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01 2013
Written by врач невролог А.А.Пономаренко

"Do you treat chronic sinusitis?" - Natalia asked me, who with her sister flew tome from Kazakhstan. Of course, chronic sinusitis can be very effectively treated by RANC, for that reason, and mysterious migraine. - "Why don’t you write it on a sign of the clinic because so many people are affected by this disease" - said Natalia. And I thought, "That's absolutely right, though sometimes such simple ideas, such as adding a line about chronic sinusitis treatment to the list of clinic the services, somehow manage to bypass the mind." And once I thought about it, the question raised himself immediately. And why there is still no article on chronic sinusitis, migraines and headachesis on the site NEVROLOGIKA dedicated to the new method of treatment? After thinking about it I instantly felt a bit awkward.

Chronic sinusitis is treated successfully with the method that is becoming more popular in Russia and the countries that were formerly part of the Soviet Union. This is what I find about almost weekly by e-mails and phone calls, which I am addressed.

There is nothing surprising, apparently, today is the time when many people are frustrated by the state of modern medicine and are looking for new methods and technologies for the treatment and such people are moving almost in the same direction. So I do not believe that I have taught them something. They must already know everything and my site is simply a catalyst, or, if you prefer, the fuse for the fireworks which we will see very soon. The need and opportunity to dramatically improve the quality of care with reducing time and costs emerged a long time ago. Therefore, the materials that I post on the site find a response in many people. Of course, it is not provocative or advertising site that is getting millions of views, but at the same time not the most useless if many people read it, put the knowledge into practice, carry out the procedure by the method RANC on their own and get positive results. But let’s go back to the main topic of the article, to the treatment of sinusitis and headaches.

Being "ignorant and primitive" (as I have been often described by my colleagues, who found out about my work) I think that their conclusions should be based only on the anatomy and physiology and not on the strange dogma. After all, nowadays it is strange and ridiculous to believe that any of the painful symptoms in different parts of the body appear from nowhere and completely randomly. Okay, it was still forgivable 200-300 years ago, when it was believed that diseases are caused by all sorts of invisible "miasma". I believe that if there is any real organ which is controlled by a part of a real brain, then disorders in this organ work is the real reflection of disorders in a brain. This is the main piont of the nervism theory that no one has canceled. So if everything on the face and inside it (except the facial muscles), including the maxillary sinus, manages by the trigeminal nerve, then sinusitis is caused not by "miasma" but by disorders of the trophic nucleus of trigeminal nerve. I have already described in details the origin and malfunctions of this nerve in the article "The defeat of the trigeminal nerve" but I want to talk about this topic one more time explaining chronic maxillary sinusitis. Moreover, the disorders in different parts of the face are treated traditionally by four different specialist. Dentists are trying to treat teeth, eyes are treated by optometrists and the pain in same places is treated by neurologists when the others can’t help it.. If so will the mechanic and say that he knows and is able to repair only half of the carburetor then he will be called at least "dumb", but in medicine it is completely normal and that's what’s really strange. Trigeminal nerve begins in the center of the brain the so-called stem. It consists of three types of nerve cells, to be precise - sensitive cells, which are responsible for the sensitivity of the face and inside it, including the frontal, maxillary sinuses, teeth, eyes and even ears. If these stem cells increase their activity, then the pain appears, if they lower thee activity then the numbness appears. And if they stay in uncertain "twitching" condition, then various feeling like ”goose skin” can appear in any part of the face. Pain, numbness, or "goosebumps" absolutely do not care what doctors manage this area. They are sore, numb and crawling on all places where the trigeminal nerve is. And believe me even the dentist or otolaryngologist will face many problems if this "team" will wander on doctor’s territory. There is only one way what doctor can say: "it is not mine." Now about the motor nucleus of the trigeminal nerve. They control chewing muscles and respectively if these trigeminal cells become overexcited, the person squeezes the jaw and teeth squeaks and if they reduce the activity, the jaw, respectively, droops. Fortunately, we have been given the nature power to control these cells well if we are conscious. If we, for example, sleep, everything is lost and our jaw droops and sometimes we grit our teeth. Sometimes it is so expressed that the teeth just sometimes grind off. This "disease" even was given the name of bruxism. By the way, there is the video on my channel with a positive review about the effectiveness of RANC in this case. It's called bruxism, and his number - 21. And now the most important thing about the trophic nuclei of the trigeminal nerve, the disorders in which just lead to chronic maxillary sinusitis, tooth decay, dry mouth or eyes, as well as lacrimation and salivation, acne on the face, ulcers in the mouth, in general, to heap of all sorts of trouble on the face and inside it. This part of the trigeminal nerve is responsible for all things like mucous, skin, lacrimal, salivary glands without any exceptions. Here, for example, trophic cells, responsible for the ear canal skin, will deal worse with their tasks, the otitis will start (ear infection) and, as some say, otolangologist will have problems. And if the cells responsible for the maxillary sinuses will fail, then here comes the sinusitis. That's all about situation. Great, you say, but what should we do with all of this? It is obvious? We sould cure all at once durig 1-3 sessions with a method RANC! And it will be cured and forgotten without poking needles the years, sucking mucus and punching holes in the sinuses, which are not provided by the "creator." As we know, $ 100 billion neurons in the brain control everything and are responsible for the appearance of any symptoms, if they manage their duties. For example, there are areas of the brain responsible for the operation of the internal organs, especially the heart. If such area fails, then the heart will have problems right up to a heart attack, not mentioning the arrhythmia. So the same with orther organs.There are some areas of the brain (nerve centers) that control blood flow, temperature, respiration, immune and hormonal systems, speech, writing, counting, sight, hearing, and so on. However, there are no areas in the brain responsible for the headache. Headache - is a symptom, which involves the whole brain, as, for example, a function of memory is peculiar not to some part of it but to the brain as a whole. This means that in the search for a truly effective method of treating headaches we should look among those that have a positive impact immediately on all systems of the brain, the impact on 100 billion neurons. I think it is impossible to find one chemical preparation or their "magic" combination of drugs for a pharmaceurical industry. And this, in my opinion, will never happen because of the extremely complicated construction of the brain where countless trillions of different reactions take place within milliseconds. I do not want to say that pharmacology is useless and should stop searching for new drugs, just in this exact case with a headache such searches, according to my opinion, are doomed to failure.How to cure a headache? Is the situation is really so bad? Not at all, a new treatment method of headache (and not just a headache), which I called the RANC, allows optimal, simultaneous adjustment in all brain centers that have abnormalities in their work. Of course, we are not talking about those nerve centers that have undergone irreversible changes, but even without this, the existence of such possibility seems fantastic, but fortunately it is fantastic.

