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05 2015
Written by врач невролог А.А.Пономаренко

RANC method peculiaritiesDuring my consultations before a medical procedure I always try to say in other words the information provided on previous consultation. It is obvious, although the main point of "message" does not change, it’s very boring "to chase the same record” like a parrot or a tape recorder. The most interesting is that it yields favorable results. In addition to the fact that work stops being “routine” and things are not so sad any more, there is one more reason. Trying to find new words and images to express your idea, you inevitably find such bright ones, which surprise you with its originality. Then, using them repeatedly, the words become "polished" and begin to convey the meaning of said almost automatically.

I know, this web site is overloaded with information, and if you approach to it pragmatically, trying to find clear instructions for action in a single article, it becomes alarm and confusing. In order to avoid it, the information has been equally shared into thematic articles. Those who view the subject of this site keenly as a solid reading, watch "videos" and read interesting for them articles, they see things quite differently. Many people told me that while reading an article again, they find something new in it, things that they haven’t noticed at once. It's an odd thing and it's hard to explain, but I also notice it sometimes, when I reread them (to tell the truth, I don’t do it often). It seems to me that it was not me, who wrote it, because many things seem to be new and unfamiliar to me. It even chills me.

Now I just want to bring all of these numerous consultations in one small and succinct text for those readers, who don’t have time and wish to read the "lyrics". I’m not sure, that I will not make such an "impractical" lyrical digression again now, because no one can ignore the wishes of those who need it, but it will be placed at the end of "practical text" of this article, and who do not need it, can ignore and do not read.

RANC method (method of restoration of the activity of nerve centers, RANC-it’s abbreviation in English) is a method of treatment relating to the non-drug treatment modes. Nevertheless some drugs are still used in it, but not for their pharmacological effect. The most simple "drug", which can not be called a drug, it is simply "water for injection". Well, what kind of drug is WATER? By the way, a doctor from Angarsk ( town located on the shores of lake Baikal) Gennady Berdyugin proposed to use water in treatment procedures. Everything is logical, because the main point of this treatment method is to form a powerful stream of (electrical) pulses through the nerves into the brain, which will start a process similar to the function "SYSTEM RESTORE " on a PC. The brain starts scanning and removing the “damaged" files, restoring its activity to normal one it had before the "software failure" has occurred and resulted to negative symptoms onset in the body. Generally it is not so important, what kind of drug we use to precipitate pain stimulation. By the way, the Chinese use nothing by introducing a needle into the body. The needle introduced intramuscularly destroys muscle tissue, and breakdown products of damaged cells cause " excitation " of the surrounding structures. As a result they create the necessary for “starting" the healing process stream of pulses. Such methods as needles scrolling, placing of vacuum cans above the needles and warming needles by wormwood cigarettes have been traditionally used to enhance pain (stream of pulses). In this case, "pharmacopuncture" has been performed, i. e. the introduction of any drug in certain parts of the body. The drug used not for its pharmacological effect, but to enhance pain (stream of pulses). According to my observations pharmacopuncture is stronger (ten times more) than Acupuncture. This can be easily explained, because one milliliter of a painful solution injected intramuscularly spreads around the injection point, which area is ten times bigger than that one, "excited" by needle. Even an inaccurate entering (1-2 cm.) from the target point will inevitably have an effect on it due to the distribution of solution in all sides of muscle. It is similar to "carpet-bombing", which the British widely applied during the Second World War, when a specific target point was not specified and the whole area of its location became the target. The bombing method proved its value, but in our case, this tactic proves its value even more. I would say that in case of comparing acupuncture and pharmacopuncture (which the RANC method belongs to) an allegorical comparison example of a bike and a tank can be given. Acupuncture is a good, old bicycle, and the RANC method is a powerful modern tank capable to demolish barriers, through which the bike can only overleap and even not high. According to the effect on our body, reflex organized by RANC method is similar to ACUPUNTURE (needle therapy), but in comparison to this ancient and effective treatment, RANC method has advantages and differences in its theoretical justification of the observed changes in the nervous system and whole organism.

About 6,000 years ago Chinese doctors noticed numerous regularities regarding human diseases, their reasons and their treatment by acting on certain areas of the body with needles. Moreover, for several millennia these hardworking and talented people as they could made theoretical basis for this therapeutic method, which is nowadays being studied in Chinese Schools of Traditional medicine.

