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05 2012
Written by врач невролог А.А.Пономаренко

I didn't want to touch this subject but as we used to say "One good turn deserves another". That is why I will tell about my views on the issue of cancer. Firstly, I will tell how this group of diseases, which include malignant and benign tumors, is considered from RANC point of view. Then I will give examples.
I won't be talking about the oncology a lot since there are many standards of treatments, as well as in any other field, and various new approaches for those who seek for them. We shouldn't step in with our intentions, although they are good, to the field where they won't bring any significant use. However, the nervous system works according to universal laws and in this sense cancer isn't more "aristocratic" than any other diseases.

In every article I repeat in one or another way "neurologic laws" and will do it right now. It doesn't matter what kind of a disease a person have, it is just a number of symptoms which reflect the disorders in the regulatory systems. In other words, we can compare the brain with the government and body with the country. So all riots are caused not by the people, but the inadequate actions of the government.
We should not to continue the comparison between our organism and politics or economics because such comparisons are not correct due to the complexity of our organism. It can draw us away from the issue so let's not do this.
The basic principle of the brain work is that extreme influence (stress) leave after it "traces" in a form of disorders of regulatory systems. The smaller part of cells in certain brain areas die while the major part of cells which were attacked stay alive but in a state of parabiosis. Cells that are in a parabiosis state only sustain its vital functions but don't take part in controlling the organism. If these "disabled" cells are those that control a tooth, then this "ownerless" tooth will be destroyed by the bacteria that live in a mouth. If these cells are the part of vasomotor center responsible for the blood pressure and heartbeat than we can expect serious problems, from slight pressure drop to the death due to stroke or heart attack. The heaviness of observing syptoms is defined by the quantity of cells of certain brain center that "took a brain during the working day" and the significance of the damaged organ or system. It is clear that it is one thing when there are trivial dysfunctions in muscles which don't lead to the life threatening consequences. But if the disorders in the immune system, than a problem is much more serious.
When we are talking about the cancer we usually consider that these cells are products of failures in genetic mechanisms of cells division. There are always enough of them in the organism. But if the immune system respond adequately on their appearance, neutralize them not giving a chance to spreading(like police catching the criminals), the life of the organism isn't under the threat. If the police system changed(people were made redundant, no authority), the crime would sweep the country no matter how many good citizens live there.
Thus, cancer is different from other diseases only in that destructive changes in the organism are more rapid in comparison with osteochondrosis but not in causes and mechanisms of occurrence. Osteochondrosis we can compare with the long-term economical crisis while cancer with the revolution that criminal gangs made.
That is why we should fight both of them. It is just when we are fighting the crisis, factories may reduce the production while for any hint of revolution we have to take urgent and tough measures. Under these measures I understand not the surgery or chemotherapy which oncologist will always have. The necessity of such measures shows that everything has gone to far. I mean the stimulation of the reticular formation by RANC approach which activates the integration of regulatory systems of the brain including hormones and immune system.
To bring the cancer therapy on a new level, the RANC procedures first of all have to be included in the obligatory and standard list of examinations and sanitary measures like vaccination and fluorography. Of course everything has to be check though according o my data it will be enough 4-5 procedures a year for prophylaxis of cancer. Moreover, the cast is very low.
In the nearest prospect we can with the help of brain scanning(functional tomography) define the areas responsible for the immune control and carry out the directed stimulation. Perhaps, such researches has been already conducted and we have to only use RANC approach, then it will be easier. Of course, the great, interesting and what is more important productive work has to be done rather than simply standing in front of the impenetrable wall.
I won't be talking a lot because this website is surely not the advertising poster or serious scientific work. The aim of this website, as I said many times, is to get interested people to know the ideas and results, got on on ideas basis, of the RANC approach.
You'll ask: "Where are the particular results?". I'll tell right now that I think it useless an unethical to use this approach to cure cancer. We shouldn't give unscrupulous promises and be like fraudsters who take away last money from frightened and miserable people offering the miraculous potions. Everything must have a serious and responsible approach. Moreover, I have heard the caution from oncology professors that I shouldn't interfere in their business. That is why I had no more than 10 cancer patients and if there was no result I would never start writing this article.
I won't be arguing with my opponents, I'll just tell about one case from ten. I managed to wake from coma a woman who had peripheral lung cancer. She then could walk, eat, care of herself but, unfortunately, the intoxication and started metastasis process didn't let her have an operation and she lived for 2 months more. In another case a woman had neurofibromatosis which usually have a good prognosis but the tumor developed growth from spinal cord root that compressed a spinal cord I the area of 8th thoracic vertebra. When I saw her for the first time, she was laying in bed for 2 weeks, there were no movements and sensitivity under the waist. After three RANC procedures made with the interval of 7 days, she started to feel better. After the 2nd procedure the sensitivity and movements in legs started to appear. After a month she started walking, firstly with crutches then with walking stick. During a year she got 9 RANC procedures and then above a year I haven't seen her. Despite the absurdity of her questions, she continued to ask me: "Won't I feel worse after that?". For a year and a half her tumors didn't develop growth. As I already mentioned, she didn't visit me for a year and then I found out that she died. Unfortunately, I don't know the details. Perhaps, her death was connected with tumor growth though I can't say if for sure. I can say only one thing. Her life was full of stress.

neurologist A.A.Ponomarenko




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