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05 2012
Written by врач невролог А.А.Пономаренко

When I wrote first few articles for this site I asked my friend to read them because I wanted to hear his opinion and I got it. Apart from writing about neurology in a more understandable way, with less terms, I learned that I need to write about myself. To explain why I, a neurologist, dare to claim something even though the medicine today(the part that considered to be official and traditional) has an opposite opinion. He said: "Tell about yourself, how this idea came to your mind. You simply couldn't out of nowhere find the way to save the world". Fair enough. I am very skeptical to very audacious ideas in medicine despite the right expectations. But I have evidence in a form of real people who were helped by my new treatment approach. There are plenty of them in Krasnodar. Those who didn't mind appearing in a video you can see on the website. In reality, there are much more people, I don't even remember all of them.

I am Andrey Alexandrovich Ponomarenko, a neurologist.
I was born in 1968 in the town of Artem, Primorsky Krai, where I lived until 1980. Now I live and work in Krasnodar as a neurologist in "Euromed" clinic.

I graduated Kuban State Medical Academy in 2000. When I was a fifth-year student I started working in an ambulance as a paramedic and after graduation as a doctor. I worked there for 6 years and then 5 years as a neurologist in the city polyclinic №14. By the way, work in a polyclinic, with an endless number of patients, gave me great experience and made it possible to notice many patterns specific for my treatment approach.

I came across the approach of powerful influence on the nervous system not exactly by chance. The thing is when I was in my seventh year at school I had an accident while I was sledding from a hill. I was sitting in sled and wanted to jump from a springboard, gained speed but didn't fall to a gentle slope and grounded on the horizontal surface. The spine after a bump hurt for a long time. Apparently I was lucky to avoid the fracture but since then I suffered headaches and pain in lumbus. Headache usually occurred when I was tired after school and after a rest was gone. It hurt not very often, 1-3 times a week. Everybody suffered from headaches and I thought that it was normal. The same attitude was to tiredness and back pain. Then, after the army, when I was studying at the academy head started aching more often and was worse. Sometimes it hurt 2-3 days in a row, medicines didn't help and after a sleep pain disappeared.

When I was in my second year, I learned about reflexology, read about massage, manual therapy, acupuncture, farmacopuncture. I tried everything on myself to check the effectiveness of these approaches to treat back pain(which after trauma was still there) and headaches.

I don't remember now where I read the phrase that "pharmacopuncture" can be made not only to area of active spots, but also to spontaneous painful spots. In other words, therapeutic, anesthetic effect from injections of any painful medicine is seen if injected to a place that hurts. I believed it because the book was serious. Besides, I gave injections in "active" spots readily to my friends as well as myself, and not without a success. Once headache lasted for a month. It didn't hurt when I was asleep, but as soon as I opened my eyes it started again. Bright light, loud noises and neck turn intensified pain promptly, medicines didn't help. Apart from that, pain in shoulder blade occurred, as if there was a nail between ribs and every movement affected it. Sharp pain in ribs occurred when I was taking a deep breath. Headache when was intense can be also felt in a right part of a neck and right eye. Between a shoulder blade and a spine I found extremely sore spot that when was touched caused pain. Exactly this spot was a "nail-head" that was hammered between ribs.

I remembered that pain can be eliminated by an injections in a sore spot. So I took syringe with 1 ml papaverine and asked my wife to give and injection in a sore place. I was quite afraid but this "nail" got on nerves. The injection itself I didn't feel but when papaverine got to my muscles I felt the most severe and bursting pain but not in a place of the injection, in the right shoulder and numbness and prickling in the right hand. This pain lasted for 30-40 seconds and started disappearing with a headache. After 5-7 minutes pain in the right shoulder, pricking feeling(like pins and needles in an arm) and numbness disappeared. Pain from injection with 0.2 ml papaverine was short but special. As if a wave came and left taking away not only a "nail" hammered in ribs, but also headache. When everything calmed down, there was a sense of relief that can be described - "like angel passed". Only after a while I understand that euphoria can come after a procedure and sometimes very powerful and that happened, luckily, after the first injection. I am saying luckily because otherwise we wouldn't have a topic to discuss now. But we hit the target and several question arose straight away. Why did headache disappear? Why did a hand become numb? Why did such a small amount of antispasmodic(papaverine or no-spa) brought such a rapid and powerful effect. I had never heard or seen about it during my education at the medical academy. The answers I started searching in anatomy textbooks.

I never doubt that it is impossible to damage the whole brachial plexus with only one drop of papaverine. Several reasons didn't let me think about the damage of brachial plexus when the sensivitity of a palm is disordered. Firstly, this micro-injection was given to the area of the forth rib near the edge of the shoulder blade while the plexus is much more higher, under and above the clavicle. Besides, when some nerves of the plexus are damaged, there would be dysfunctions in movement or sensitivity of any part of the arm but not of the whole palm like a glove. Despite the lack of my knowledge in neurology, I knew that such sensitivity dysfunction is possible when there is the disorder in postcentral gyrus cells of the left hemisphere, where nerves of the right part of the body including a palm are rooted from.

How did the signal from the middle part of the trapezius muscle could get to the left hemisphere ad why did the headache stop? I still don't have an accurate answer about the headache despite the fact that lots of people have got rid of the pain. Although the path of signal spreading I noticed right away. The thing is that trapezius muscle, in the contrast with others, have its own innervation. They are controlled not only from the gyri of the frontal lobe of both hemispheres, but also from the brain stem where the superior centers that control vital process and from cervical part of the spinal cord. The brain stem is full of reticular formation, which unites all brain divisions, cells. That is how I understood that pain impulse got the left hemisphere through the reticular formation so the palm become temporarily numb(that happens very rare). What is surprising in that? The surprising thing is that impulse from the trapezius muscle goes through this network of the brain. Right after that I realized that if such link exists than there should be a reverse link. In other words, I suggested that the occurrence of the painful spots is caused by the impulses from the cortex, subcortex and stem structures of the brain. What if all disorders can ba changed under the influence on trapezius muscles spots which indicate about this disorders. This crazy and rebellious idea turned out to be right.

