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Written by врач невролог А.А.Пономаренко

Why did I decid to start a research in such a complex field? The problem existed and the one right solution had to be found. Patients hardly ever ask about the events preceding my discovery, the want a cure and they get it. As for me, I ask myself constantly because I see RANC treatment new miraculous results every single day.

Different events brought me to my profession and the discovery of a new approach that can cure severe diseases. I had been a neurologist patient since I was 14. After a trauma my head and back hurt frequently. Traditional treatments brought relief for a short time only. I started searching for an alternative cure while studying at the medical college and continued when became a doctor. After 13 years of work a new theory was suggested and put into practice. The results were so impressive that I took a decision to share my observations with my colleagues and patient who could get rid of pain.
I did understood that patients would meet news with hope while colleagues with skepticism and doubts. Many doctors are afraid of new ideas and prefer to cure in a way they were taught in the college: only those nasal would tread running nose and nothing else. It is difficult to overcome something that was the only possible alternative for many years. I was exactly that doctor 20 years ago. Maybe I would still be the same but the pain made me find and uncover something new to help myself and the others. Isn't it the main goal of medicine?! As soon as I started using RANC approach in practice, I encountered a problem. It is not a secret that there are many doctors interested only in money and not in whether the treatment will help or not. That's an another reason why I decided to design a website. All the information is open and available, everyone can learn more about the approach. Nowadays, the Internet is the most powerful tool which means millions of people can find out that the treatment for their disease not only exists, but also works. I do not want to argue with colleagues and skeptics any more. To much precious time is wasted on it. I am just making new ideas, observations, results, evidence of cured patients available for everybody who for one reason or another is looking for answers to questions.
Firstly, this information is for people without special training but eager to learn how to become healthy and happy. It also can help to save money and not waste them on expensive and useless treatment.
Secondly, I will be glad if my colleagues use my knowledge and personal experience. It won't require any additional training. Simply read the articles and put RANC approach into your practice. The results won't take long. And yes, RANC approach is not the panacea but in most cases it may bring healing and significantly increase the quality of patients life who did not find help in traditional medicine.

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