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02 2017
Written by врач невролог А.А.Пономаренко

Russia's new method of treatment of Parkinson's syndrome.

Face a choice of three: the patient, the doctor and the disease. If the patient is combined with the disease against the doctor - who will win? And if the doctor with the patient to unite against the disease - who will win? All doctors know this parable, students in medical schools tell her almost at the first lesson. But patients know this parable is not all. And patients are different. There are those who, despite the most seemingly incurable diagnosis, seek the path to recovery. And find it! But for them, and this article is written.

A new Russian method of treatment based on restoring the activity of the nerve centers (Russian method RANC treatment), we have already told in the pages of the newspaper "Kuban today" (article in its issue of February 9 and February 16, 2017). Based on years of clinical observations, this method has proven effective in treating a variety of diseases. Very well it shows itself in the treatment of Parkinson's syndrome . And in clinically deadlock when adopted for use in this disease drugs are ineffective, a new method shows an unexpected positive result. The severity of the effect depends on how damaged the brain dopamine-producing centers. According to my theory that perennial confirmed by clinical observations, any brain centers of stress can alter their activity, which can be restored by RANC by stimulation of the reticular formation through additional nerves.

If we talk specifically about the Parkinson's syndrome , I think that this disease is through the mechanism of its development is no different from the others. Against the background of any external influence (stress or intoxication), many centers of the brain, including those responsible for producing dopamine, change their activity (in our case lower), which is manifested associated symptoms of deficiency. Due to the fact that very often the stimulation of the reticular formation through the accessory nerve (even once) leads to the rapid disappearance of the symptoms of Parkinson's, I believe that dopamine-producing brain structures often have irreversible organic disorders, but simply in a state of parabiosis.

This condition is characterized by the fact that the cells reduce their activity so that only maintain their livelihoods, but their excretory functions are stopped. In other words, stress usually does not kill brain cells and stop their active work. It is a universal brain reaction to any excessive external stimuli. The danger is that if parabiosis even for a short time fall centers responsible for regulating vital functions such as breathing, heart or immune system, we have in these cases, sudden death, autoimmune diseases or oncology.

Therapy session

The method of treatment RANC opens new perspectives in the treatment of many human diseases, which, in my opinion, have a common cause - a violation of the background activity of the nerve centers of the brain. The complexity of the human brain the device is not an obstacle to the restoration of its normal operation. I do not want in this short article to touch other issues that are devoted to other articles. I tell specifically about Parkinson's syndrome. It is enough to perform the injection of any disease the drug into all the painful parts of the trapezius muscle. These painful areas, in my opinion, correspond to the areas of the brain having to malfunction. Short pain from this procedure starts in the brain process that can be compared with the scanning and cleaning files on your computer. Pain impulses entering the brain stem of the accessory nerve, switch to the reticular formation of the nucleus, which, in turn, begins to integrate and organize the work of the different regulatory systems, including systems responsible for production of dopamine. Thus, the syndrome, and Parkinson's disease is now no longer a significant problem of medicine. Lack of effect of the procedures, which is not often, I explain the significant organic changes in the relevant centers, which are not able (due to cell death, rather than parabiosis) involved in the work.

Doctors of the clinic

In conclusion, I want to say that in my experience to produce a therapeutic effect, as a rule, is enough 2-3 RANC treatments for 6 weeks. If you are interested in other aspects of my theory and obtained results based on it, you can on my website to read other articles and watch videos from the patient reviews. The result is the restoration of changes occurring central regulation of various functions and systems. The proposed method of treatment has no absolute contraindications, as well as restrictions on the age and sex of patients.

This is the geography of the patients of Dr. Ponomarenko

"Geography patients clinic NEVROLOGICAthe most extensive. Suffice it once to look at the map, where the flags marked the places where patients have come to understand that those who are looking for a cure for his illness, be sure to find it. Perhaps, only Africa and Mongolia still have not checked. But it seems that this situation will soon change.

Here is a letter arrived at the clinic site from Mauritania:
" Hello! I watched the video, in which women from Kazakhstan told how one of them recovered you from Parkinson's disease after eight years of the disease. My friend is sick Parkinson's and can not walk. Can you please tell me the time required for treatment and, if so, the hotel next to your clinic and how much will the treatment cost. We live in Mauritania - a country in northwest Africa. Regards Mohammed Salem Siddha "

And here's the answer:
" Hello, mojama honey. For the treatment of disease Parkin-sone, I recommend this treatment regimen. The first stage is 5 treatment sessions, each of which consists of three procedures. Each procedure is a series of 25-40 intramuscular injection conducted at intervals of 15-20 minutes. This stage starts in nervous system repair process, which lasts at least 6 weeks. Then, once in 4-5 weeks conducted a short course of three daily treatment sessions to achieve stable remission. Depending on the number of violations in the brain recovery is achieved by different people in different ways. One patient sufficient treatment for 6-10 months (4-6 courses of three sessions), and others need a larger number of such courses. Mohammed, when you decide on the date of arrival and the tickets, then please write to me on e-mail nevrologika @ It is advisable to plan so as to arrive at Krasnodar on Tuesday morning to go to Saturday inclusive five treatment sessions, and in the afternoon, or Sunday to fly home. Yours Andrey Aleksandrovich Ponomarenko "

RANC method can treat diseases that are difficult or not at all amenable to pharmacotherapy TRADITIONAL

1. Pain in the spine:
| neck pain.
| Pain between the shoulder blades.
| Lower back pain.
| Chest pain (intercostal neuralgia).
2. Pain in the shoulders, arms and hands (including numbness of the hands).
3. Pain in the knee and hip joints.
4. Pain in lesions of the sciatic nerve.
5. Pain in a herniated disc.
6. Pain in lesions of the trigeminal nerve.
7. Headache, including migraine, pain in the effects of trauma and intracranial pressure.
8. Pain in the heart and angina.
9. Epilepsy.
10. Tiki.
11. The consequences of stroke.
12. Violations rechi- Logo neurosis (stuttering).
13. Violations of the cerebral circulation.
14. Parkinson's syndrome.
15. vasoneurosis (suprasegmentar autonomic dysfunction).
16. Cerebral Palsy.
17. Hyperactivity in children.
18. Autism.

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