The presence of the reticular formation (MESH FORNATION), which performs in the brain almost the same function as the Internet, telephone network and the electrical network together, gives us that opportunity. From the center of the brain, the so-called stem, clusters of nerve cells (nuclei) penetrate the subcortical and cerebral cortex. Different parts of the brain coordinate their activities through the reticular formation. This is well known, as well as that the disorders in the activity of most part of the reticular formation, also called the ascending activating system, lead to hyperactivity - to overexcited state, or to lethargy - with its steady depressed state. Until today, it was not possible to make such an impact on the reticular formation and put it to a state of optimal activity and at the same time through this global network to influence on all the delicate structure of the brain. Now, such possibility exists.

However, no matter how much I try, I can’t talk about the treatment of any particular disease without mention of the brain, because the features of its structure give us a unique opportunity. Discoveries, got as a result of long-term observations of patterns in the brain work, allow us to interfere with the functional activity and get amazing results, in particular, allow to completely cure a headache diring 1-3 treatments, despite the power of this headache. In the article I'm talking about headaches, but because the headache is a symptom that involves the entire brain, it can be cured completely not separately, but only when the entire brain experience favorable changes. Therefore, treating a headache by a new method, which I call RANC, will not be effective if sufficient effective stimulation wasn’t made on the reticular formation.

