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05 2017
Written by врач невролог А.А.Пономаренко

I every day receive letters about what kind of solutions and what volume should be used, also how often to repeat the procedure. In order not to write separate articles I decided to write only one article on this topic. Perhaps these issues arise from the fact that the material is "spread" all over the site and people find it difficult to understand every aspect just by reading the site. Moreover, not everyone, as I understand, have the patience and desire to read it. Some people, on the contrary, like reading and ask me ask for new articles, but it is a literary work, while the majority is interested in practical side and want to see certain "recipes" with no digressions. I have these both desires and so I understand both. Fortunately, the site is arranged in the way that everyone can find exactly what they need to and miss what is not interesting. And the fact that many readers do not see that there are already the answers to their questions, I think it is not their fault, it is mine since I could not make it more convenient for every visitor. I and my site administrator are doing everything possible to make the site better. That's why I decided to write a separate article, that I will try to make as short as possible, for those who choose to use the method RANC on their own. Fortunately, the method is so simple and safe that it is quite feasible.

I would like to remind the basic principle of the method of recovery of activity of the nerve centers (RANC). Its main idea is that nothing should be treated separately. One standard procedure is perfomed, or in the "Advanced" option or in version of "Mini" that brings a quick and noticeable results (due to reaction of the nervous system at the time of the procedure), the process “turns on”, this process can be comparable with the process occurring in the computer, when we start the program "Recovery." This computer scans the files and "recover" its state that was before the time when negative changes began. So I called the method (by analogy) recovery of activity of the nervous centers. Not only because of this, the theory of Academician Anokhin was used, who said that every cell and nerve center, consisting of millions of cells, has the background, normal activity, in other words like a car engine on the "idle" mode. Stress has the ability to change this activity towards sustainable improvement, and this, in its turn, causes a reduction in the activity of the nerve centers that is functionally subordinate overexcited ones. My suggested method RANC results in restoration of normal activity, in other words, to activity which was before the stressful situation. It is a way of non-specific influence on the brain aiming to restore normal operation of all its departments at the same time, That is how this approach is fundamentally different from the widely accepted ones today, where doctors make attempts to affect different parts of the brain by different drugs. Normally operating brain is capable to “clean the mess” on his own in the whole body (because a brain control it), and in itself as well. So short influence "turns on" and forces brain to work as it should, and the brain, in its turn, put things in order. This is very convenient as the brain sees better than any doctor can see where you need to work on the "mistakes". It is convenient in that a patient does not need to bother with the diagnosis and surveys (i hope my colleagues will forgive), you just click the button and it'll do everything. People who do not believe, can calmly continue to press the computer buttons and think that this is normal not to know the device of the computer and to be able to use it but can not do the same with the brain. Who thinks this way is mistaken, it is actually possible! Videos on my channel on YouTube confirm these words. You can communicate with a brain like with an iPad, and the results of communication with the brain are much more impressive. This is the method RANC!

The procedure itself and the method of its implementation is so simple that I'll talk about it at the end. Firstly, I want to talk about my latest observations on the so-called "Parkinson's disease". I deeply convinced that there is a large medical mistake. The fact that different clinical conditions where there is a sign of disturbances in dopamine, the system was given ONE name "Parkinson's disease", this is a mistake. The brain works on dopamine, and it is a complex system, so disorders in its various departments lead to similar symptoms, expressed in muscle stiffness of different parts of the body and often accompanied by tremor. Why Parkinson's patients has a "kaleidoscope of symptoms"? It is only because it is not one disease, such as a herniated lumbar disk when we have a disorder in a small zone of the brain in the area of precentral gyrus lumbar control. Parkinson's disease, is suffering of different parts of the brain at the same time. What parts are affected more, such symptoms we get. Method RANC, as I said, is not aimed at any particular symptom, it is aimed at all parts of the brain at once, and that is why the its results often seem strange and implausible.

You know, I want to say the Russian proverb whaich has the meaning "didn’t notice the trees behind the forest." It's not just amazing, it is frankly surprising and strange. There were diligent classifiers who decided to put all in order. And now we have one disease, "Parkinson" (though every patient knows that he has a different disease than the neighbour) with completely different symptoms. Not quite different of course, but there is always stiffness and tremor, or just one of them, and plus everything that is possible. Even the excuse that there is a real Parkinson's disease and so-called Parkinson's syndrome does not help the situation, because patients have the same medical help, both in terms of the drugs, and from the point of their effectiveness. The kaleidoscope of symptoms in Parkinson's diseasecan be explained by the range of disorders in different brain departments. This is not a single disease but a mosaic of brain damage, which is more common, as a rule, for the elderly. More typical does not mean that it can not hit the child. We are taught that it is a disease of older people, and we doctors have to believe it, but I got used to not to trust words but trust my eyes, so when a mom from Moscow brought me a 5 year old boy without a diagnosis and who does not have brain damage, but there is a problem with the left leg and limitation of movement in his left hand, what should I have told her? Parkinson's syndrome of a five year old boy? This is nonsense, but I can see it, and what should I do in your opinion? I did what I thought is reasonable, just gave 35 injection by the method RANC. It hurts when children cry, I even thought the neighbors would call the police, but he calmed down and by the "miracle" his ;eft foot started working better straight away. I am accused that I do not track the results of treatment. Do not judge me as it is objectively difficult, this should be done by serious research institutions. Imagine yourself, the effect of these procedures is delayed by about a month, and during that time I again have a lot of patients.

