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03 2013
Written by врач невролог А.А.Пономаренко

Ten months ago I promised my old patient Ludmila, who I treated in 2006 from the expressed right-sided hemiparesis, which developed against the background of the hearth, emerged in the cervical spinal cord, but only now I decided to write it. I was encouraged, though it may seem strange, by multiple appeals to "NEVROLOGIKA" of patients with the syndrome and Parkinson's disease. During three months many of them I managed to help but not everybody unfortunately. However, even the fact that a good half of them regained many of their functions and reduced up to 2-3 times the amount of drugs taken, it is also a great success. Although these diseases considered incurable, vide reviews of patients, their conditions before and after the treatment leave no doubt that the method RANC is effective in this case. And I thought why and how the multiple sclerosis and other demyelinating disease different? After all according to the official theory these poor patients, as well as Parkinson's patients, are also deprived of the chance of recovery, and this is definately not true and I have good examples (and even very positive ones), even they are documented that the method works and RANC in this case.

If I was just dreamy theorist, then of course I would have started with an article with complicated intricacies of the dogmas invented about multiple sclerosis before me, but I'm (as my colleagues in the Rostov-on-Don described me) primitive craftsman. Therefore, I will explain my position from the craftsman’s point of view about multiple sclerosis and demyelinating diseases. After all why my primitive approach is bad? What is preferable to know, for example, the subtleties of the theory of mobile devices, and not be able to use the phone, or be able to "primitively" press the buttons and enjoy all of its features, not knowing "what's inside?" In my opinion, the answer is clear and all the people I know do not "bother" trying to get the extra knowledge, and just enjoy this blessing of civilization. Moreover, considering that the even Natalya Petrovna Behterova devoted all her life to study of the brain , she never stopped being surprised and admitted that it would never be examined. So why would I bother trying to catch up and overtake the institute for brain? I suppose, it is wiser to find and learn how to "push buttons", which the brain is controlled by, than to lose precious time on what others can do.

So the boring practice has confirmed that if we "shake up" the brain properly through the reticular formation, then it will turn on the process of "reset" and he "will restore the damaged files that are, for sure, still possible to recover and the disease, caused by disorders of the central regulation, will go away. I woul like to remind, for those who have not read the other articles about the core of the method of restoring the activity of the nerve centers (The Restoration Of The Activity Of Nerve Centers - RANC), that its theory is based on the theory of Academician Anokhin "About the background activity of the nervous centers." Its main point is that the brain cells and their association (nerve centers) are in so-called background activity, such as "idling" of the engine. With the external stimulus of sufficient strength brain is mobilized and "presses the gas pedal" causing the increase of some functions in the body while others decrease. These reactions are needed in order to adapt better to new environmental conditions. Once the threat is over, everything should go back to the original background ("Idling"). However, this does not often happen, because a lot of stress "jams the gas pedal" and some of the nerve centers remain in overexcited state, and the other ones are depressed. Accordingly, some functions in the body remain increased, while others are decreased. This is actually the cause of any disease. Simple, isn’t it? So I explained and proved the well-known saying that "all diseases come from nerves." And if you restore the previous activity of the nervous centers, until the body has not undergone irreversible changes, that can we cure any diseases? It is correct, which is why the method of recovery of activity of the nerve centers (RANC) can cure "incurable" disease.

Due to the fact that the reticular formation, which controls the work of the brain, starts in the brain stem, where "accessory nerve" is originated. Accessory nerve controls the muscle (trapezius) that is holding cervical and thoracic spine and we have an unique opportunity to observe "miraculous cures" . Clusters of cells that give rise to these two structures are called nuclei. Well, the nucleus of the accessory nerve and reticular formation are so closely intertwined and interact actively that the network, which controls the brain and the muscle that holds the head and thoracic spine, we must consider as a whole. Because of this, any disorders in the brain immediately "laid out" in the trapezius muscle in the form of pain points on the shoulders, neck and between the shoulder blades. And if we cause short but intense pain to these places, those pain impulses immediately will reach the brain and through the reticular formation will come to those departments that have caused these painful points. The brain will get such a kick that it will make him start to work and "reboot" and, by restoring the activity of its nerve centers, will destroy the disease that occurred because of disorders in its work. And since the brain is responsible not only for the body but also for its own well-being, then multiple sclerosis (representing strokes that come like the wave after the wave) also will have nothing to do, as long as it is not too late.

Those five people with who I cured and who had this terrible diagnosis, the next wave did not occurred, the process stopped. By the way, the loss of part of the brain is not the biggest problem, thanks God. There is a bigger trouble: around the dead areas even the larger area of live cells are formed but they are turned off from work, as if they are asleep. These "asleep guardans" cause even greater problems than a few of the dead soldiers. They do not work, but do not eat, so pills do not work on them, and hands and feet, they control, do not work. But if we kick them, they will quickly wake up and start workingrk. That exactly what Ludmila tells on the video № 7, and Nicholai Sergeevich on videos № 113 and №114 on my channel NEVROLOGIKA on YOUTUBE. Here we come though in medical school we are still told that thi is "osteochondrosis", put snake venom on the neck and do some neck exercises. The brain must do exercises, not the neck and neck will not ache as well as other body parts.

Believe me my friends it is disgusting to write about it, but I swear I am fed up with this stupidity, and according to the letters, phone calls, and reviews on the site, it is not only me who is fed up, but almost everyone. I will finish the article in a usual way. Multiple sclerosis is treated by the Russian RANC!




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