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06 2017
Written by врач невролог А.А.Пономаренко

On June 18 Russia marked Day health worker.

This professional holiday, when honor and say words of gratitude to the doctors and nurses, when we talk about respect for this great profession. It is not even a profession in the conventional sense of the word, it is - a great life-long service to the people in the name of health. Newspaper "Kuban today" heartily congratulates medical workers on their professional holiday. We wish you professional success and achievements, prosperity in your families, health to you and your patients.

We visited on a visit at our long-standing partners, the unique treatment methods and achievements of which we have repeatedly told in our publications on the eve of a holiday - in the Krasnodar clinic "Nevrologika". But today we want to talk not about the technology and method RANC and the results of its application, which anyone can read in the previous issue of our newspaper, but the clinic team - a small close-knit team, ascetics and the popular method RANC.

We help people who made a mistake

"We help the people who made a mistake. After all, what is health? This compares with the rules of the road: if suddenly you overshot a red light and find yourself in an accident - is the result of an error. And our body: you make any "illegal activities" in relation to it - stress, excessive physical or emotional stress, any other options - and find yourself in the "accident" in the disease. You made a mistake in relation to themselves and fall ill. Our goal is not to understand why and what a mistake you made, and in fact to help "- so treats the disease state head of the clinic" Nevrologika "neurologist Andrey Aleksandrovich Ponomarenko. Generally, it is a little strange doctor - part philosopher, part fatalistic, nihilistic kind. Sincerely believes that a patient can not be cured by the treatments that he was taught. You can help him recover the new method. Show the path to health. To the right. And yet, with classical medical education (Krasnodar Medical Institute), a great experience (worked as a neurologist in the district hospital, emergency room doctors, known in private clinics - general medical experience more than 18 years), he was almost denied medication. Almost - because it reserves emergencies when help is necessary to have a momentary and it is really a matter of life and death, without circumlocutions. And in other cases, it proposes to use blocked stress the patient's own body reserves, applying for this method of restoring the activity of nerve centers (RANC). Now the doctor can help the patient get rid of his problems an effective treatment, new knowledge and skills. But here is to go on the road to recovery the patient should himself. The patient should choose the treatment strategy that considers healing for themselves, the patient has to decide what he wants to get well, or continue to believe that his illness from the category of incurable and continue to use the previous treatments. A doctor should offer him this treatment strategy, tell me what options are possible. And serve him a guide on the road to recovery.

And the staff at the clinic "Nevrologika" matched to your supervisor. Galina Leonidovna Mordovtseva (almost 40 years of practice in various medical specialties: general practitioner, doctor-immunologist, head doctor of the district hospital, to list all the medical diplomas and certificates require a separate newspaper article (and they are all with honors and backed by practical activities) when met RANC method, developed by Dr. Ponomarenko, read all the available sources at the time, I found him and came to him with one question: "Can I practice your technique?" "She did it. incredibly surprised - says about her doctor Ponomarenko - and won the method is so simple to understand and use, many know him and just quietly practiced And many also give his own exclusive, the verge of magic, and turn up the price,.. that does not dream in a nightmare. and people go and pay, because they see that this method helps. I asked her to work together. "

By Rimma Muradyan Vartanovna Andrey came to the emergency call, when a doctor ambulance. Rimma Vartanovna - obstetrician-gynecologist with 36 years of experience. Itself from a medical family: almost all the brothers and sisters are working doctors of various specialties: surgeons, oncologists, dentists, etc. She was cured after a serious illness thanks RANC method successfully helped all their numerous relatives of different medical specialties (as well as other specialties, not health care, too). Although smiles: we do not say "cure", we say "come remission." "The method is so logical and so effective that it can not be denied, - says Rima Vartanovna. - I am very grateful to Andreyu Aleksandrovichu for themselves. "

Back in the clinic have a doctor who can not be found in his place - Viktor Viktorovich Golubitsky. That he leaves to those patients who for various reasons can not come to the clinic. All the rest - the administrator, accountant - the same people from the street: it's former patients, friends. Generally, the atmosphere in the clinic "Nevrologika" such a family, both in terms of staff and in terms of patients to be treated. No coincidence that many patients in the future, when no longer in need of help, just come and see: someone brought goodies - own grown strawberries (and earlier could not walk, to the first procedure brought the sheets), a patient with Parkinson's disease has brought embroidered beads pictures, and previously could not bring the spoon to his mouth. All reception decorated with crafts and souvenirs that bring patients and their relatives. That's why I have the impression, though not to see a doctor came, and to visit friends looked.

And almost always in the clinic some "guests" - are doctors from other cities who came to learn more about the unique method. "I have no secrets, - says Andrey Aleksandrovich Ponomarenko. - Let my method know as many people as possible. Then we can help more patients. I patented something was not in order to secure for itself the exclusive right to its use, and to ensure that someone is not patented, and I was not banned its use. And I'm glad everyone to take and talk about it. Practitioner rhinestones understand what's a grain of truth, and what an effective tool it gets into their hands. This method promotes itself. " "Or maybe a network of clinics open?" - I could not resist. "What for? - genuinely surprised Andrey Aleksandrovich. - This is impossible not control, do not drive. I have no purpose to earn all the money in the world. I want to help people recover. I want to make my method available and commonly used. "

The office of the clinic that day were patients of Yessentuki, Astrakhan region, Chechnya, and, of course, with all of the Krasnodar Territory. they are all after the procedure will go home, to return to their usual business. "And there are patients who you deny?" - I asked. "There is. There is only one contraindication - patient disbelief. And then I honestly say I can not help you, "- the doctor said Ponomarenko.

Who is already working such clinics in Israel, in Lithuania, many Russian doctors use the method in their practice. And we are on the eve of the professional holiday of the Medical Worker's Day wish all of them good health and more professional curiosity - because that is how we learn something new, sometimes salutary important.

Neurologist: Ponomarenko Andrey Aleksandrovich.

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