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05 2012
Written by врач невролог А.А.Пономаренко

In order not to be confused while telling about our organism features we have to make an agreement about some rules. The thing is when explaining something we should talk about details if it will help to understand the problem.

I would like to tell about noticed features in our organism work that we can use to treat successfully various diseases. To fully explain what I mean I would not deepen into physiological mechanisms. Let's leave the science fro scientists and use only results. Besides, it doesn't matter how much we learn while trying to get to the main point of the phenomenon sooner or later we encounter with completely inexplicable things. And even when we explain them, we encounter with new ones and so on. It is true for nuclear physics as well as medicine. That is why I suggest not to puzzle over the phenomenon causes.

Muscular system, according to my observations, have some features. Spine muscles unlike limbs muscles are not fully controlled by conscious. About 30% of spine muscles are under the responsibility of vegetative centers. That is why when disorders in work of theses centers occurs, connected muscles higher their tone. It expressed in that motor neurons(nerve cells which control muscles) moves from previous activity state to a higher one and continue to work in this state for a long time. Let's name this phenomenon, the change in activity level, reprogramming brain centers. The process of reprogramming has defensive and adaptive character, though it is not perfect because tone change accompanied by discomfort and sometimes serious disorders in muscle functions.

Muscles that we almost don't control located more or less evenly between those we can fully control. We should always remember that our organism is united and when some changes in muscular systems happens, than everything is changing: hormones, immune system and work of all organs. Our body consist mainly of muscles and we can feel them very well. And if they start working in a way they should to, we notice it right away because we can no longer move easily. However, the same thing can't be about inner organs disorders until serious problems occurs. As a rule, we don't feel how they work. Pain in muscles is a reflexion of general disorders. Long ago we noticed that when we influence on the muscle, we can affect functions of inner organs and organism systems. Successful Chinese experience in reflexotherapy and acupuncture dates back 7000 years.

What is the mechanism of pain from the needle we should not specify, let's left these questions for specialists. The main thing is that the result is known. It is in the following; when we hurt muscle, it relaxes which is the reflexion of cells(that control this muscle) activity decline. It does not matter what will cause pain, the main point is that tissue damage should e minimal while pain is maximum and, of course, short. We can't say for sure why exactly the pain leads to the nerve cells activity decline. What is more, if pain that we cause to the muscle is under certain level, there will be no reaction from nervous system. Medicines with local irritation effect(if injecting in muscles) are the best choice. The most convenient medicine is analgene. Its advantages in comparison with others are:

1)even if it is diluted tenfold in saline solution, it will cause intense pain in a place of the injection which lasts for about 1 minute; 2) doesn't cause an allergic reaction; 3) traumatizm in the place of the injection is minimal(infiltrates are not formed).

neurologist A.A.Ponomarenko




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