Now let's go back to the maxillary sinusitis. Trophic nucleus of the trigeminal nerve, disorders of which lead to inflammation in the maxillary sinuses, have a complex structure and control the nourishment of teeth, mucous membranes of the nose, the frontal sinuses, eyes, ears and face. These nuclei control the work of the lacrimal and salivary glands. Therefore, any disorders in the trophic nuclei of this nerve lead to serious problems. For example, with the steady decrease in activity of the cells that control the lacrimal gland, dryness of eyes will appear which can end with blindness. If these cells increase their activity, that person will suffer from tearing. The same can be said about the salivary glands. BY the way, unlike the abnormal tearing and dryness of eyes, dryness of mouth after drinking alcohol, which depresses all brain structures including the trigeminal nerve, is known by many. In other words, if a group of cells, that controls any tooth, can not cope with their work, then the tooth will be destroyed by microbes that live in the mouth. If the cells responsible for the maxillary sinus fail, then the Sinusitis appears. And it does not matter whether these cells will take aprt in producing mucus, or vice versa, will not try well enough, it will still be sinusitis, just developed in different ways. The treatment of chronic sinusitis should not be directed to curing some of its symptoms. You just need to make every nucleus of the trigeminal nerve work in the optimal mode of activity. The surprising fact is that through one nerve in a brainstem we can influence on other nerve stems, because their cores are just in some millimeters apart. And not only the nucleus of the accessory nerve, which controls the trapezius muscle, lying close to the trigeminal nucleus, but they are united in a single unit of the reticular formation. Reticular formation for some reason, displays information about the overexcited brain regions on the trapezius muscle in the form of spasms of some of its fibers, and thus in our brain "draws" a map between the shoulder blades. And what, in your opinion, is so miraculous if we influence on these areas with short but strong pain stimulus, forming a powerful flow of nerve (electrical) impulses, which goes through the conducting nerve pathways specifically to those centers, which are "asking for help, leaving on a map of the brain " statements " in the form of the pain points. Exactly this wave of pulses dampens excessive nidus in all regions of the brain, and involves a process that I can compare with the recovery process of the computer system when all files are scanned and harmful are removed and as a result the computer returns to its previous state. Therefore, by analogy I called his method the Restoration of activity of the nervous centers (RANC), when the nerve centers, and the cells they are made from, return to the normal state (background) of the activity where all body systems are working well.

When I was working in an ordinary urban clinic as a neurologist, , nobody came to me with chronic sinusitis is not treated. This is understandable, because the current medical theory divided the people into spheres of influence of different doctors and taught patients go with their problems and questions to a "master of the territory." Although, as I wrote at the beginning of this article on an example of the trigeminal nerve and the face, the result is still the same too many cooks spoil the broth. So I can not say that I have more than one thousand of positive treatment outcomes, such as I have with the treating pain in the spine, with disc herniation infringement of the sciatic nerve. However, in those dozens of cases where people came to me with chronic sinusitis, there always were highly positive results.

In the treatment of chronic sinusitis, (as well as the treatment of other disorders in the work of the trigeminal nerve) the effectiveness of RANC method is very high. According to my observations, the positive changes in the form of reducing mucus, runny nose, reducing of pain and discomfort occur usually within 2-3 weeks after the first treatment procedure, which is done through giving injections of any painful, if the injection is given intramuscular, of the drug (I usually apply 5% solution of analgine and salt solution) into all the painful areas of trapezius muscles. As a rule, from one to three procedures is enough to get rid of the problems that chronic sinusitis cause. Thus, treatment procedures of RANC can simultaneously work on all structures of the brain including the nucleus of trigeminal nerve, disorders in which can lead to many troubles and chronic maxillary sinusitis as well.

And what is about the headache,if not going deep into the details of its individual types classification, I can tell you that it is well treated by the RANC even if it is called a migraine, which is usually considered as incurable, or explained by genetic predisposition or any other nonsense. And by the way, have you ever thought why if we have a migraine, only half of the head aches, and pain at the same time can be feltin the eye, temple, forehead? Aren’t theses aplaces are controlled by the trigeminal nerve, actually there are two of them,, one for the left and one for the right side of the face? So I was not surprised by how the effect is realized according to the method of treatment RANC, resulting in disappearence of a headache and chronic sinusitis, because it is explainable from the point of view of human anatomy and physiology. I am surprised by something else. Whether really no one sees those apparent contradictions in medical theory and practice? Fortunately, this is not the case, and, as I wrote in the beginning, a lot of people are looking for a normal, physiologically explained, new treatments that are effective, in contrast to that helplessness, which somehow proudly calls itself a "traditional" and "official medicine. " Some silly things can be recognized as traditional and official like, for example, the idea that the earth is flat, which prevailed for centuries in geography. Therefore titles which stupidity gets should not confuse people who really think.

That's about all for this topic. A website NEVROLOGICA was created with an educational purpose, to share experiences with those who can not find answers to their questions in the sources, which call themselves the ultimate truth. I'd Like to finish my article, but just got a phone call from a Moscow woman, whose name is Marina. Her husband for about two months is experiencing symptoms characterised as Parkinson's disease, tremor and stiffness. After reading and watching video's number 24 and number 25, which tells and shows technique of medical procedure, they have decided to try it out, and Marina called to clarify some details about the size of a syringe and the drug. For those active and sensible people and I created this site. I think they will succeed, at least according to my observations, Parkinson's disease (if the method RANC is applyed at the very beginning) should be treated not worse than treated chronic sinusitis.




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