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03 2017
Written by врач невролог А.А.Пономаренко

Headache treatment method RANC Krasnodar.

What is a headache knows almost everyone. It can disturb occasionally, and can be so frequent and severe that makes a person's life unbearable. It means the treatment did not differ in diversity and efficiency. Neuroscientists are several types of pain, which I do not want to stop, because it is still not accurately clarified the cause, and therefore not, or rather, it was not until recently, an effective way to get rid of it.

I want to talk about the method of treatment, which, by acting on the central nervous system, leading to the restoration of its normal functioning and relieves people from this painful symptom. I'm talking about the method of recovery of activity of the nerve centers (of The Restoration Of the Activity Of Nerve Centers) RANC . In previously published in the newspaper publication, I spoke in detail about this method of treatment in relation to Parkinson's disease , lesions of the trigeminal nerve and herniated disc . Experience of using this method of treatment for the past 18 years has shown its effectiveness in treating a variety of diseases.

It is only at first glance our diseases have different causes. Our body is a very complicated structure, and, ideally, should function as a well-adjusted complex machine, where all processes take place automatically, ie without our participation.

The brain is carefully "watching" to all organs and body systems, everything worked well. When the brain starts to work properly, then there are a variety of symptoms of various diseases. It does not matter whether a person has back pain, leg or head, and he stutters, suffering from dizziness or seizures, all of this is simply a reflection of operational nerve centers of the brain. Restoring the activity of these centers can save people from various diseases. This is not fantasy or is it the distant future, it is available now. RANC method has already helped thousands of people, and in Krasnodar is known to many. To me for help are often treated people, friends and relatives I have helped a lot of years ago.

RUSSIAN RANC method of treatment relates to reflexology, so a non-drug treatment . The therapeutic effect is achieved by the action of the central nervous system through certain areas of the back muscles. This it is very similar in principle to the impact of other types of acupuncture, in particular, with acupuncture (acupuncture), but differs fundamentally a much more powerful influence exerted and therefore greater efficiency. It is distinguished by a small amount of time spent by the patient in the medical treatments and the resistance of impact.

SUMMARY technology applied to restore neural activity centers is that, exerting a massive short (1.5 -. 2 min), painful irritation of the trapezius muscle by intramuscular injection water for injection, cause the restructuring of brain nerve centers. For stimulation of nerve centers in the brain is water for injection that is injected into the muscles trapezius a depth of 15 millimeters in volume 1.0 milliliters. I repeat that it is pain that occurs at the time of injection "includes" the process. Injection in the trapezius muscle on both sides of 10-15 injections on each side. The results of executing a painful stimulus transmitted via the accessory nerve in the brain stem, which is switched to the reticular formation of the nucleus. Occurred as a result of the excitation of the reticular formation of the nuclei leads to stimulation of the nerve centers of the brain, including the sensory nuclei of the trigeminal nerve. Stagnant excitation foci in these nuclei disappear, and thereby disappears headache .

According to the observations of nerve centers activity recovery process after a single exposure to the proposed method takes about 6 weeks. Optimally treat short course of two or three consecutive daily treatment session to "launch" the recovery process. And to secure the result obtained two more treatment sessions with an interval of between 3-4 weeks. As a result of the ensuing stabilization of the activity of the nerve centers of the brain at a normal physiological level removed the cause of the majority of known pathologies, which are based on functional impairment . The result is a change occurring reconstitution central regulation of various functions and systems . The proposed method of treatment has no absolute contraindications, as well as restrictions on the age and sex of patients.

As I wrote in previous articles, this new method of treatment, which I called " RUSSIAN treatment RANC », used in his practice, many doctors not only in the cities of Russia, but also in the near and far abroad.

But a headache, BY RANC can treat disease that is difficult or not at all amenable to TRADITIONAL pharmacotherapy and other treatments.

1. Pain in the spine:
· pain in the neck.
· Pain between the shoulder blades.
· Back pain.
· Chest pain (intercostal neuralgia).
2. Pain in the shoulders, arms and hands (including numbness of the hands).
3. Pain in the knee and hip joints.
4. Pain in lesions of the sciatic nerve.
5. Pain in a herniated disc.
6. Pain in lesions of the trigeminal nerve.
7. Headache, including migraine, pain in the effects of trauma and intracranial pressure.
8. Pain in the heart and angina.
9. Epilepsy.
10. Tiki.
11. The consequences of stroke.
12. Violations rechi- Logo neurosis (stuttering).
13. Violations of the cerebral circulation.
14. Parkinson's syndrome.
15. vasoneurosis (suprasegmentar autonomic dysfunction).
16. Cerebral Palsy.
17. Hyperactivity in children.
18. Autism.

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