Water, Fire, Iron, Wood, Soil are five elements the complex system of traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment is based on. Look at the way the Chinese drew these five symbols. I shuddered, when I saw it. Did You see that? And how do You feel about the Japanese with their traditional symbols? I thought, We created them. I'm not a patriot of China, I am Russian, and the Russians see the truth and finally follow it. Five-pointed star inscribed in a circle is the symbol of China, which age is equal to Egyptian civilization. What happened to the Egyptians? Even no dust left from them. Arab people live on their place and show tourists the pyramids, built not by the Egyptians. The Chinese, to my stupid thinking (in my personal opinion), opened this diamond of knowledge, and then, one Chinese scholar, or “a group of individuals" decided “to encode” that knowledge. I don’t know the name of that good man, but from that moment history and medicine “rolled" in the opposite direction from the truth. "Trying to understand the backbone of this theory, you, inevitably, face almost insurmountable difficulties, from which breeze a Great Wisdom and mysticism. Laboring the point, I felt powerless and frustrated by the fact, that I could not understand the rational point of the above, in order to be able to apply practically. So after a while I gave up my attempts to understand the system and "went other way." This way was learning the theory and practice of medicine from our European Physiology point of view, which is clear for me. In my opinion, physiology, as a practical science, does not give rise to unfavorable criticism like, for example, a manual screwdriver. It is what it is, a conducted experiment found, that a cut off limb of a frog twitches, when it’s given a weak electric shock, then the whole thing was instrumentally recorded, documented in magazines and that was an end of it. How should we use it all practically? How will it help a person with a bad back or headache?

At least it is difficult to make useful for medical practice theoretical conclusions from numerous physiological experiments, which tasks were different. On the other hand, they were conducted comparatively recently (150 years is also not so long ago) and their purpose was discovering the truth, and this is good, you can rely on these research results. Unfortunately, they are only a starting point for many questions. I promised to place "specific recommendations" first, and "lyrics" after, but I can’t help, because, I think, "lyrics" is more important than these strange injections. Is it possible to call useless "digression" an attempt to understand the results from practice to derive on their basis specific laws and recommendations for their application in solving of existing problems? These laws are real and it’s not only me, who sees their efficiency. They are not too strange. Well, because it was not me, who created them. I just thought how does it work? Before me the same work had been done in Carlsbad, just a little differently, and I just proposed my theory of how it "works" for public discussion. I do not think I’ve done any reprehensible act, because many doctors support this idea. Initiating the impulse of brain structures by short pain stimulations (sending a powerful stream of electrical pulses to the brain), we start still unexplained process in the brain, which effect is similar to PC process of "System Restore”. This "System Restore" lasts about 6 weeks. After this process end we have chance to see its results. Some of them can be seen immediately after the procedure, but the others can be noticed after six weeks. No matter what we use to create a "stream of pulses", it can be "water for injection", "Sodium Chloride 0.9%," where 0.5 dipyrone cube can be added. Yes, in general, it’s all the same, what we introduce, the most important is “stream of pulses", the solution composition is not important; it can be vitamins "B" complex or "magnesium sulfate". This is non-drug treatment, this is reflex therapy. Those, who have seen it and felt its wonder, will understand me.

Now more "lyrics", as I promised. Specially for Svetlana, who will understand, that I am referring specifically to her. Yes, within last 2 years I’ve got more "brilliant proofs", confirming my hypothesis, that Parkinson disease is not a “neurodegenerative disease", but just a "great functional disease of Central nervous system." This vast disorder is reversible. The reason of this body disorder is depression, caused by any negative thoughts. About half a year ago I stopped making video reviews of patients, who are in process of overcoming or have overcome their illness with help of this treatment method. Are 400 videos on Nevrologika channel not enough to have faith in success? It seems like not, so I'll take up this troublesome matter again, as well as writing new articles about my latest observations and conclusions. I call it troublesome matter, because just few persons wish to "show themselves " in Internet with their problems and sores, especially when most people instinctively understand the reasons of their problems and try to hide it, even from themselves. However, this "Ivy" is quite removable, and if you are not afraid of it and do not try to hide or ignore the fact, it has put down roots from your soul into your body, then it disappears dissolved and absorbed by itself. This is the beginning of the healing of the soul, which will cure and save the body from a temporary weakness.

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