When I was working in the ER I started to pay attention on people complaints. It turned out when people suffer hypertensive crisis, headaches especially when "heart hurt" and other things, I often heard about the pain in the area of shoulder blades. In 99% of cases patients call it "osteochondrosis", that is what were always taught. So just by pressing fingers to the most sore spots between shoulder blades I could cope with nose or uterine bleeding. Five times I managed to wake people from the sudden brain coma when the cerebral circulation is disordered. The first time it happened like this. For the moment when the ambulance arrived a woman was unconscious for about 30 minutes. She was 72, suffered hypertension, but never had had such a crisis. When we came a blood pressure was 80/40, pulse was 130. which is more, she was laying on her back and because of that she was wheezing, face and lips were pale. When a paramedic was drawing medications into the syringe, I turned a woman on her left side and pressed hard on the middle part of the trapezius muscle. The muscle was very tensed exactly in the left side, as it usually happen with women. Because of the hard pressure for 30-40 seconds she moaned and became conscious. The arterial pressure heightened up to 130/90, pulse 96 a minute. That was the first time when I saw that influence on this area may normalize the blood pressure, low as well as high(i saw it in other cases) and improve the cerebral circulation. This woman brain was withstanding the coming ischemic stroke rather strongly. The actions that I made were well-timed and she was waken from come in a few seconds.

It could be supposed that this case is special and she was not in coma, she just fainted. In fact, syncope is short and not severe coma. I never wrote off the possibility that she fainted, but when similar cases repeated I changed my mind. To be honest, that was the only fast and "effective" case. 4 more times I managed to not let the stroke happen and woke people from coma with this approach if we arrived on time. Apart from that, I was lucky to use this approach for a patient who was in a state of lethargy for 2 months. After the therapeutic procedure he regained his senses completely, after 5 days. Of course, such miraculous recoveries(like a patient with ear whistling or with acute in the lumbus) happen not always. Usually the nervous system restore its functions gradually as it takes certain amount of time to form a new stable level of normal regulation. Perhaps, this time is defined by the speed of structural reconstruction in nerve centers. That is how, after years of observing the results of the influence on the middle and upper part of trapezius muscle, I understood that I saw not simple coincidences but a system. Since the approach, despite its painfulness, is safe I used it a lot. In fact, it is the type of paravertebral blocks(injections in muscles near the spine), which theorists explain in a way different from mine. On the whole, paravertebral blocks, when apart from analgesic medicines, b vitamins, dexamethasone and others are used, are reflex procedures. It is true because even such short and mild pain is enough to make everything work. I just developed an approach when most beneficial medicines and places for injections are used for the best result. And even dared to use it for the diseases considered as incurable. It is completely worth it. Apart from that, the use of this approach for different diseases made it possible to assess the effectiveness depending on duration and the disorders extent. The best thing is that by eliminating the cause of a disease this approach is able to stop the development of diseases and prevent diseases from occurrence. Of course, I am not talking about the miracle since every disease has its own "point of no return". Nevertheless, this approach may be beneficial for all cases because it is directed to the recovery of regulation.

I wanted to write about myself but describing my treatment approach. It is mine only in a sense that I had to find a cure for my headaches. And have done it by gathering together what I have been taught and my own guesses. Today I even don't know what is more in it, my guesses or experience of others. If we were taught effective treatments at the university, I would never need to find anything. There actually is the result. I have never been interested in a degree so never seek for it. There are thousands of dissertations but what's the difference? I cherished enough my self-esteem by patenting the invention that was actually only the specific case. Surely, you can patent any rubbish if you make an effort. Although there is one nuance. In that case you are not the one out of thousand, you are the only one inventor of this rare rubbish because before you no one had invented anything of that kind. Fortunately, my patented "approach to treat patients with cerebral circulation disorders" isn't a rubbish. It works very good and has grown to new theoretical approach for treating different diseases. I also studied cardiology, because the approach works there as well broading the limits of our views on impossible. I also the diploma in manual therapy, neurology, medical degree. There are many improvements including in neurophysiology.

Now, as I already mentioned, I am working in a private clinic "Euromed". Undoubtedly, when people get to know the information on the website, they would say that I didn't discovered America. I am trying to make medicine logical and effective as it has to be so. This information is enough to understand how the approach works in order to use it. I don't give my mobile phone number. It is not a secret, I just consider it as a device for being in touch not as a source of communication. On this site there is much more information than it can be gained by talking on the phone. According to my experience, conversation on the phone won't replace live communication and besides main questions won't be gone. The matter of trust is one of the most important questions that can be answered by looking in the eyes. Apart from this, despite the same type of the organism reactions, specific things can be discussed only during the appointment. That is why if you still questions it is better to go to the clinic. Another thing I understood is that people would rather doctors conduct the procedure whatever easy it is. Although my first aim is to introduce broadly this treatment approach and methodsthough which it can realize the best abilities.

If you have doubts, it is better to go to the clinic and make an appointment in advance. I think it is better to have only 7 patients every day otherwise the quality of the medical service will be low. About the phone number. I don't keep it in a secret and after a procedure I exchange numbers with the patient. You never know what questions may arise. It usually don't but the patient feel more comfortable and confident about the treatment. I suppose, that's all about me.
The phone number of "Euromed" clinic: (861) 225-25-52

neurologist A.A.Ponomarenko



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