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09 2012
Written by врач невролог А.А.Пономаренко

About a year ago a young man came and said: "I'm sick".
I have been working as a neurologist for eight years in Krasnodar but nobody usually starts the conversation with such words. it is obvious if somebody has an appointment with a doctor, he is ill so such beginning of the conversation surprised me. Then he told me what happened with him. And once again I thought that my research work about how to influence on the brain through the reticular formation was not a waste of time. if I did not have practical knowledge, I would never be able to help him. And our meeting happened not by chance.

On the one hand, Vitalii case and his life after finding out the diagnosis is ordinary. What can be unusual when a healthy young man suddenly becomes ill. Become ill and then recovered as usual. However, It was an epilepsy, the disease that changes lives. Everything would be ordinary, if it was not for the treatment method which I call RANC(the Restoration of%%%). As it usually happens, I would be able to do nothing when he came with epileptologist assignments except to sypmpathize and prescribe something like hopantenic acid. I, like any neurologist, would not have anything to add to what has already been prescribed by a competent epileptologist. Now I will try to explain briefly the RANC theory and then will talk about what the results achieved in Vitaly case. By the way, the story has not finished, but I have no doubts in her successful outcome.

I nave not invented many things, the brain structure had been studied and described by the smartest scientists long before me. so I had no intention to study it further but I had it and that brought me practical results, that lie in the basis of my work.
Now I can help people with diseases that are considered as almost incurable and mysterious, such as epilepsy, which I decided to dedicate this article to.

I have already written how everything started in an article “about myself”, but I will tell once more. Perhaps, this time it will be clearer.

After the accident when I was at school, I started suffering back pain and frequent pain in the head. It lasted for a long time, more then 30 years, until the first injections to the shoulder blades was made. At that time I had severe headaches, pains in the neck, in addition there was also a pain between the ribs, near the right shoulder blade. I felt as if a foreign object, let say a nali, was between the ribs. Though I could reach with my left hand and over my right shoulder and get to the painful spot in the right scapula. I knew I could make injections in the areas of muscle spasm with a regular needle (similar to which is used in acupuncture), and injections of various drugs. Everyone must have heard that that divers have a needle in order to remove spasm with this needle. I took in 1 ml insulin syringe papaverine (no-spa) and my wife gave an injection to this terribly painful spot. The amount of the drug was very small, only 0.2 milliliters but there was a very strong bursting pain in the right shoulder, numbness, pins and needles in the right hand. It lasted for about a minute and when pain and numbness began to disappear, the pain in a head started being replaced by the amazing clarity, and the headache was gone along with the pain in ribs and numbness of the right hand.

I realized that I experienced something very special. Especially after many days of excruciating headache, which could not be helped with any pain killers, the incredible clarity came, as if there was no pain at all. I've never heard of anything like that. With all my knowledge I had for that moment I realized that the pain signal from the injection into the right trapezius muscle got the left hemisphere of the brain, the area responsible for a right hand sensitivity. This short pain lowered activity of the cortex cells for some time, that is why the hand numbness occured. It was difficult to explain it with any other phenomenon. And even more difficult to explain how the severe pain disappeared in the one moment.

When I opened a book of neurology, I quickly understood that the only way to get from the middle part of the trapezius muscle to the postcentral gyrus of the left brain hemisphere is through the accessory nerve (which controls trapezius muscle) and reticular formation.

Reticular formation (in Latin is “a mesh formation”) starts in the center of the brain, in the so-called brain stem, from where cells penetrate all parts of the brain, braiding like web. Another name for this global brain web is the "ascending activating system," because scientists have found out that it causes the brain activization when waking up and activity lowering when falling asleep.

Actually this is the least-studied system of the brain, which is so complex that despite the relative clarity of its anatomy, there are more questions about how it works than answers. So I could not think about or expect anything great , I just decided to see what happens if similar reactions happened in other people cases when affecting the reticular formation thruogh the trapezius muscles. Because the reticular formation unites and coordinates the work of all one hundred billion nerve brain cells and because of the close anatomical and functional link between its nuclei and the accessory nerve, we can affect the headaches (which is caused by failures in different divisions and systems of the brain). So what are other functions we can influence on?

To find it out I, at that time working as a doctor n the ambulance, just started pressing on the painful spots between my patients shoulder blades with my fingers. Fortunately almost every second patient complained about the pain between blades, which people traditionally call by a code name “osteochondrosis”. I can’t say I could cure everybody and everything and that people started dancing right away. Anyway, five times I could drug out of the unconscious state people with with brain blood circulation disorders. They were not faintings. I am telling that they were not comas on purpose, although you can say because there were all other signs of progressive inhibition of vital functions. I am not going to tell the details but I have accumulated a lot of examples. Though I can talk about anything I want bacause there are no responsiblities on the Internet. Anyway, I will be discussing these things as if I am talking to colleagues who can criticise me. With painful effect applyed to painful areas of trapezius muscle I could stop arrhythmia, nosebleeds, raise or lower the pressure, prevent heart attacks (confirmed by ECG), and many other symptoms, including a sudden recovery of the missing ear which I observed twice.

All in all, within the years of researching my assumption, that with this way you can have a powerful stimulating effect on the brain, has been fully confirmed. Moreover, I believe that the basis of this effect is in an inhibitory effect of pain impulses to the overexcited brain area. Reducing his abnormally increased activity after such an impact , they stop having an inhibitory effect on the other subordinate areas and systems, and the brain restores its work at the optimum level, which can be seen in the better state of health and the disappearance of various symptoms.

