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02 2013
Written by врач невролог А.А.Пономаренко

Method (from the Greek methodos - way of research or knowledge, theory, doctrine), the set of modes or operations of a practical or theoretical understanding of reality.
RANC or The Restoration Of The Activity Of Nerve Centers.
Specific, practical purpose of the method is the elimination of all kinds of symptoms of various diseases through the influencing on the causes, that lead to a disease appearance.

The theoretical foundations of the method RANC are:
1. The obvious assumption is that any deviations in the organs and systems are associated with a corresponding steady increase or decrease in the activity of the nerve centers controlling these functions.
2. tt is possible to restore the normal activity of the nervous centers if we influence on them through a short, powerful flow of pain impulses by painful stimulation of certain areas on the muscles.
3. Trapezius muscles, due to the nature of their innervation, is a unique place in the human body. They are innervated by the accessory nerve, which originates from multiple nuclei of the brain stem. In the trunk and a spinal cord nucleus of the accessory nerve are anatomically and functionally closely associated with the nuclei of the reticular formation, which controls the operation of all of the brain. This makes them a kind of map of the brain, where are painful (tense) areas correspond to divisions and centers of the brain, that operates in a high activity.
4. Increase in the activity of one brain centers inevitably causes a decrease in the activity of others, which have close functional and anatomical connections with them. Stable lack of coordination in work and interaction of brain centers of regulation leads to the corresponding failures of various organs and systems of the body. These disorders are called symptoms. When more symptoms unite, they form a syndrome, or, as we used to say, pain.

5. Short but powerful pain stimulation made to tensed areas of trapezius muscles with injections of any painful medicine (eg, vitamin B6, B12, magnesium, aminophylline, 2% analgin) sends a stream of pulses through the accessory nerve in the brain stem, and there they (pulses) are transferred to the nucleus of the reticular formation and extend its fibers to the brain centers that operate in an overexcied state. After receiving this flow of energy brain centers (including the reticular formation itself) immediately start changing their activity. I call this process "debugging" or "Damaged files scanning and cleaning" This "scanning" is seen in a form of the brain reconstruct when overexcited departments, reducing their activity, stop oppressing and to blocking the work of subordinate centers. This process of nerves recovery is called RANC (The Restoration Of the Activity Of nerve centers)

6. RANC is the most suitable treatment method for diseases that are traditionally considered as "functional disorders", in other words the diseases when the destruction of the body are minimal. For example, "vegetative dysfunction," or as it is more commonly called "Vegetovascular dystonia." On the other hand, RANC method works effectively with a herniated disc, which is often treated by surgeons. Or stenocardia and osteochondrosis, which can not be called functional disorders. Everything is relative, as functional disorders are closely and complexly connected with organic changes, so sometimes it is impossible to get the main point. Therefore RANC must be used as widely as possible, because functional disorders of the central regulation lies at the beginning o any pathological process.

7. The age of disease does not matter. Disorders that occurred a month ago, five years ago or fifteen years ago have to be removed otherwise they will be accumulating and will never disappear on their own.

8. It does not matter how wonderful and ridiculously easy everything turned out, but intense stimulation of the reticular formation through the accessory nerves (which control trapezius muscles) can have an impact on almost all the regulatory system. I will give you a list: on the parasympathetic part (by the location of the vagus nerve in the brainstem, there is even a common nucleus with accessory nerve), on the sympathetic subcortical nuclei, on the pituitary center of hormonal regulation of endocrine glands as well, apart from this on the respiratory, vasomotor and thermal centers.

9. Disorders in many systems, if they are small, are not noticed, but the main things hat trouble us are pain in the spine, joints of the hands and feet. It happens because the longest back muscles, as well as large, small, medium, and gluteal muscles are not controlled completely by our muscles. Probably, It is necessary for us not think about maintaining optimal body position during movement, because these muscles keep the body upright. But it is these muscles which give us a lot of trouble. Small areas of the cerebral cortex in both hemispheres, which control these muscles (each no more than 2 square centimeters), cause lot of troubles. In stressful situations, these parts of the cortex become active (as well as other parts of the brain). And just like other nerve centers, they can remain in this state for many years. Muscle, which become tensed because of these brain cells, shift vertebrae and intervertebral discs from their original places, compress nerve roots and plexus. Impulses from the brain never get to the muscles of arms and legs, as well as the joints and veins because nerves are compressed. The disorders can be found in different places,as well as in the brain. That is why the information send from the brain is full with errors and also the spinal cord and nerves are squeezed in the periphery.This is what actually causes disk herniation, the sciatic nerve entrapment, leg pain, joint pain, including pain in the hip and knee joints (they are more common than pain in the ankle). All these things from herniated discs, sciatic nerve, joint pain, and pain in the spine (osteochondrosis) are treated by RANC.

10. For the treatment of pain in the legs, caused by previously mentioned diseases, particularly a sciatic nerve entrapment, it is better to use the following scheme. Firstly, we have to make injections to buttocks, then to loins, then to thoracic spine and must finish in trapezius muscles. The main point is in sending signals through the spinal cord to small areas in cortex which control those muscles and then to suppress them through the reticular formation.

To sum up, the method of restoration of the activity of nerve centers (RANC) has no intention to treat the symptom. It focuses on the problem in whole. The treatment of backbone, joints, intervertebral disk herniation and sciatic nerve is not the exception because it is not effective without brain stimulation through the reticular formation.

Whch diseases can be treated with the RANC method and their features you can read on this website. My patients comment you can find on my channel on YouTube if you choose the video under the frame and proceed to the channel.




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