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08 2013
Written by врач невролог А.А.Пономаренко

How many years a human being can actually live?

Until recently, the medicine has not found an answer to the main question: what is the cause of human diseases. Were named dozens of different reasons, which are not worth to list as these pseudo-reasons are known to everyone. I have been doing the stimulation of the reticular formation for fifteen years and it seems to me that I have found the answer to this important question, "What is the cause of disease. I was led by observing my patients who were diagnosed with " Parkinson's disease ". There just one question left, why all these people have different symptoms. Parkinson himself in his " Essay on the Shaking Palsy " described only one, the classical form of the disease, when a man is “crooked” and lives in a pose of " prayer ", walks with small steps and pulls his hands as if he goes through the coins.

Parkinson died without fame and only after decades Frenchman Charcot appreciated his work, he decided to name this disease after. and "the journey started". Everything somehow stupidly ran into dopamine as if it is the reason, but there is nobody who can say: "you are wrong !" Today, our medical theory says only one thing, that the disease is incurable because of the reason that the dopamine-producing cells die. If this theory was true, then replacement therapy would bring success, but it doesn't, and everyone who faces this disease knows that. The prevailing theory today is fundamentally wrong. It only helps pharmaceutical companies preying on patients who supposedly have nowhere to go, just living in these preparations.

I 'm writing, and I'm scared again, what if not only you hear me, but also THEM. I call it "One more disease." According to many years of my observation, I can say that the cause of the disease lies in the structural features of the brain. Do not judge me harshly, but just listen, because I do not just say so, but because it is really important, and I have put this topic through myself, bringing myself to the very edge and then " resurrected " in a miraculous way.

Our brains are not designed for those mental stress that we have in our world. We can say that we are designed to exist in heaven, where there are no troubles and issues. When the external overload is exceeded, our brain produces a reaction that involves the formation of new connections between neurons in the brain that have not been genetically planned. Genetically we are organized very smartly and we can live, in my opinion, hundreds of years peacefully. However. As always, the word “However ” interferes into the theory.

The brain, having 100 billion cells is probably an ideal structure and the body works, most likely, perfectly. Everybody knows that young people practically do not get sick. And why over the years we have more and more problems even a matter-of-death? I always wondered about that and suddenly the answer "comes up".

Connections that can kill

I always knew that the brain cells - neurons - have the ability to form external relationships with similar structures. One neuron can connect with the 10000 neighboring neurons, and they are a hundred billion of them. All of our skills and knowledge are only consequences of new neural connections, no matter if we are learning to drive a car or embroider. Once taken an action, we connect neurons to each other. Subsequent repetition causes the formation of new additional bonds, and that's how a new nerve center formed. I knew that, and suddenly I was hit on the head with something like a hammer. If we are nervous for the same reasons, do not we call the same reaction to the brain? It is simply a process of " learning " the disease.

Under stress, when the psychic pressure begins to exceed our genetically inhereted capabilities, the neurons begin to create new, unplanned, by a "creator ", connections between different parts of the brain. After the establishment of these ne, pathological reflexes begin a "new" life, which will be not perfect. Now the energy is not flowing to the right place, but hit and miss on these relations, and in our bodies, we see the reflection of these processes in the form of different symptoms. Smooth, beautiful and kind person becomes " bucket of bolts ". You yourself know it perfectly. Where is the way out in this situation? In medicine ? If it could do something, it would have done it long ago. Doctors themselves are sick and die from the same diseases. And doctors die not ordinary. Bearing in mind that they can not help anyone, they die without asking for help, because they know that there is no help. And then hope appears? YES !

We are there from the place without any stress.

In my opinion, any illnesses have one reason which is pathological relationships between neurons formed after stress.

How can we explain the disappearance of the various symptoms of various diseases after the stimulation of the reticular formation through the trapezius muscles which are just a "map of the brain " where painful areas of the correspond to disordered areas of the brain.

From my point of view, this can be explained only by the fact that this stimulation leads to disconnection of these "perverse" reflex arcs.

And how do you explain the disappearance of symptoms and syndromes?

It exists and I have more than three hundred videos with reviews from patients but there are thousands of them. I have just recently started shooting them, but besides of that, not every sick person wants to show himself to the world.

The " Theory of pathological reflex " has very encouraging and promising forecasts. The main and the first of them is the fact that the "cleaning" of the brain from these pathological relationships will make it possible to live without being ill as much as we are destined genetically, scientists say it will be quite a lot.

Second and the most interestingthing. Surgeons say that man is the only creature on this planet who can just fall down and break all bones. Their conclusion is paradoxical and they think that our bodies are designed for gravity different from the gravity on the Earth. Taking into account the proven fact that on this planet we have no predecessors ( archaeologists haven't found any of them) and that, in my opinion, our brains are not designed for this level of stress that we have here, this can take us to strange conclusions. Our bodies are not designed to gravity on Earth, the brain is not designed for stress level on the Earth. So who are we and where are we from? Is it true that we have been just driven out from a small planet where there was no stress. Are we the children who were banished from paradise?




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