Of course, everything I am writhing about so easily now was carefully studied and I spent a lot of time and effort to analyze thousands of different cases. I want to be as brief as possible as possible and tell about how my suggested method can really help people with diseases that are traditionally considered as almost incurable. After all, it has to be proved. Otherwise nobody would ever believe me if I without even simple explanations will say, "Do injection in trapezius muscles, and you will be healed". It will be absolutely not serious, and I myself would never have believed in something if there is no theoretical justification and empirical evidence on real patients.

Epilepsy .... If it were not for my curiosity and my inclination to believe my eyes and not the standard truth, then I don’t think I would ever dare to work with this disease. According to my own, maybe someone will consider it as naive, reasoning it should not be assumed as an impregnable fortress. When I first had a patient with epilepsy and decided to apply my treatment method, I assumed that the current focus of excitation existed in the brain and can be "redeemed" by a powerful wave of impulses which was sent to the reticular formation from the trapezius muscles. At that time I just assumed, but today I am fully confident that spasm, painful areas on these muscles are developed in response to the occurrence of stagnant excitation centers in the brain.

I can’t say that I had hundreds of epilepsy cases. I just did not have many patients with this disease. However, every person I treated had noticeable improvements in the form of shortening or complete disappearance of seizures. And with Vitaly we did not meet by chance, he learned about me from another patient when he went to the electroencephalographic examination.

Vitaly, 27 years, before becomming ill he was working as a locomotive driver. Everything was fine, he bought an apartment on the mortgage, bought a new Mazda, had a wife, a daughter was three years old, the young, without bad habits, liked his job, as we say, live and be happy. Then the seizures started, three or five a day. He was fired. There werefamily problems because any disease changes lives, and especially such serious as epilepsy.

"Doctor, I'm ill, it happens so suddenly, one moment everything seems to be fine, I am doing something, and after another moment, and I " wake up" and can see frightened people around me, body aches, sometimes with blood stains, but I don’t remember what happened or where I am. I am worried because I am not told everything". Vitaly asked me on the first call, whether he can recover and return to his former life. At that time, as I said, he already had the necessary prescriptions from an epileptologist and was taking medicines, the attacks became less frequent, anyway they happened quite often and were, as doctors say “deployed” and after them he did not feel well.

We had a short course of 3 procedures at an interval of 2 weeks. As a result, the attacks almost stopped, and if attacks happened, they was easy and after them he quickly recovered. After that we did not see each other for more than six months. But once his mother called in tears and anxiously began telling that he went to Siberia to his wife and daughter and, because of the stress, he attacks resumed with renewed vigor and there were up to ten a day. When his father went after him and brought him home, they all came to me. Since they did not live in Krasnodar, but in the another city in the region and a trip to the clinic lasted few hours, I offered them to have the procedure in their own city and invite a nurse to make the injections. Although a father said that he could do them, so that was a deal.

Inspite of the powerful healing effect, the medical procedure is not difficult to perform. It just a series of ordinary intramuscular injections performed in a little bit different place. This fact is quite difficul to undertand. Such a terrible, serious disease that accompanies humanity for thousands of years can be treated by injections into the muscles between the shoulder blades? It looks like complete nonsense, because the "terrible disease will be cure only by very complicated treatment," but it is not so. The perfect example is aluminum. When the electrolysis had not been invented yet, it was one of the most rare and expensive metals. It happens allthe time a world of new technologies, then the unattainable becomes commonplace. This is usual. One month and a half ago, Vitaly mother called, and I did not recognized her voice, because it was usually an anxious voice but that time it was a cheerful one. She said that the father himself made five procedures, with an interval of 10 days and after that there were no attacks for three and a half months. I am very pleased with this news. The day before yesterday she called again and said that Vitaly suffered from two light and brief attacks after he took a job at a construction site, so he was working a lot and was nerveous.

I had hoped that his focus we "won" because there were no attacks for 5 months, but the news about renewed attacks did not bother me and we agreed to have a intensive course of six procedures with an interval between procedures only one week. And I guess that in the end we will succeed, as as it often happens with my other patients.

I would like to tell about another case of epilepsy. Yesterday I finished the third procedure for a patient who has kidney cancer, cachexia (extreme emaciation), and against this background epilepsy with frequent attacks developed . When we did the first procedure, he was in a tangled state of mind and had hallucinations. It seemed that there was nothing to treat, but 20 days after the procedure, he came to consciousness and attacks were much less frequent. After the second procedure, conducted in a month, the attacks stopped altogether. Yesterday we had the third procedure. In my practice I observed many case of miraculous recovery so I have a hope that in this case something even more positive can happen. Anyway, a person has already got rid of hallucinations and seizures, which did not allow him to eat and sleep.

In addition, I want to remind that I don’t have a lot of epilepsy cases, so I don’t have a reliable statistics. The same is about the trigeminal nerve involvement, I do not have hundreds requests for help, as the disease itself is not frequent. However, both diseases are functional disorders, and all the cases that I have encountered could be treated with the offered method. I suppose if the method uses on a large scale, it will confirm its high efficiency. Epilepsy is rather complex, so the number of procedures, intervals should be determined individually for every patient. But due to the fact that the procedures themselves are simple, then the problem is, in my opinion, is quite small.




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