I promised to give a detailed instruction for all and I stuck again on the clinical and theoretical examples. I won’t do it anymore, especially since in different cities there are people who believe in this method and I called it RUSSIAN method RANC. I havve just decided that this method of treatment should belong to everyone, but it comes from Russia and I want it be remembered. I suppose there is nothing that would rise condemnation. What's wrong in telling about how to be healthy ? Probably you will not accept many of my words, but at least you have heard them and that's a lot. I want to remind that the composition of drugs is entirely irrelevant to the procedures by the method of RANC. It is important that the muscles will receive short pain stimulation of certain force. That’s why there is no use to ask me about what dose of Novocaine is required for the procedure. I don’t use the work Novocaine on the website at all. It is a local anesthetic, that is not painful, and for this reason is totally unsuitable for the procedure, it often causes allergies as well.

I am often criticized for using Analgin, referring to its side effects. I totally disagree with these words. It causes allergy so rare that you can even say that it never causes allergies. Other side effects with such a rare use of small amounts of this drug may also not be worth mentioning. For one procedure the maximum amount is up to two ampoules, i.e. up to 4 milliliters, which is quite acceptable. In cases when there is an drug intolerance I use Magnesium sulfate 25% which I also dilute with SODIUM CHLORIDE 0.9%. The problem is that in its pure form it gives painful intramuscular infiltrates. With the dilution these effects are not observed, but the pain is quite sufficient to stimulate the brain by the method of RANC.

One vial of 25% of magnesium sulfate I divide in from 5 to 10 ml syringes. That is 1 syringe has 2.0 cu. ml. of pure magnesium sulfate. Up to 10 ml., the whole syringe,I fill with SODIUM CHLORIDE 0.9%. A 10 ml. ampoule of magnesium sulfate is not able to give a significant hypotension, especially because firstly, the people who have the procedure are usually suffer from hypertension, and secondly, trapezius muscle stimulation leads to the normalization of the vasomotor center of the brain stem and the pressure he "holds". I should also add that it is essential before the procedure to assess the hemodynamic parameters and procedures must be made with the solution which is adequate for the situation.

Analgin 50% I'm divide in 3-4 syringes of 10.0 cu. cm., in other words, one syringe of 0.5-0.7 milliliters of pure analgine and the rest in the syringe is SODIUM CHLORIDE 0.9%. I use syringes of 10 cu because the volume and diameter of the needle makes it possible to give 10-15 injections with high speed, 1 injection in a second, considering the syringe change and the number of injections, it is possible to give one injection in 2-3 seconds. High speed of injection is preferred because the procedure must be painful to be effective, but why should the pain be felt for a long time?

These solutions in the amount of 0.5 - 0.7, or 1.0 milliliters per point are injected to a depth of 0.5 cm to 2.0 cm in the area of trapezius muscles depending on the patient's body type. On the buttocks the depth of injections is usually 35 millimeters, full needle, and 1.0 cc per point.

Frequency of procedures is on average 1 in three weeks. The course of 3 treatments per month is usually required for epilepsy, Parkinson's disease, herniated discs and sciatic nerve lesions, sometimes with lesions of trigeminal nerve. But the necessity of another procedure is always evaluated individually. I repeat it again that on average you need one treatment a month. Of course, there are lots of small nuances which of them are difficult to describe in a short article. In the videos number 112, 24 and 25, and I also show and tell about what, where and how to do it. A lot of people just by reading the site and looking at these videos can use the method used successfully on their own. Others prefer to come for treatment exactly to me, or with a purpose to get the procedure as soon as needed, or to "feel" a procedure on themselves in order to continue applying procedures on their own. Each decides what is more convenient.

That's basically it. I know that a lot of questions are still remained. As they accumulate and as the I have more obsevations I'll fill the website with new articles. The site also has the opportunity to share reviews with other visitors, as well as writing to the forum. Administration of this site and I will do everything in our power to do the work of this portal more useful and convenient for its visitors.




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