6 years, which after vaccination DTP switched off breathing and for the fifth year girl is beautiful home on a ventilator. This is normal? Dima, who does not have an organic brain damage, he could not even stand up in their 4 years old, Natasha, is 49 years old and all life in a wheelchair and back pain from birth. This not normal. I have a testimony, recorded on video, it can and should be corrected, some of them are on the Internet on my channel«Nevrologika» on YouTube.

The main difficulty, not even to cure a person, but to save himself at the same time. What I mean? And, just imagine, the good I'm doing great pain the child, (otherwise it turns out) and he yells, but it keeps the parents, and I have to catch, how to end this torture quickly as possible, and hands begin to tremble, but he turns, weeping and shouts. Today completed the procedure, and I felt sick, beginning to sway. Went measured pressure, and blood pressure monitor 187 on 115 and 109. Had pulse skorenko drink tablets, though the morning was 123 to 92, and the pulse of 75. These are the "pies with kittens."

And to finish this article, I want to summarize. Applying new methods for treating various diseases, we are able to obtain results that were previously unattainable. The Russian method RANC treatment shows its effectiveness in the treatment of cerebral palsy , which is not surprising, because it was originally used for the treatment of strokes. The patent for the invention 2258499 of August 20, 2005 called "A method of treating patients with impaired cerebral circulation", and cerebral palsy in fact is nothing more than as organic brain lesions that developed during pregnancy and childbirth or in the postpartum period. Therefore, I see no theoretical obstacles to expect inefficiency application RANC method for cerebral palsy, the more that such an experience is already there.

Promised by reference. People are divided opinions on RANC method:

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